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  1. Charger Coach

    region strength

    Agreed, but we have seen plenty of 4 seeds beat a 1 seed and 3 seeds beat a 2 seed and then you never know what you're going to get in the wrestlebacks, which many people say is where the team championships are won.
  2. Charger Coach

    region strength

    I agree somewhat, but also look at it this way. If you take 10 kids from your team to state from a stacked region, don't you think the chances of them winning matches, scoring points and advancing, thus potentially placing would be better than if a team took 12-14 kids to state from a region that wasn't as stacked? Unless of course those 12-14 kids from a team in a region not as stacked would have a chance at placing in the stacked region as well meaning they're just that good? I'm not knocking any region, team, wrestler, etc just wondering what others would think in this scenario.
  3. Charger Coach

    Tweet from Jason Frakes (Courier Journal)

    I can say this about Jason Frakes from personal experience, if you ask him to do something and help give him the resources to do it, he will. It's pretty simple, just take the time to e-mail or call. I had a wrestler a few years back who won a state title. The kid was a pretty good story. Honestly, when you think about it, we have a lot of kids in this great sport similar to this kid. He didn't have a lot of natural talent, but he had a lot of guts and determination along with a tremendous work ethic. Three years after starting the sport in which he won two matches his first year, both by forfeit, he won 50 matches and a state title. I asked Jason to please do an article on this kid. I gave Jason stats and the brief overview of the story and wouldn't you know it, he came out to the school, interviewed the kid and a week later, there was an article in the Courier-Journal. In Bullitt County, after every meet in which we competed, I would make sure to send my results to the sports editor of the Pioneer News. No, not every meet's results wound up in the paper, but about 75% of them did. It just takes a little time and effort on our part. I know time is precious and limited, especially during the season, but it can be done.
  4. Charger Coach

    2013 Kentucky State Duals Teams

    Big School is in order on Coach McCoy's list (1-2-1-2, etc) from each sectional. I'm assuming small school is the same.
  5. Charger Coach

    2013 Kentucky State Duals Teams

    Either way, I'm in. It's literally right around the corner from my house. It'll be interesting and fun to watch. Either way, I'll get to see Coach Davis from Meade stand up and yell the same thing over and over again. That guy can flat out yell.
  6. Charger Coach

    2013 Kentucky State Duals Teams

    I'm guessing it will start out in 3 pools of 4 and each pool will round robin. From there it will break down into 4 pools of 3 with the winner of each previous pool going into a pool together, 2nd place from the previous pools going in together, etc. Each one of those pools will round robin. It would be tough to hold it in a day, but under the old format for regional duals, Region 3 did something similar. It worked out pretty well overall. I guess the old format could still be used as well where you start in pool play then break off into brackets. Either way it would be interesting to see. On a side note, I'm proud of Bullitt East. Good to see those kids have a little success. They're definitely up against it in the big school division and I can't imagine them doing very well against those schools, but I'm proud of the kids nonetheless.
  7. Charger Coach

    Cooper- Myers Battle !!!!

    Moderators.....plllleeeeeaaaasssseeee don't lock this thread / topic!!!! This is like my male soap opera version of All My Children, General Hospital, etc. If you lock this thread, that's just like the Friday episode every week where at the end of the show, something dramatic is about to happen, but you're left in suspense until Monday's episode. Oh, and by the way, since we're off topic yet again....I miss my boy Mr. Granby. It's been a few months since I talked to you. Shoot me a line. But seriously, how about that Cooper-Myers or Myers-Cooper match depending on your preference. I'm not coaching anymore so my Wednesdays are free. Would probably be worth bringing my 6-year-old monster phenom eater (seriously, the boy can eat....he's 4'7" and is believe it or not a lean 90 lbs. I know he's just a 1st grader, but put him against high school wrestlers in the state and he would finish top 20 in an eating contest...the boy can throw down or up if need be) up from Louisville to watch two outstanding young men / wrestlers go head-to-head to show him what hard work can accomplish.
  8. It helps that Pitt was added to the ACC. It doesn't help that Syracuse was added and dropped their wrestling program in 2001. It also doesn't help that one of the current ACC members with wrestling, Maryland, just joined the Big 10. It's a longshot for Louisville to add wrestling, but I hope it happens.
  9. Charger Coach

