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  1. Jermaine Poynter

    In need of a mat!!

    Does anyone have or know of a school that has a mat for sale. We have a large turn out this year and the one mat we have will not be enough to accommodate everyone. We are trying to raise funds for a new one but are willing to settle for a used mat that is in good condition. Jermaine Poynter- Henderson County Head Wrestling Coach
  2. Jermaine Poynter

    Weight Class Changes

    I don’t agree with doing away with weight classes....if anything you could possibly add an additional weight class or two. I like the idea of adding 98lb
  3. Jermaine Poynter

    Lets All Welcome Back Henderson County Wrestling

    Thanks! We have good support from football coach and school officials. We will be in Region 1
  4. Jermaine Poynter

    Lets All Welcome Back Henderson County Wrestling

    Thanks everyone! We have a great support system in place right now and can’t wait to get back on the mat!
  5. Jermaine Poynter

    Wrestling Mats

    Henderson County is in the process of bringing back the wrestling program for the 2018-2019 season and are in need of mats. Does anyone know of any used mats for sale or a team that is disbanded that may longer need mats?