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  1. enthusiast

    Brandon Reed vs Zach Elam

    Going to happen at the Lindenwood Open. I was hoping to see an Austen Myer and Elam match. Myer just fell short in a close match against Costello from Iowa. Go Brandon!
  2. enthusiast

    NHSCA nats- Va Beach

    Any of our boys still in it?
  3. enthusiast

    2019 state tournament firsts

    Have you ever seen WV states? KY blows them away. I will say that when the state tournament was held in Frankfort, it was amazing. Horse Park, not even close, but much, much better than WV.
  4. Trent Johnson was named WIN Magazine Wrestler of the year for his state of Ky. https://www.win-magazine.com/2018/05/15437/
  5. enthusiast

    State recap

    Omg. Who cares about ice cream. Start a new thread.
  6. enthusiast

    State recap

  7. enthusiast

    Prediction game?

    I can't believe no one has started this yet.
  8. enthusiast

    Mason Smith- 5 Time Region 6 Champion

    Josh Johnson was a 5 time region 2 champ.
  9. enthusiast

    State duals pools

  10. enthusiast


    All of the winners are up for MOW. A lot of times its a popularity contest. And a lot of times the kids that are hands down dominant don't get looks because they are so dominant. It's not their fault that the competition is not up to their level.. There were about 5 boys that should have been seriously been considered. Congratulations to Derrick Smallwood. I'm glad that a kid who was expected to win the tourney got MOW.
  11. enthusiast

    Beast of the East

    It was john Hardin. Only 2 boys attended and both lost in the blood rounds.
  12. enthusiast

    Beast of the East

    Smallwood loses a tough one. Johnson pins again to put him into the round of 16
  13. enthusiast

    Beast of the East

    Trent Johnson and Derrick Smallwood both pinned first round. 2nd round is under way.
  14. enthusiast

    Beast of the East

    Which Ky. Boy's are going?
  15. enthusiast

    Raider Rumble

    What time does wrestling start?