    Bullitt East Head Coach Opening

    Bullitt East HS in Mt. Washington is seeking a new head coach. The position could possibly come with a teaching job for the right candidate. There is a lot of potential with this young program. The AD is completely on board with the program as well which always is a plus. There will be approximately 20-25 wresters returning next year and the school is building a brand new auxillary complex which will have a gym solely for volleyball in the fall and wrestling in the spring (no sharing or cafeteria which is always nice). There are two middle schools that solely feed Bullitt East so the potential for a very strong MS feeder program is there as well. Please send me a PM if you are interested and I will put you in contact with the AD. Coach Hare
  10. Charger Coach

    The Great Debate - Public vs. Private

    Please note, I said one of the dumbest comments I've seen on here in a while, not a comment made by one of the dumbest people. As for "public school genuises", well you obviously don't know me so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Although I attended and graduated from a public high school, I did graduate from a very reputable, private college institution. By the way, I don't teach or work at a public school so I don't worry about a pension, vacation, etc and the only union I deal with is the one that so many of the employees I manage belong to. I'm a paraprofessional who also coaches simply for the love of the sport, mentoring and God as I try to set a positive example for many of the kids I coach so it's not something that is solely reserved for the "Brothers". My point is simple, God uses people from all walks of life regardless of race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, socio-economic background, etc. You don't have to be affiliated with a private school to do that and I don't think he sees it as a requirement. As for the education part, I agree with most that it's what each individual makes of it. There are plenty of public school kids who excel and plenty of private school kids who eventually drop out due to poor performance or behavior. Labeling a person solely based on whether they attended a private or public school is simply wrong any way you try to spin it. Now for the true reason behind this great debate, recruiting, Jacket Coach is absolutely 100% correct, ALL schools do it in some form or another. You win some and you lose some but regardless, you make the most of what you have and teach / coach the kids you have to the best of your ability to prepare them for life on and off the mat, court or whatever your field of play may be. Sure it sucks when as a coach, you're looking forward to coaching an athlete and they switch schools but if the parents decide to do such because they believe it's in the best interest of their child, how can I argue or complain about that? Stalling, I understand your frustration and you obviously have a biased opinion based on your comments and obvious affiliation in some way with a private institution whether it be student, alumnus, coach or whatever, but please remember not everyone is "out to get" or has a hatred for private schools. Having said that, I would hope that you would not reciprocate some of that negative behavior such as (even if meant as a joke) saying Chargers suck. My kids might not be the most talented or athletic, but they always give me a strong effort and as a whole, display the type of character and academics that make me proud to have been able to call myself their coach.
  11. Charger Coach

    The Great Debate - Public vs. Private

    Wow, dumbest comment I've seen on here in a while. So since I attended a public school and coached at a public school, I don't have Jesus?!?! I think that was a sophomoric chant the student section of Cincy St. X was cheering at a football game against Colerain this year. It was detested and ridiculed then and it is now as well. It's an absolute insult to anyone of faith who attended a public school. You think all kids who attend private Catholic schools have faith and religion and those who attend public schools don't simply because of where they receive their education?
  12. Charger Coach

    The Great Debate - Public vs. Private

    Wow, sounds like this is turning into a Holy War. To stay a little on topic, Ranger, God thanks you as well.
  13. Charger Coach

    The Great Debate - Public vs. Private

    That can be done in public schools as well. I coach at a public school and we pray after practices, meets, etc sometimes. I frequently mention God when giving advice or trying to motivate as well. I've invited Coach Parks to come speak multiple times at practices about FCA and give his testimony. Those things can be done at public schools. I guess the difference is that I'm not really concerned or worried about being reprimanded for it although I don't think that would happen where I coach. Anyway, I think the biggest advantage to private vs. public is networking. Most kids don't understand how important that is while they're in high school, but find out how important it really is when they apply for jobs after college.
  14. Charger Coach

    tornado damage

    The storms did seem to split North and South of Jefferson County. Bullitt County was hit hard by some hail and severe weather. Just across the river, there was a lot of damage by tornadoes. I work with a lady whose parents essentially lost their home. They are ok which is the main thing. A tornado practically destroyed Henryville Jr/Sr High School in Indiana which is only about 20 minutes North of Louisville. My thoughts and prayers definitely go out to those families who weren't so fortunate.
  15. Charger Coach

    How many wrestlers will we lose?

    Meade County actually won the high school world finals in 2010. They proudly followed that up with just a regular state title in 2011....