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  1. IN_grappler

    Region 1 Predictions

    Good afternoon everyone! Region 1 has definitely took a shot in the arm this year with injuries. Well, Fort Campbell leading the way with two big contenders(Ryder and Nikolao) being sidelined and then Kline for Trigg. I am sure there are others but those are the front runners I was tracking. 106: Is going to be a good show with the young Escelera trying to run down the seniors. This should be an interesting feat the for the young 7th grader. 132; With Kline out of the way, I think Ervin takes the lead completely. Regaldo does not have enough fire power I feel to pull out the win over Micah. Regaldo is to sporadic when competing against tough competition. I have heard that the two times they wrestled this season it could have went either way but the poise of Ervin seems to win out this year. The one positive Regaldo does have is the physical maturity which is a strong factor as well. 138: I think this weight is going to be really interesting. This weight is a true toss up for sure for 1st. If Curl pulls it out then it will be quite the day for the Freshman. I definitely feel this weight will be the highlight for Region 1. I believe the top 3 here will possibly all place at state. 145 would have been interesting between Oxford and Ryder. Honestly, having seen both of them wrestle this year up in IN, I would say it would be a toss up. They would be a good battle for 1st at 145 for sure. I truly believe Ryder would have been the only one at 145 to pull the trigger on Oxford. With that said I think Haynes will be the one that steps on the mat in the finals with Oxford. 152: It will be interesting to see if Leavell can pull it off against Lawson. I believe that is a tall order for Leavell to fill, but things happen in wrestling when skilled wrestler collide. 160: I believe Gray has a solid lock but not sure about the rest of the field. 170 Buckman runs the table as well. 182 I feel could be a good battle for 1st but I think Sherman might pull it out. 195 could be anyone from my understanding. 220 Sherman has the lock and the other three spots are up for grabs. 285 with Nikolao gone I think Chandler sweeps this group with Mahlon securing the runner up. I hope this weekend will be filled full of excitement for everyone. I pray that no further injuries follow the wrestlers of Region 1! Wish I could make it down but other duties call, "like my honey-do-list". God Bless!
  2. IN_grappler

    REGION 1

    I can not believe I forgot Buckman, Sapp and Kline. I knew Miller had moved to FL. I spoke with some guys out of Paducah this summer at a tourney. Collins is a tough young man as well who has been coached well. UHA may not have the numbers but they do have some quality wrestlers. It will be interesting to see what Hoptown does this year. Coach Perry, I am sure will push those guys through the year with a few making a strong push for the podium. I am interested in seeing how Perry will do this season. I think he may do well in the Region but not sure what his odds are once he rolls into the state tourney. Either way, I know he will have Coach Burnham and Leavell to provide some fantastic motivation everyday at practice, lol! Micah will be another young wrestler I am curious to see how he performs after struggling with the weight last season. If he jumps up in weight it may become interesting to see how he handles the overall physical maturity in strength he will give up. Like each year you have the new young wrestlers pushing their way in while the older guys look to bull them down. It is always the adversity that faces each wrestler every year old or new. It is exciting when this time rolls around to see who put the work in over the off-season and who is coming in to take the reins.
  3. IN_grappler

    REGION 1

    Good morning folks!! The buzz is in the air on this nice brisk morning so that must mean the wrestling season is about to kick off. These last four years have flown by since I have really became a KY wrestling fan. The KY wrestlers have set-up their game and it has made the sport more exciting for me any way. I know we have some great young men in IN as well but just to see the growth of the sport in KY has been amazing in such a short period of time. Now that I got all of that out of by system lets get to business. Tell me gents who is the big dawgs in Region 1 this year? I can think of a few. Union- S. Ervin. Sheffer, the Oxford Brothers, Fort Campbell- Regalato, Curl, Ryder, Nikalao, Caldwell-Gray, Christian County- Leavell, Calloway- Bella. So who else is in the hunt in Region 1, that will possibly standing on the podium at State this year? I mean no direspect to any of the other regions out there. I just happen to be a region fan for reasons of mine own. I know there are exceptional wrestlers throughout the rest of state and I wish each and every young man the best of luck on the season!!! So you region 1 guys tell me who we need to be watching for this year. WHERE IS THE FALCON WRESTLING GUY? He usually has posted some by now. Cheers to all!
  4. IN_grappler

