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  1. Tapout

    Not looking forward to state.

    Again it’s a NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION! $3.2m should squeeze out an arena for wrestling not a High School.
  2. Tapout

    Not looking forward to state.

    The KHSAA is NOT a business!! They are a NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION!!!!!!! WITH A $3.2m BUDGET…..
  3. Tapout

    Not looking forward to state.

    I have been to the state tournament every year since 1982. Last year was the worst venue of all those years . This year will be the same as last year. I’m seriously contemplating not going this year because the venue is that awful for a spectator. Question is… what does it take to get back to an arena type setting? It can’t be all about cost because the Horse Park wasn’t free yet somehow they still made enough to keep it there for years. ALSO, think about this, why should the KHSAA even need to profit from the state tournament. It’s really a shame for the kids as much as anything else. It’s the wrong way to grow the sport.
  4. Tapout


  5. Tapout

    Mike Bankemper Retires

    Dual Meet record is 802 wins, 172 losses
  6. https://www.facebook.com/249425445151755/posts/pfbid0WSuSjHCcvwG3JKkiqCFsy3SXvMoVR6o9GgAueDY1jiYKa9Q4ZPJSMnsA4M77SSDJl/?d=n
  7. Tapout

    You Make the Call

    There’s no doubt he scored 15 points. Sounds like a lot more action than stalling. Stalling is also subjective, ever watch a heavyweight match….. The ref was “worked” by the coach for the final call but it should never have been to that point. If anything the coach should have been called for a point for being on the mat. Just to be fair and honest a coach was called earlier in a different match.
  8. Tapout

    You Make the Call

    Here’s a question: How do you score 15 points in a match and get disqualified for stalling?
  9. Tapout

    Not good KHSAA

    I think the real issue is inconsistency in calls from ref to ref. One calls a take down with two feet (toes) just inside the circle and later on another calls the same situation as no take down. Not to mention the takedown that was called with both wrestlers clearly and fully outside the line when control was established. A locking hands call before the returned wrestler hit the mat and an other clear locking hands not called at all. Stalling on a top position when the bottom wrestler has NOT gotten his belly off the mat for 30 seconds then stalling on the top position with both legs in and a half applied. Just really frustrating seeing this and many more at our state tournament! Go to Ohio and the stalling calls come quick and often in the regular season, just wondering out loud if they had a kid or ever had a kid dq’d from their state tournament for stalling…… I could keep going but I’ll stop.
  10. Tapout

    Where Was The Podium?

    Everything was great except: 1 lack of adequate venue 2 carry over of team points from semi state 3 highly inconsistent referee calls At least that’s my takeaway from 40 years of Ky state wrestling tournaments.
  11. Tapout

    Not good KHSAA

    Tcats said it well. On top all those issues, when the venue doesn’t even really have enough seating it gives a very after thought, minor league, vibe. There were not good views from lower section so that meant standing in balconies if you want to see all the mats. It’s supposed to be a HIGH SCHOOL state tournament but had the elementary state tournament feel. It should be in an arena with proper accommodations for a high school finals. My opionion: the tournaments should have been classified as district, regional, and state. To call it a semi state and not even have awards seems like KHSAA doesn’t care about the quality or the experience. The kids deserve better, the fans deserve better and sadly the KHSAA could have done better.
  12. Tapout

    Not good KHSAA

    Copy this for the other tournament! There should be a huge outcry from anyone who cares about wrestling!!!
  13. Tapout

    Semi-state tickets

    It’s on the go fan website under KHSAA Are these open to the public? it says you need a promo code to purchase......????
  14. Tapout

    Brandon Reed