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  1. Any insight on this question? 10 days away from Simi-State.
  2. 1555

    2019 state tournament firsts

    KHSAA decreed that application of body paint in the restrooms will not be tolerated......chanting and clapping will be permitted, on a limited basis.
  3. 1555

    And just like that........we are done

    Ditto! post read...misty eyes
  4. 1555

    Bryce Sheffer

    That sounds a bit exaggerated
  5. 1555

    Capital City Classic

    Knee injury suffered at Father Ryan could be the cause, jsut a guess.
  6. 1555


    I don't recall paying the Horse Park a parking fee during the KHSAA State Cross Country Meet last November which is held in the front yard of the AllTech Arena. Parking fee must be a New Years resolution.
  7. I looked at the UC schedule for mid December, sites included;Ryle, Harrison 10-way and Mater Dei Holiday. Where was Bearcat Brawl held?
  8. 1555

    Middle school state duels

    Its difficult and expensive to travel four and a half hours to destinations such as CC one weekend and then turning around and driving four hours and sixteen minutes to Mt. Sterling the next weekend. JMO. I hope the powers that be will take this into consideration prior to banning a team from future state duals.
  9. 1555

    weather concern for state duals

    Who is wrestling today?
  10. 1555

    Dixie Nationals

    Congrats to the Kentucky representatives that placed at Dixie Nationals; Brandon Leak (NH), Chance Oxford (UC), Saul Ervin (UC) and Conner Sherman (UC)!! If I'm remiss in naming names feel free to tag along.
  11. 1555

    Tournament of Champions

    Jackson Oxford finished 3rd in the individual tournament with a record of 6-1. Well done Jackson!
  12. 1555

    Hey Ranger, We Need You!!!!

    Last years placers which will return for Union are: Sheffer, Smith and Oxford.