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  1. JCB0577

    Middle School and Youth State

    I want to give Joey"the Beast" Sanders a shout out. Way to go kid. Down 5-0 and come back and win in sudden death. I have watched this kid since he started. Has a outstanding family... His mom (Mary) was home sick with the flu. This kid had a gut check and elevated his self to win.. Great Job Joey..... I just hope Louisville has enough beer for Matt. Wish I was there. Track live was awesome. Great job all participants, and especially Raider Wrestling. All coaches and parents, outstanding job. you go Keith.
  2. JCB0577

    Rankings 1-21-18

    Believe it or not. I am a big fan of Blue. Good luck this weekend. Wish my son was there. But if he was it would be in the 168+. lol Kid has put on 40 flipping pounds since last year. (thank god for freshman football). But good luck to all the wrestlers.
  3. JCB0577

    Ms State Duals

    I feel another 2010 (Gray) Raiders team about to show up. And yes I am knocking on wood right now....
  4. JCB0577

    Ms State Duals

    Go Raiders....
  5. JCB0577

    Rankings 1-21-18

    Thanks Matt. Jackson appreciates that. But you are correct. Duke, Colemire, and Belk would be crazy. But they are strong anyway.
  6. JCB0577

    Rankings 1-7-18

    Ranger you have no idea........ By now I would have been kicked of of 2 tournaments.. You know the Belk reputation.. Always on the dark side of the force. But yes.. it does stinks for jackson belk.
  7. JCB0577

    Rankings 12-3-17

    Thats just funny.
  8. JCB0577

    Rankings 12-3-17

    You Go Cole
  9. JCB0577

    Rankings 12-3-17

    Jackson Belk is back. Go Ryle.
  10. JCB0577

    Rankings 11-12-17

    If Belk from Ryle gets healthy the expect the 140 weight class.
  11. JCB0577

    Future 5 timers ?

    Duke, Belk. All depends on what weight and off season.
  12. JCB0577

    Region 6 rankings/ discussion

    Should add Belk at 132. He placed 2nd in conference. Depends on where Brossert goes. He is a top 4 kid in both 126 or 132.
  13. JCB0577

    What song makes u think of wrestling?

    Lunatic fringe. (Red Rider) Only the young. (Journey ) Vision Quest. Loudon Swane. "Hey shoot, louden Swane Thompson High". (Shoot)" you think you will make the weight"? (Louden). I hope so... (shoot).. I hope so too.
  14. JCB0577

    KSWA State Duals

    Ryle wins. Beat union in finals.
  15. JCB0577

    Missouri over Buffalo 28 -8 (MYERS)

    Great Job Austin
  16. Straight Sith. Just like Ryle has been on the dark side of the force for years.
  17. JCB0577

    NKAC Results

    Shout out to my son Jackson Belk. Not bad for a 7th grader.
  18. JCB0577

    Team KY Youth 2016

  19. JCB0577

    Upset Post

    Huge shoutout to Logan Erdman. Kid could of folded after 1st round upset pin. Yes he dx'ed the crowd, but he is a kid and I have seen worse. Just want to say what kind of mental toughness he has. He could of folded and quit. I don't know too many kids lose their first match and wrestle back to third. Congratulations.
  20. I am speaking about middle school only. Not youth.
  21. Awesome location and space. Concessions were terrible.
  22. We need to follow high school. Have a bull pin in warm up area. Call kids out by weight class. Assign mats. No one but wrestlers and coaches on the floor. Too many people on the floor for finals. I was one of them. Honestly looked like a youth tournament with any and everybody with access to the floor.
  23. JCB0577

    State Duals

    Whoa. Your a instigating fool. There was no reason for you to reply to my post. I was just stating that Ryle is hosting and is not wrestling. That is not the norm for that program. My son wrestled there for 4 years and was 3 time state placer. I have been around the program . Of course they would love the money. Don't be an ass. If you would like to talk more about this "feelings police" call me 859-912-5954. I am sure it will be productive.
  24. JCB0577

    Rankings ?

    Why so salty brother? Your youngs chewing on tires, and ready to go? Rankings are done by pencil pushers. ( Jason , not talking about you). Hey big M, it all shakes out in the end. 3rd period, spot light,. It gets done or your a step down on the podium .