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  1. pin2win


  2. pin2win

    Make your picks region 4

    Hedges at 120? Hasn’t he been ranked at 113?
  3. pin2win

    Tates Creek Invitational- Jan 5th

    Check the high school results page
  4. You remember the BCS football rankings days?!? I’d much rather stick with Rangers rankings than some computer spitting out inflated rankings. We all know every team doesn’t wrestle the same schedule. Ranger is shooting a pretty decent percentage when you look back at his ranger report compared to the state results. Plus not every coach/team puts their results in track nor is every tournament ran through trackwrestling. Heck there’s still teams that don’t have their weight certification in trackwrestling yet (hence some guys are in weights they won’t wrestle). Ranger - Keep doing what you’re doing.
  5. pin2win

    Who to watch

    Looks like Hatchett is at Fern Creek. Pretty sure I saw him on their roster.
  6. Super 32 Cole Thomas Nate Wheeler Thomas Deck Gentry Deck
  7. pin2win

    Youth Tounaments
  8. pin2win

    2018 All Star Classic + Gabe Dean Clinic

    Then those from Westerm Ky will have a hike on our hands... plus we lose a hour. There will always be someone having to make a drive.
  9. pin2win

    State Podium

    Thank you!
  10. pin2win

    State Podium

    Does someone have a picture of the state podium at state with nobody on it they wouldn’t mind sharing?
  11. Not a misprint. Hanson is at North Hardin.
  12. Coaches, My good friend Johnny Papesh is looking for one more team for his Dual meet on December 1st. They're right between Cleveland and Akron Ohio. Your team will get 5 matches. Great opportunity to wrestle some great competition. If you're interested shoot Johnny an email at
  13. Champ Camp is tomorrow. Will you be there?
  14. Just bumping this to the top... don't miss out on a great opportunity to get better.
  15. pin2win

    Open Coaching Postions

    North Oldham Has a head Coaching position below. I thought you would be interested in an employment opportunity I found at Oldham County Schools. The position is North Oldham High School - Head Wrestling Coach. Please click the link below for more information about this vacancy.  Call Allen Yankee North-AD with questions 502-228-0158. What happened to Coach Zeppa?