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  1. LittleGiantWrestling

    Wrestlers at state this weekend ( track and baseball)

    Louisville Male’s Demarcus Robertson placed 3rd in the boys 4x1 relay
  2. LittleGiantWrestling

    Girls Wrestling

    I’m wondering which of the all girls schools will add a program first. Lots of talent at those schools that haven’t had the opportunity to step on a mat.
  3. LittleGiantWrestling

    Adidas Nationals

    The Following earned All-American honors this past week at Adidas Nationals. Henderson County JJ Poynter Jr 4th Naomi Santiago 7th Boyle County Jax Crowe 2nd Evan Browning 4th Kaygen Roberts 5th Ethan Masters 6th Johnson Central JD Morris 1st Thomas Matney 5th Chase Price 1st Male Eli Lacefield 7th
  4. LittleGiantWrestling

    Ryle Rumble!!!

    Male will not be at the Rumble this year.
  5. LittleGiantWrestling 2022-23 Preseason Rankings - Sept 7

    Elijah Williams 150 Male transferred to St X
  6. LittleGiantWrestling

    Region 3 Pre Season Review and Rankings

    Hope everyone is having a great summer. Be easy on me as this is the first time I’ve done this. Thought it would be something fun to do for the Region and include smaller schools that don’t get talked about very much. I plan to do a mid season and end of season break down of the region as well. Region 3 preseason copy.docx
  7. LittleGiantWrestling 2021-22 Rankings - December 8

    Trevor Vilums Defeated both #18 @144 Hutchison and #4 @144 Oliveros by Fall this past weekend at the Raider Rumble.
  8. LittleGiantWrestling

    Clash For the Claw 2021

    Team placement 1. Male 2. Fern Creek 3. Bullitt East 4. Doss 5. Bullitt Central 6. Western 7. Valley 8. Trinity Varsity B MOW Junior 150 Trevor Vilums