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  1. Nice room ,great facilities ,nice atmosphere ,fun watching the goes with good wrestling all around ,hopefully more and more show up .
  2. That was pretty much the point ,missing a not so important dual for the ACT would not be that big a deal ,Missing the Rumble or any big tourny when you are a starter for your team in KY and that team is depending on you for the W or even if your just an above average guy trying to get noticed for some ranking cred and a shot at getting noticed is another thing all together .There seem to be many opportunities to take the ACT only four in your life to get it done at each tourny if your a starter .oh i forgot in KY jr high kids get a shot LOL well 4 5 or 6 if your Brock LEvel
  3. It all depends on what is important to you a test you can reschedule or a tournament you will never be able to make up !!!!!
  4. Smith won 182 at the Rumble in the toughest class there ,Meiman was beaten badly at 170 by a good wrestler but still showed very little as far as being able to upend a top notch wrestler who wants it ,that i think all four of the top guys at 182 are If any of them drop ,I would take Smith as of right now in that match up and Courtney and Frankrone as well if they drop,Mathews will remain at 182 either because of weight or his team outlook and he can win either 182 or 170 on a good day .
  5. Mpire

    state champs if we had two classes

    Studs all over ,nice post
  6. Turner always starts slow and is a bit up and down ,Mathews is in a tough class that one of four kids can win ,Not really sure why Mathews didnt look as tough , Courtney and Smith are veteran wrestlers with great pasts in the sport and Frankrone is a beast and Mathews with a twist or turn could have won the class ????
  7. Mpire

    Raider Rumble

    Of Course ,i am a fan of his ,I would love for Austin to have someone simply to drill with not just wrestle ,i think proper drilling is so important ,not many kids want to learn the sequences and spend the time going over and over the moves , A great idea ,Austin is a bit bigger as far as wrestling goes but thats fine height wise and sise wise they would be great partners .Wed they have duals ,sun we will try and make it .I have another big guy who may come from Cincy not sure he is a smaller hvy but a hard worker ,at least when dads around lol Spatola knows his stuff as well and is simply a cool coach .
  8. Mpire

    Raider Rumble

    Thats who i thought thats cool ,CC has a dual against Lasalle Middletown and Reading WED at LAsalle i believe ,so wed is out ,perhaps sunday if Austin is not beat up from pickerington sat .wich he shouldnt be ,no one in ohio wants any .
  9. Mpire

    Raider Rumble

    I will shoot for wednesday but i am not for sure ,College is out Steph is beat up and CC had practice today early ,Who are They and who is Miller ???and if he can beat Austin he can win state at 195 lol
  10. Mpire

    Raider Rumble

    Thanks Ryle , For an awesome tournament ,
  11. 182 is the toughest class in the state if everyone stays there ,any of the four top kids i saw at the rumble could win state there or possibly completely dominate 170 if they dropped ,I think Mathews and Frankone stay for sure ,not sure about smith i would say hes there as well of the four Courtney looks as if he could make the drop easisest but who knows .doubt any of them go up but they could probably do damage there as well .
  12. Cool ,thanks some of the college kids are home for break,i know they are a bit more laid back than some of the hs kids but maybe they can be drug in to get a practice in
  13. Mpire

    Raider Rumble

    He didnt seem to totally gas just an observation that if he was in a little better cardio shape as in any tough match or tourny with ot and close matches it will make the difference ,as physically impressive as he appears and obviously has to be ,he looks like a college wrestler already ,a good stance but seems to be back a bit on his heels straight up and down where a brave or equally physically impressive wrestler like himself might try to charge him and simply bowl him over ,but i doubt he sees anyone like that hes a tank from top to bottom ,i love it ,and i saw his eye yesterday he had a big old bruise ,once again he looked like a college wrestler Already .,He looks like a state champ to me another wrestler to be proud of "KY POWER "