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  1. I have been asked to lead Team Kentucky again for the Scholastic Duals on April 4-6th at Wabash College. Last year we had an amazing tournament and came away with 3rd in the Nation! We need our highest available state placers in 2019 to participate so we can walk out of there as National Champs in 2019! We will have information at the state tournament for our state placers who are interested. There will be multiple Team Kentucky practices throughout the state leading up to Virginia Beach Nationals (end of March) and Scholastic Duals (early April). Lets bring home some more hardware for the state of Kentucky! Any questions please contact me at (859) 312-4414 or Rusty Parks Head Wrestling Coach Woodford County HS
  2. charger

    Region brackets put out yet?

    Kids get mentally out of it sometimes because of names and rankings. So I don’t agree with you at all take em to the mat (them not going far anyways). We are talking about 13-18 year olds after all. I mean come on, I know a lot of grown men who psych themselves out from time to time.
  3. charger

    Region brackets put out yet?

    I would rather not let my kids see the brackets at all. Just train hard for whoever steps in front of them.
  4. charger

    Region brackets put out yet?

    5 is available
  5. charger


    Unranked Gavin Andreoni over #5 Ocasio (10-4) and #9 kid from Meade Co. (11-3)
  6. charger

    Large School State Duals

    Woodford forfeited to Oldham because we have battled injuries all season and had more injuries occur in the semis against Moore. Wasn’t worth it. We will see them at regionals. Call it what you want but as a coach my athletes well being and health is more important than a dual against Oldham. Missing Yost and Cardwell already hurt, but now with more kids banged up, I had to make the call.
  7. charger

    Large School State Duals

    The solution would be to continue with sectionals, but seed all 12 teams that qualify and use the criteria that was sent out to everyone (small school did not do that last night though). All sectionals were supposed to have been completed by Wednesday the 23rd so why is there even supposed to be a dual tonight between those two schools. If they did not complete it before Wednesday the 23rd it would go to criteria which would give the seed possibility to the undefeated Madison Central team. Now they will be unseeded and possibly have Christian County, St. X, Oldham County, Simon Kenton in pool play. Just because a team loses at sectionals does not mean they are not seedable at State Duals in my opinion. Especially when you have some hammer sections and some others that are very soft and weak. Something has to change.
  8. charger

    Large School State Duals

    I know Madison is undefeated, Johnson has lost down in TN
  9. charger

    Large School State Duals

    Are Johnson Central and Madison Central going to wrestle? If not it goes to criteria correct? Head to head , then win percentage?
  10. charger

    Small school state duals

    Especially if we are using this criteria.
  11. charger

    Small school state duals

    How does Scott and Wayne get seeded ahead of Sheldon Clark who is 8-0 undefeated? Both of those teams have been beat?
  12. charger


    A few good ones from last nights sectionals; Dylan Preston took out #7 Pierce (15-5) and he also beat #4 Deckard (4-2)
  13. But, Brad Calipari is a D1 athlete, he’s earned it in my opinion.
  14. Now it’s time to chill. No one was talking to or about you. I was thanking Jason. Period. Dads ruin this forum.