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    Moderators.....plllleeeeeaaaasssseeee don't lock this thread / topic!!!! This is like my male soap opera version of All My Children, General Hospital, etc. If you lock this thread, that's just like the Friday episode every week where at the end of the show, something dramatic is about to happen, but you're left in suspense until Monday's episode. Oh, and by the way, since we're off topic yet again....I miss my boy Mr. Granby. It's been a few months since I talked to you. Shoot me a line. But seriously, how about that Cooper-Myers or Myers-Cooper match depending on your preference. I'm not coaching anymore so my Wednesdays are free. Would probably be worth bringing my 6-year-old monster phenom eater (seriously, the boy can eat....he's 4'7" and is believe it or not a lean 90 lbs. I know he's just a 1st grader, but put him against high school wrestlers in the state and he would finish top 20 in an eating contest...the boy can throw down or up if need be) up from Louisville to watch two outstanding young men / wrestlers go head-to-head to show him what hard work can accomplish.
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    His post are as enjoyable as a cold sitz bath in an assisted living facility. Give him credit though, he has lasted longer than the Kardashians.
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    I agree 100% with KYgrappler a few pages back. This site use to have a lot of useful info. Now I can barely even find info regarding where tournaments are or when they start, or what the results were. I wanted to attend the Jefferson County tournament this past weekend and the location and start time could not be found ANYWHERE on this site, not even under the "MASTER SCHEDULE" list. Mpire has killed this site with his garbage and rambling about his kids who everybody already knows are good. All the good posters have been run off.
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    A few days ago on ESPN I saw Arizona get by Colorado on a last second shot .. but it didn't count.... saw the packers lose to the Seahawks on a very crazy call..... but after a few days you just have to forget about it and move on......Your sons are the best wrestlers in this great state I've seen in years......... I'm proud of them and I don't even know them. I just love region 6 teams even more when it comes to like big time events......I'll continue to root for them because I consider them NKY kids. Always remember sometimes it's easier to build children than repair adults... It's not a knock on you Mpire as you have twice the knowledge I do on wrestling but from an outsider looking in...I think it's just time to try and let it go and enjoy your sons great seasons because the best is yet to come....
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    Thanks big man hope to meet you as well, and the match was bogus rangers friend jumped up yelled at the ref and he caved and the whole world can see it , all the talk of the kids not seeing the wave off is speculation and I think steph did see it and it doesn't matter if he did or didn't , it was BS and with a score 2 to 2 with steph having the only takedown ,and the choice on the third he still had the edge , no one is going to ride him out for a whole period and he has only been turned once in HS and that was this summer for a quick 2 on a roll through tilt , he had the edge untill that point . As for me ruining this site , that's kind of funny and a stretch , people bash my kids my wife and most of all me and I bash back but besides all that I talk about wrestling more than anything even if it is 90 % about my kids . I have Been on this site hundreds of times with no one talking about anything not a peep and started threads or added to others thinking how boring and bad it is no one is on the main site of the state talking up the sport , be it wresing training dieting matches , whatever , I hardly think I ruin a site . Actually ,look up the hits on each thread , I am glad some People are honest and can openly say what they see and think that call was BS and it was used as a tool to drag a kid through the mud and pump up another kid and his schools rep , garbage and I don't care who likes it anyone taking up for it is garbage as well , not many kids have as much into wrestling as Stephen or have given up more for it , not Marrinelli and no not you Ranger or any kid that has ever been at your school and none have ever been under the microscope like him either ,even this thread puts him under the gun like last week and the week before like last yr setting out most of the yr then hitting reg state and nat and getting blasted for placing seventh , an awful lot of devious hateful bad)/):$: out there waiting to pounce on a kid / dad / family / Fact as ranger likes to put it Is Stephen and Austin has went through more for this sport than any kid any of you will ever know more training more moves more tournys more matches more heat , so don't cry about posts or point any more fingers or dare take up for anyone bashing or cheating him for anything. Ranger your transfers to CC may be looked down on by some and you can stick your cheating friends where the sun don't shine and everyone who don't like it can stick Ranger where the sun don't shine , And another thing they are doing a lot more of and that's bringing recognition as well as state titles to their school an state and I think that's a bit of a problem for some , and it's funny my bad rep , I know all the. CC people have had such a huge problem with me lol , we have a blast usually . Now back to the match , honest question , Why the hell is a dual or duals for seeding held at SK and not somewhere else NKAC was at Sk as well , ????????