    Region 1 Predictions

    Finally there is some chatter on region 1. You are correct who in the h*%$ sandbags in wrestling. It was just so quiet on here something had to be said to get the kettle hot. Of course no one is ever going to agree with rankings but I know I have always been perfect in my predictions but in order to remain that way I never tell them, lol!
  5. IN_grappler

    Region 1 Predictions

    Looking at the so called predictions for the first time today. All I can say is wow because you obviously have not been tracking or have been listening to the wrong folks! There are going to be a few of your #1 and #2s upset because I have a feeling there are a couple that may not qualify for state. I am not going to expand on any additional thoughts on that matter but I have a strong feeling about three of your weight classes and some major upsets meaning will not be in Lexington. I have a feeling there has been some sand bagging individuals on the season from the looks of things. Anyway, good luck to all of the guys and wrestle hard!!
  6. IN_grappler

    dominic lampe

    This is quite a blow to the ST. X team I know! This can be a crushing moment to a young man knowing that he most likely held another championship in his hand. I am sure Dominic will bounce back from this issue very quickly.He knows he has brighter days ahead at UTC. Most wrestlers are resilient because that is what the sport has taught them. Dominic is a young man now and I am positive he is aware there are repercussions for our actions no matter how big or small the offense made. I am not saying I agree with the suspension by any means! It is just life has taught me that we should always do the right thing even when no one is looking, if that is part of the guidelines provided to you. I admire the administration and the coach for holding fast on this issue regardless of the situation or individual at hand. Best wishes on a brighter future Dominic and we will miss watching you finish off a great high school career in wrestling.
  7. IN_grappler

    can we talk about super 32? its a big tournament coming up

    Well guys just a little update about the Super 32. I have witnessed young men who have won ( both styles) at Fargo, NHSCA VA Beach, Walsh Ironman and several other nationally recognized tourneys. Plus, #1 ranked guys in the country go to Super 32 and barely make the top 8 or not at all. Tyr, I have been to all the major tourneys and I promise you there is not many tourneys that you can compare. That coveted belt at Super 32 brings guys out of the woodwork that do not care about any other but Super 32. Of course even the best have bad days but to see it happen on multiple occasions speaks volumes about the Super 32! wrestling is definitely an individual sport because no one can help you out on that mat. Austin is a stud but not telling you anything you do not know already. I have watched him at VA Beach the last three years run the mats on guys in his sleep it seemed like. Last year's final was a tough match that could have easily been Austin's match as well. ATM has one thing that must young men at his age do not usually have. That is humility, it seems that way to me the few times I have spoke with him anyway. With his focus and driven desire to be the best I think he will be wearing that hardware on your return trip to KY. All I can say is if Austin brings home that belt it should be his prized moment in high school wrestling next to his state titles, up until he decides were to attend college at. Then it is the race for the NCAA Nat Champ!! I WISH ALL THE YOUNG MEN FROM KY THE BEST OF LUCK!!
  8. It is a shame to hear about Angel Vasquez. He is such a talented wrestler and would have been most likely standing at the top of the podium this year at 138. He is a tough competitor, and a true sportsman. It is unfortunate to see any young athlete not be able to compete in a sport they love. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family. Tyr, I am glad to hear Austin has some schools he is interested in. I know myself, like many others, curious about which school he decides to choose. He will certainly be an added asset to any team! I think he would look excellent in Red and White!!! Just saying
  9. IN_grappler

    Region 1 Preseason Rankings 8/14/14

    I was not saying Fort Campbell has not had any talented wrestlers in the past. I have been fairly familiar with Campbell for about the last 6 or 7 years. I do remember the Sahms who recently graduated within the last three years. He was extremely quick on the mat. I just do not recall the coaches really talking about a Fort Campbell wrestler the way Ryder was referenced in many conversations. I do recall the older Haywood now that you mentioned him and Nikolao was sidelined due to a football injury if I remember correctly and a beast (crazy strength). Bontrager was tough and if I recall correctly he was one of the few that went on to college to wrestle from Campbell. I believe Ryder is the first since Bontrager to actually be recruited by a college from talking to the coach last year. Fort Campbell or any military base school system is a tough nut to coach. You just never know what you will have from year to year.
  10. IN_grappler

