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  1. eaglewrestler12

    Here we go

    I returned to my first state tournament this year since I was a participant from '08-'11. It was a great time and here some of my parting thoughts: -Very pleased how quickly and smoothly this tournament was run, the 2 mats added since the Frankfort days really make a huge difference. I do miss being so close to the action in Frankfort, but this is clearly much safer for the wrestlers. -Another Ervin, another state champ. Could you guys stop reproducing and let the rest of the state catch up? -Zane Brown is and will be a stud for years to come. I was very impressed by him nearly winning it all against a tough Sheffer. Anybody know if he'll be sticking around at Male for high school? -Erdman was clearly the best wrestler and 126 and looked dominant, but I did have the same question as many about having to release the hold before going back for more near fall -I felt like the pushout/fleeing the mat rule was used very inconsistently, with Bindner ultimately losing the finals from two close calls while I watched other wrestlers run right out of bounds and nothing. -138 was an awesome weight to watch, lots of talent all around. Leak and Vasquez both wrestled phenomenal tournaments, its too bad only one could take home the gold. -Blanton wrestled the smarter match and deserved the win. Stop whining and basically asking for a kid to win a title solely on an escape and stalling points -What are they feeding Tyler Frankrone? -It was awesome to see the transformation of Fern Creek from 2011 when I graduated to now. Congrats to their coaches and wrestlers on a hard earned state title. On the flip side it was sad for me too see the downturn my own Eastern Eagles have taken the last few years.
  2. eaglewrestler12

    Biggest Upsets At State?

    Blanton won the match fair and square. He had a couple clear takedowns not awarded, and definitely did more than Andreoni to deserve the win. I would hate to see a kid win a state title with an escape and three stalling points and I doubt the officials were ever gonna let it play out that way.
  3. eaglewrestler12

    Cooper- Myers Battle !!!!

    I agree 100% with KYgrappler a few pages back. This site use to have a lot of useful info. Now I can barely even find info regarding where tournaments are or when they start, or what the results were. I wanted to attend the Jefferson County tournament this past weekend and the location and start time could not be found ANYWHERE on this site, not even under the "MASTER SCHEDULE" list. Mpire has killed this site with his garbage and rambling about his kids who everybody already knows are good. All the good posters have been run off.
  4. eaglewrestler12

    Jefferson County Tournament

    Where is this tournament?! geez this site is really down from past years as far useful information goes.
  5. eaglewrestler12


    Yes, HILARIOUS. because you still don't get it. That's why it's so HILARIOUS. What's even more HILARIOUS is you naming off all these accomplishments and awards of your kid, when I couldn't give two polished turds about them. Fahy won MOW and neither of your kids did. Now reply to me about all their quick pins and how flawed the MOW selection was for a hundredth time. Yes sir, your rants on this website are HILARIOUS to me.
  6. eaglewrestler12


    It is HILARIOUS to me that mpire can't see why neither of us kids were picked for MOW. I mean come on, did you honestly believe all the coaches in KY would pick either of them after all the BS this season. maybe next year man, maybe.
  7. eaglewrestler12

    State Team Scores

    Give me a break! what a crock! And in response to someone above. No, I am not pissed they didn't go to my team. I DON'T EVEN HAVE A TEAM. I'm just a spectator that loves quality high school wrestling. And seeing as this is a discussion forum, I think I'm allowed to display my opinion on the matter. My opinion being that I HAD a lot of respect for Bankemper and the CC coaches which has now diminished greatly. To bench a kid busting his ass all year so you can let a transfer on to wrestle their first tournament at regionals is just wrong, and I never would of thought Bankemper would be the one to do it. Also, to say any team would have let them on is just not true. and for the love of god don't feed me this line of BS about how they had a legitimate reason to move.
  8. eaglewrestler12

    State Team Scores

    Glad to hear that. Even Campbell County knows they wouldn't of won it without the Myers. If Ryle would of let the Myers join, all of these CC folks would be just as pissed as everyone else. I feel for the kids on CC that had their spot taken at the end of the season by the Myers. Pretty messed up thing for a coach to do to a kid that has been busting his butt all season IMO. I always respected the CC program and coaches until I heard of this. I guess a state title is just worth all of that to CC though. Congratulation Camels on your title. You sure did earn it!
  9. eaglewrestler12

    State Team Scores

    Did Bankemper win coach of the year?
  10. eaglewrestler12

    Campbell vs the world

    Anyone who says adding two probable state champs who will probably pin/tech through the tournament to an already solid team is not going to make much of an impact is DELUSIONAL. Campbell will probably win this years tournament, and the Meyers will be why. It makes me sick that these kids were granted a release. Anyone remember Hardy Hendren? He was a kentucky native who wrestled for KCD. His program got cut when he was a junior, and his family attempted to enroll him at North Oldham so he could continue wrestling. The khsaa DENIED him his release (bear in mind this was also in between seasons) even though his school no longer even offered wrestling. But somehow these kids from out of state get a release to transfer in the middles of the season. That is a disgrace. I don't care what anyone says about it, shame on the campbell coaches. They had one thing in mind when letting those kids on the team, State Championship.
  11. eaglewrestler12

    Question about Alltech Arena

    Negative Nancy
  12. This season has been horrible about people not really posting results. I think that plays a role in why we didn't see as many rankings this year. Ranger can't do it on his own people.
  13. eaglewrestler12

    Jefferson County

    Thanks! I needed the JCTC info. Although I am curious as to what Trinity is doing instead.
  14. eaglewrestler12

    Jefferson County

    This is lame. Does that mean they're sending JV? Awesome Can anyone give me info on this tournament? Where? Start Time? Thanks.
  15. eaglewrestler12

    Big time comeback!

    Now this is the stuff I love to see on this site. What a match!