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  1. pmiller13

    Team Kentucky

    Thanks to the coaches and kids who stepped up to represent KY!
  2. pmiller13

    Virginia Beach Nationals

    Brandon and Bradley Miller are going.
  3. pmiller13

    2017 KY All Star Classic

    great job putting on the event! The matches were very entertaining.
  4. pmiller13

    National Duals team

    Smallwood 8-0 Micah Ervin 8-0 Bradon Miller 6-2 Kevin Shantz 4-4 Insko 5-3 Vazquez 3-5 Bradley Miller 3-5 Mathias Ervin 2-5 Horton 2-4 Merritt, Snyder, Lonkard all had wins
  5. pmiller13

    National Duals team

  6. pmiller13

    Nhsca nationals in Virginia Beach

    Brandon Miller did the best out of Taylor Co boys. Went 3-2
  7. pmiller13

    Team KY

    Any word on who is doing this ?
  8. I am upset about the consesion stand prices!
  9. pmiller13

    One tough 4 man grouping at 120

    I saw this earlier.
  10. pmiller13

    Toughest weights to place in state

    120 is by far the deepest weigh class out there.
  11. pmiller13

    Region 2 Tournament

    Great ran tournament. We finished before the others!
  12. pmiller13

    Feel Good Small Guy Thread

    Some Henry Clay wrestlers were mentioned above. I would like to mention Coach Headley who hand in making these guys great to include coaching the Whalens, Hernandez twins, the Miller twins, and Stork. Critchfield and Headley have definitely produced some quality guys over the years.
  13. pmiller13

    Confused how rankings work.

    Just food for thought. Rankings are only updated every couple of weeks. Results taken off track. The ranking will move up as the record improves, the wrester beats a higher ranked kid, or wins or places at one on benchmark tournaments around the state. At any rate an unranked wrestler can win or place at regionals and the go to state to place. Ranger has done rankings for years and is best resource in the state to evaluate talent.
  14. pmiller13


    Several top 10 guys in 113,120, and 126.
  15. pmiller13


    Tournament Teams Team Season Team Abbr Count Points 1. Ashland, KY Ashland Blazer, KY (GET) Ash 14 0.0 1. Bourbon County, KY Bourbon County, KY (GET) Bour 22 0.0 1. Central Hardin, KY Central Hardin, KY (GET) CentH 21 0.0 1. Coahulla Creek HIgh School, GA Coahulla Creek, GA (GET) Coa 14 0.0 1. Doss, KY Doss, KY (GET) Doss 14 0.0 1. East Jessamine, KY East Jessamine, KY (GET) EJess 14 0.0 1. Eastern, KY Eastern, KY (GET) East 14 0.0 1. Grant County, KY Grant County, KY (GET) GC 14 0.0 1. Henry Clay, KY Henry Clay, KY (GET) HC 14 0.0 1. Jeffersontown, KY Jeffersontown, KY (GET) Jeff 14 0.0 1. John Hardin, KY John Hardin, KY (GET) JohnH 14 0.0 1. Lafayette, KY Lafayette, KY (GET) Laf 14 0.0 1. Larue Co, KY La Rue County, KY (GET) Lar 14 0.0 1. McCreary Central, KY Mccreary Central, KY (GET) McC 15 0.0 1. Montgomery County, KY Montgomery County, KY (GET) Mont 14 0.0 1. Newport, KY Newport, KY (GET) New 26 0.0 1. North Hardin, KY North Hardin, KY (GET) NH 14 0.0 1. North Oldham, KY North Oldham, KY (GET) NO 24 0.0 1. Perry County Central, KY Perry County Central, KY (GET) PCC 14 0.0 1. Scott County, KY Scott County, KY (GET) SC 14 0.0 1. Southern, KY Southern, KY (GET) So 14 0.0 1. Taylor Co, KY Taylor County, KY (GET) tay 26 0.0 1. West Jessamine, KY West Jessamine, KY (GET) WJess 14 0.0 1. Woodford County Black, KY Woodford County, KY (GET) WC 14 0.0 1. Woodford County Gold, KY Woodford County, KY (GET)