    Region 1 Preseason Rankings 8/14/14

    Question? Was reading through rankings here and I know several of the teams in Region 1. Were there two Haywoods that wrestled for Fort Campbell last year? I am referencing the above quote from "Letsgo" Little Haywood. I know there were two Ryders and everyone referred to the younger Ryder as little Ryder. I just do not recall a second Haywood on the team last year. If I recall, Gino was not really small last year but he was a lighter 182. While on the subject, I heard the youngest Ryder was out for the 2014-15 season due to an injury and I know he missed a majority of last season as well. If so, that will be a major blow to the Campbell team because that young man can wrestle. If he does get back on the mat then him and the rest of the Campbell team will get a chance to step out of Ki Ryder's shadow now. Fort Campbell has not had anyone that dominate of a force on their team in a long time not that I recall any way. Gino Haywood should have a solid season at 182 in Region 1 this year for sure. He will have to put some work in though because Xavier Pate will be the hurdle in his way. Raynel Brown I believe will redeem himself this year. He had to battle through some injuries last year but after the Fargo showing I believe Brown will give a good run for the gold at state this year. Region 1 is his hands down!!! His height does cause him some issue but he makes up for it with his speed which is deceiving. The season is almost here and you can feel the excitement in the air. The true Spartans of high school sports are getting ready to take the arenas around the state and battle it out. I know Region 1 will not have guys like Brock Ervin, Trae Blackwell, Ki Ryder, or Chad Gahafer but the excitement to see who steps up and fills their shoes is what everyone is waiting to see.
  11. Tyr, I have watched Austin wrestle many times. Saw him at VA Beach his Freshman and Sophomore years. Plus, watched him at a few other tourneys along the way. He is a beast by all means and I did not think he would change weights. Why would you when you are dominating pretty much every where you. His brother Stephen was still a force on the mat even while changing weights in high school. I do agree with Austin's decision to not play football this year.
  12. Gents, (PinandWin, Tyr), I agree with you both. I wondered why anyone would jump two weight classes and chase down a Nationally ranked 220 as well. I believe Frankrone could walk through 182 or 195. He is a beast for sure. I am not saying he could not challenge Austin but why go for uncertainty. As for the training aspect, it has to be in the heart of the young man chasing that desire to be the best. There are a ton of great training programs out there and it is finding the one that works for that individual. Case and point, I am sure Aaron Pico and ATM have two different training programs and both are very successful.
  13. Ranger as usual great job! There are a few individuals I see that weight wise you have incorrect but I know you can't keep tabs on all the kids after season. Little Louie Regalado will definitely not be rolling back into 106. I saw him at a couple tournaments about month or after season and he will be a 120 at least this season. If he makes 113, I will be highly surprised. I do not think you gave Chance Oxford enough love and I feel he could be top 5 at least. I know it is a tough choice but Max Andreoni should be top 2 for sure. Since Ki Ryder is out of the picture Gino Haywood will take back the 170 spot. Right now, at 182 he is definitely not a top 10 performer. Haywood can be in the top 8 at 170 and I bet that is where he will run to once the season kicks off. I heard that Tyler Frankrone may be jumping to 220, is this true? As usual just my opinion like many. I know that I do not keep up with the guys like you do and that is why I respect all the work you put into these rankings.
  14. IN_grappler

    RIP Taylor Widmer (Apollo) preseason #9

    My prayers to the family and friends! Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.
  15. IN_grappler

    Region 1 Rankings1/21/14

    Enough of the sorrow stories!! You need to get up throw a couple of nose tampons in to stop the drip, some tissues to dry up the tears and some water to wash away all the bs. Then get on that keyboard and pound out some suitable rankings for us to haggle over. Lastly, try not to get thrown to your back by the bottle of NyQuil you are nursing on, Haha! Just joking but not really! But we all do hope you feel better after you get this completed.