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  1. charger

    2020 Ranger Report

    Good luck to everyone competing tomorrow! Stay safe and have fun!
  2. charger

    Places to train at state?

    It’s crazy how they don’t let teams in today to practice at the arena like other states do. There are a lot of kids who didn’t get on the mat today because of traveling.
  3. charger

    Was State Seeded this year?

    Adams, Deck, Andreoni on same side of bracket. Definitely not seeded.
  4. charger

    Toughest weight classes at state

    Union, Christian, Woodford, St. X, Trinity, Johnson Central, Madison Central, Larue, Meade, Oldham, Ryle, Simon Kenton, Campbell and many more had full lineups all year.. the weight classes are perfect and won’t change anytime soon. A lot of our elite wrestlers started out as 106 pounders.
  5. charger

    Pairings? When should they release?

    TKC vs Russellburg rematch in Quarters, Andreoni vs Deck in Quarters, Grandstaff vs Ryder (1st rd), Preston vs Conner in Quarters
  6. charger

    Toughest weight classes at state

    Yost!!! Had to go through some tough guys that year (even his own future teammate in Bender). Only an 8th grader at the time. People may forget Yost had Tylan Tucker right above him at 113 (#1 all year before getting injured the week of state) and Tucker Hurst at 120 (SC in 14’). We had a very competitive practice room to say the least.
  7. charger


    Then your kid should win easily, move on to next weekend, keep the ball rolling. You can’t point the finger at anybody. I remember a few years ago a team showed up on the second day of the WCI ready to wrestle. They did not attend day 1 at all (he was completely lost). Also had a few coaches contact me at the last second saying we will not be there. It was time for weigh ins (and yes they did confirm they would be there previously). The lack of communication does not help at all.
  8. charger


    WCI is the longest running tournament in Kentucky (47 or 48 years). Some years we have seen AMAZING competition, some years not so much. Like last year (Yost vs Merritt- OT match) was on the best matches I’ve ever witnessed. But there is HUGE list of memorable matches from WCI which had the best of the best wrestling each other. I can easily name about 25 state champs who competed at WCI (some of them never won WCI!) If it were full 32 man brackets people would complain then too about it being too big. One thing that doesn’t help our SPORT is when the surrounding counties won’t even attend the historic WCI. (yes they all are invited). Where are all the Lexington schools, the frankfort schools, the jessamine schools? They flat out say their wrestlers aren’t ready for that kind of competition. How do you expect to get better? And trust me I’ve heard that response from many coaches in my coaching career. There will always be unhappy people/parents/spectators especially when their kids/teams aren’t winning. Contracts need to be made and this would illuminate all of the schools backing out at the last second. It happens every weekend. Hold them accountable and make them forfeit a fee if they do not attend after committing verbally. I used to tell my kids all the time, no matter what tournament you’re in, you’re in it to win it. Maybe you should tell your kids the same thing. It’s not about the size of the tournament or how many people are in your bracket, it’s about getting better and learning something new each day. Maybe meet some new friends or something in your free time.
  9. Free Youth Team in Central KY started up a few weeks ago and it’s amazing! 30 kids a night so far.
  10. charger

    Just moved to Lexington

    CKYW in Versailles. It’s free, 30 kids or so at each practice. All you need is a USA wrestling card. The kids are coached by 3 state champions.
  11. We are looking to add more teams for these events at Woodford County High School. If you’re interested please email me.
  12. charger

    Indianamat preseason open

    Woodford is sending a group. Preston, Ornelas, Brooks, Andreoni, Dutton, Pittman, Kartner, Littrell and hopefully a few more.
  13. charger

    tournament dates for 2019-2020

    Woodford still has openings for these dates; •Nov. 23- Yellowjacket Duals (varsity, JV, girls) 5 matches, cheap price, already have 7 confirmed teams. •Dec. 27-28- Woodford Co. Invitational •Jan. 15 (Wed)- Tri meet with Madison Central (would like to add one more team) please contact me ASAP if you’re interested. Coach Parks