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  1. pin2win

    2019 Ky All Star Classic

    Uhoh!!! That’s what I like to see!!
  2. pin2win

    Middle School Tournament Dates 2019-2020

    Christian County is still taking on teams. Tournament - November 23rd
  3. pin2win

    youth/ middle school

    November 23rd - Christian County Invitational (Hopkinsville, Ky) Interested in coming?
  4. pin2win

    Turkeyfoot middle looking for events

    Just sent you an email coach
  5. pin2win

    Champ Camp - August 24th

    Our champ camp is right around the corner. Let’s make this a great camp! Great opportunity to learn from two college coaches, and possibly get on their radar. Planning to attend? Shoot me an email to register at
  6. pin2win

    Champ Camp - August 24th

    Champ Camp is less than a week away!
  7. pin2win

    School Started!!!!!!!

    From what I see it’ll be Tornado Wrestling
  8. pin2win

    Surprises for next year

    Don’t be surprised!
  9. pin2win

    MS/Youth State will be in Pikeville???

    Trust me I know... I don’t have an issue finding or being aware of where it find information. The forums is where most people get their information or through the emails (which gets overlooked). I agree and understand that’s what fundraisers are for, but just throwing out reasons why teams will say they can’t make it. We will do our part to get our guys to state. Let’s be honest here... not every MS/Youth coach keeps their ears to what’s going on until about this time of the year. When it’s too late and now it just sounds like complaints after complaints. We’ve have to figure out a better way to get more coaches involved, information passed out to others better. I appreciate the board and what they do. Can only imagine the time and energy spent.
  10. pin2win

    MS/Youth State will be in Pikeville???

    This place isn’t the best to share information especially during the summer. I don’t think it was made clear on this thread where to find the state tournament venue. It’s tough to find a venue... it’s tough to get people to meetings. It’s tough to make everyone happy. But what do you expect? Nobody to not say anything? I just hope this is a one year deal, and we can find a better location for years to come. Unfortunately due to travel expenses I foresee teams not attending. ESP at the youth level. I pray that it’s not the case, but just being realistic.
  11. pin2win

    Champ Camp - August 24th

    Who’s planning on attending our camp? Email Dee Leavell at to register!
  12. Champ Camp is coming again in August! This time we’re bringing Omi Acosta and Rob McCabe! Omi Acosta Head Coach at Life University Florida State Placer JUCO All-American JUCO National Champ NAIA National Champ Rob McCabe Head Coach At Kentucky Wesleyan College 2x Colorado State Champ 2x NCAA D2 All-American Finalist Let’s make this a great camp! Great opportunity to learn from two college coaches, and possibly get on their radar. Shoot me an email to register at
  13. There is a social studies position open at Christian County High School (Hopkinsville, KY). If interested click the link below to apply. For more information shoot me a private message. School Teaching&posSpecialty=HIGH SCHOOL CLASSROOM INSTR
  14. pin2win

    Champ Camp 2019 - July 20th

    We had 39 wrestlers at our champ camp yesterday. Coach Papesh and Murton did an awesome job as clinicians. We had wrestlers from Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee at camp. Next camp August 24th!