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  1. bulldog-leader

    Need a team for Saturday 01/29

    We are looking for an individual tourney. We have to many out to make a 2 hour trip for a dual tourney.
  2. We (Holmes) are looking to fill our schedule on January 29th with an individual tournament. We had a schedule mix up and are open that date. We would be willing to travel a little for an individual tournament. I know it is state dual weekend but does anyone know of anything going on that weekend?
  3. bulldog-leader

    Wolverine Duals (Western Hills)

    Looks like the number of wt classes filled was Campbell 13 Bullitt East 13 Boyle County 12 Western Hills 11 North Hardin 10 Holmes 9 Knox Central 9 Ohio County 9 Madison Southern 8 Barbourville 4
  4. bulldog-leader

    Wolverine Duals (Western Hills)

    I am missing a couple of scores Pool A Pool B Campbell Co 78 Barbourville 6 Holmes 48 Boyle Co 36 Campbell Co 54 Bullitt East 30 Holmes 48 Knox Cen 30 Campbell Co 60 Madison South 21 Holmes 42 North Hard 30 Campbell Co 57 Ohio Co 18 Boyle 54 Knox Cent 24 Bullitt East 72 Barbourville 6 Boyle 51 North Hard 24 Bullitt East 54 Madison South 24 Boyle 48 Western Hills 33 Bullitt East 45 Ohio Co 36 Western Hills 43 Holmes 24 Ohio Co. 42 Madison South 21 Western Hills 38 Knox Cent 30 Ohio Co. 60 Barbourville 6 Western Hills 36 North Hardin 36 TB WH Madison South 36 Barbourville 12 North Hardin 48 Knox Cent 36 Campbell Co 60 Holmes 12 1st Boyle Co. 58 Bullitt East 21 3rd Ohio Co. 36 Western hills 35 5th Madison South 33 North Har. 30 7th Knox Cent. VS Barbourville 9th
  5. bulldog-leader

    Anyone wrestling this weekend?

    Western Brown in Cin. Ohio is having a Freestyle/Greco tourney this weekend. I few Holmes kids will be going there.
  6. bulldog-leader

    Events for 2020-2021

    Holmes is looking for an event on Februatry 20th. Anyone hosting anything?
  7. bulldog-leader

    Events for 2020-2021

    Holmes is still looking to fill Saturday Feb 13th and Sat Feb 20th. Have weekday openings week of Feb 2nd-5th Week of Feb 16h - 19th Week of March 2nd - 5th If you have any openings e-mail andy.price@covington.kyschools.us or ken.bachman@covington.kyschools.us or message me on here.
  8. bulldog-leader

    Events for 2020-2021

    Holmes high school is looking for teams to dual at home on Saturday January 9th. At current we have Scott and Holmes. If interested email Andy Price at andy.price@covington.kyschools.us
  9. bulldog-leader

    Open Dates (Holmes)

    Looking for teams on 12-16 for our Senior Night. (We have only 1 Senior) We are trying to have our Senior Night early just in case things go badly. E-mail Andy Price. andy.price@covington.kyschools.us
  10. bulldog-leader

    Open Dates (Holmes)

    Holmes is looking to fill these dates. 12-9 need a weekday dual/duals 12-16 need a weekday dual/duals 1-13 need a weekday dual/duals can e-mail Andy Price at andy.price@covington.kyschools.us
  11. bulldog-leader

    Middle/Youth Training/Tournaments?

    I would think that most school teams will have to follow KHSAA guidelines. I know here as of right now we have to follow KHSAA Nov 2 practice Dec 7 participate.
  12. bulldog-leader

    Region Brackets

    5 match rule should only happen if there is more than 10 in a wt. class. The bracket can be set up to where there would be no chance of 5 matches if there is 10 wrestlers. You have to make sure certain lines are byes.
  13. bulldog-leader

    Region Brackets

    What happens then? I can't imagine flipping a coin at the regional tournament.
  14. bulldog-leader

    snow and flooding

    Has anyone else seen the e-mail from Barren about the regional tourneys?
  15. bulldog-leader

    Tournament Costs - Needs Improvement

    I know this is not common but at our school we don't have a booster nor are we allowed to fundraise. However our admission fees are low along with our entry fee at our tourney. We are just trying to cover the cost of officials with the team entry fee. That way door and concessions are a plus. Team entry fees are also getting out of hand, especially at the middle school and Youth. Our school has already denied us to go to several middle school/youth tourneys this year because of cost. When a middle school tourney cost $200 a team plus $10 a kid that gets out of hand. They complain because they already shelled out money for a USA card for all the kids, now they have to pay excessive fees for the team to enter the tourney. I'm not that informed about the fan door fee. Something has to give, huge fees along with long tourneys don't add up to good publicity for the fans. What is needed is smaller tourneys 8-10 teams (so the event can be over between 5-6) and smaller cost all around so that fans can enjoy the experience instead of being there all day and having to spend a small fortune. Keeping tourneys to less than 8 hours team entry fees below $200, and having a family of 4 spend less than $50 would be ideal.