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  1. JCB0577

    Middle School and Youth State

    I want to give Joey"the Beast" Sanders a shout out. Way to go kid. Down 5-0 and come back and win in sudden death. I have watched this kid since he started. Has a outstanding family... His mom (Mary) was home sick with the flu. This kid had a gut check and elevated his self to win.. Great Job Joey..... I just hope Louisville has enough beer for Matt. Wish I was there. Track live was awesome. Great job all participants, and especially Raider Wrestling. All coaches and parents, outstanding job. you go Keith.
  2. JCB0577

    Rankings 1-21-18

    Believe it or not. I am a big fan of Blue. Good luck this weekend. Wish my son was there. But if he was it would be in the 168+. lol Kid has put on 40 flipping pounds since last year. (thank god for freshman football). But good luck to all the wrestlers.
  3. JCB0577

    Ms State Duals

    I feel another 2010 (Gray) Raiders team about to show up. And yes I am knocking on wood right now....
  4. JCB0577

    Ms State Duals

    Go Raiders....
  5. JCB0577

    Rankings 1-21-18

    Thanks Matt. Jackson appreciates that. But you are correct. Duke, Colemire, and Belk would be crazy. But they are strong anyway.
  6. JCB0577

    Rankings 1-7-18

    Ranger you have no idea........ By now I would have been kicked of of 2 tournaments.. You know the Belk reputation.. Always on the dark side of the force. But yes.. it does stinks for jackson belk.
  7. JCB0577

    Rankings 12-3-17

    Thats just funny.
  8. JCB0577

    Rankings 12-3-17

    You Go Cole
  9. JCB0577

    Rankings 12-3-17

    Jackson Belk is back. Go Ryle.
  10. JCB0577

    Rankings 11-12-17

    If Belk from Ryle gets healthy the expect the 140 weight class.
  11. JCB0577

    Future 5 timers ?

    Duke, Belk. All depends on what weight and off season.
  12. JCB0577

    Region 6 rankings/ discussion

    Should add Belk at 132. He placed 2nd in conference. Depends on where Brossert goes. He is a top 4 kid in both 126 or 132.
  13. JCB0577

    What song makes u think of wrestling?

    Lunatic fringe. (Red Rider) Only the young. (Journey ) Vision Quest. Loudon Swane. "Hey shoot, louden Swane Thompson High". (Shoot)" you think you will make the weight"? (Louden). I hope so... (shoot).. I hope so too.
  14. JCB0577

    KSWA State Duals

    Ryle wins. Beat union in finals.