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  1. BroOfCoach

    Who ya got in the early rounds ??

    Wojo is a big 150.
  2. BroOfCoach

    Who ya got in the early rounds ??

    Brown must be out because the brackets have Kline from Trigg vs Condi in Rd1.
  3. BroOfCoach

    Who ya got in the early rounds ??

    There are lots of great potential day 1 match ups. 120- Dennis vs Evans in the Quarters 138- Whorton vs Morris and Luttrell vs Meyer in the Quarters 150- Wojcicki vs Ray in Rd2, Trumble vs Brown in the Quarters 165- Matney vs Butler in the Quarters. 175- Ricketts vs Dingus and Duke vs James in the Quarters 190- Castle vs Kiser in the Quarters
  4. BroOfCoach

    Post State Thoughts

    I do remember him putting his hands behind his opponent's arms trying to see if that would change things.
  5. BroOfCoach

    Post State Thoughts

    Same here. No dog in the fight. No sour grapes. Not coaching. Just pointed out what I thought were some blown calls in the biggest moments of the tournament.
  6. BroOfCoach

    Post State Thoughts

    Nothing but respect for your opinion. No issues there. As for the officiating, like I said, it wasn't that bad overall. My problem with the stalling call in the 285 final was I didn't think he was backing up intentionally. In fact, I just re-watched the last part of that match and the St. X wrestler had double under hooks and was pushing the Madison Southern wrestler while he (Madison Southern) was circling the mat. I don't know what else he could have done. Watch it and let me know what you think. As for the rule book being pulled in the finals, I said the same exact thing as you said to the guy next to you. There was an issue in the CIF finals last year or the year before when the same rule was in question. It was a huge controversy.
  7. BroOfCoach

    Post State Thoughts

    So you're the ref that made the call!?
  8. BroOfCoach

    Post State Thoughts

    A wrestler mentioned to me that they had once been called for unsportsmanlike conduct for doing the same thing. I was not aware of that rule but it's just another example of poor officiating. It seems they simply do not know some rules. Man, what an upset that would have been! As far as the venue, I do agree it was ran well. I just don't think it was a good venue until the finals. It was an excellent finals. If the bottom bleachers could be out at all times it would be much better but then we wouldn't have enough room for mats. I do think it will be at a different venue soon. I've heard Alltech again as a contender. :/
  9. BroOfCoach

    Post State Thoughts

    Some thoughts on the state tournament: Venue: same issues as before. Great facility but not a good host for an event like the state wrestling tournament. Too crowded. Limited views depending on where you sit. I am thankful they pulled the stands out for the finals. The finals were actually done well. The first day taking place during school is just ridiculous. Just another reason we need this event at an arena. Wrestling: The current post season format leads to the most competitive state tournament. Not much fluff. Some classes were an absolute battle just to place. A few classes had very highly ranked wrestlers fail to place or place much lower than their ranking. At least couple of former #1s failed to place. Most of the finals matches were competitive, some a lot closer than expected. Several very exciting ones. 120, 132, 138, 190, 215, and 285 were barn burners. Have to give a shout out to TJ Meyer for making things very interesting in a finals match against Raney that many thought would be a blow out. I also have to mention Uriah Virzi. He was basically left for dead after being penalized for locking hands then giving up a reversal in the final period and then trailing 3-1. But a reversal and huge lift and pin later, he avenged his two losses via pin to Kizer to become a 2x champ. Overall, I was very satisfied with the wrestling, especially the finals. Now for the bad part: Officiating. I know it's the same old story. Overall, in most matches, the officiating was not that bad. However, there were some absolutely egregious calls. Text book calls that were blown. Literally text book; the rule is pictured in the rule book. Some of these calls occurred in the finals, unfortunately. The PT coach even pulled the book out in the finals on a call that I thought was clearly incorrect. I knew exactly where he was going in the book because there is a picture of the rule. There were multiple examples of pictured rules being called incorrectly. Then we have examples of refs deciding the match. A stalling call in the last 10 seconds of a state championship match? I know its not the first time, but come on! It would have been decided in OT. I also saw examples of an assistant official talking the other official into changing his call and the same person, who was not even officiating a particular match, trying to signal to an official to wave off a takedown. That's just unacceptable. We don't have a lot of officials so maybe this just what we have to work with. Overall, it was a fun weekend with some good wrestling and a NEW team champion. The 7 year streak of Union County is over. Will PT stay on top?
  10. BroOfCoach

    Not looking forward to state.

    If you thought the Horse Park was awesome, I wish you could have seen then tournament in Frankfort.
  11. BroOfCoach

    Not looking forward to state.

    I agree. It needs to go back to District, Region, State (16 man bracket) or Region and State (32 man bracket). The issues we have with the post season setup are simply due to the KHSAA's lack of care and/or effort.
  12. In 1999, John Dials of Sheldon Clark placed 5th in his region (old Region 4). He ended up wrestling in the state tournament as an alternate and upset, as I recall, the #1 wrestler in the state in the first round with a pin via a standing cradle (opponent may not have been #1, but he was a 1 seed). He would end up wrestling that same wrestler in the consolation semifinals and proceeded to get teched. He would go on to place 5th. Dials became a state champion two years later.
  13. BroOfCoach

    State Duals

    Nothing beat the State Duals hosted by Henry Clay when it was just one division. I think multiple divisions will help the sport grow, but it is definitely watered down. At what point do we stop further dividing into more classes? Not just talking about duals, but individual championships as well. Virginia once had a super competitive 3 class set up. Now there are six classes and there are wrestlers winning state championships that just aren't that good. I really hope we stay with one class for the individual state championships.
  14. Definitely brings back memories of an infamous persona of the past...