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    Sometimes it pays to be the most interesting man in the world. Few know of my wrestling prowess. I began wrestling in Ohio when dinosaurs still roamed the earth. It is in these fertile fields that the seed of the most interesting man in the world would grow. As Dan Gable would later quote me,"of all the sports I did in my youth. It was wrestling that challenged me the most." As a toddler and then as a school boy (yes, USA named a division after me) I was once taken down, just to see what that was like. As I grew, I tried to experience Sambo,Greco,and other forms of hand to hand combat rarely discussed at any of the MENSA meetings I choose to attend. Eventually, injury, aging and finances concerted in the dynamics of my becoming a grappling maharishi of sorts. Coaching is such inadequate word.I retired my headgear last year. If you would like to know more MGM has already bought the movie rights to my biography so, I now have to write it. Know this, the power of intentions of the wrestler's subconscious is 100x stronger then even the conscious thoughts of most men. ~Stay Thirsty, My Friend

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  1. Results? https://www.facebook.com/DifferentBreedP/videos/494038719256743/
  2. tiltfor3

    Biggest Upsets State 1st Round

    I don't think so
  3. tiltfor3

    120 finals prayer

    I like both of these kids because they're wrestlers. Honestly, how would you all feel if a couple Muslims or Rastafarians practiced their religion in that venue at that time? I'm calling it grandstanding.
  4. tiltfor3

    Where Was The Podium?

    Whatever happened to Gene Wolfe? He built that podium. One of the nicest I've ever seen.
  5. Today, on my fb memories a post came up from 8 years ago asking for prayers for Jeff and his family. He was in a terrible accident on I-64 heading back to Fern Creek from the MS state tournament. I saw him the following year at the HS state tournament but, have not seen him or his sons in the past few. Just wondering how he and his family are doing these days. Good man and a great family. Hope all is well.
  6. tiltfor3

    Takeaways from state

    I went Friday and thought attendance was better than in the past. Had to do trackwrestling yesterday. Someone needs to remind the table workers that the mike is hot. A lady overheard in the finals sounded like a blithering idiot. I'll admit that having it on track was really nice plus it is cheaper than a single session pass.
  7. It sure seemed at the NC2As that Davis was not done. Perhaps Ruschell will follow.
  8. tiltfor3

    Barry Davis resigns

    Will Alvarez give Kyle Ruschell a shot? I mean he's been assistant for quite a while now. Pat Popolizo at NC State is due for a promotion. (I think everyone is waiting for John Smith to retire.) Who else would they get?
  9. tiltfor3

    Off-season Training

    Great to see the commitment from the new staff at Louisville Trinity. Also great to see that Blake is back contributing after breaking his neck at Ohio State. I say within the next couple of years, you will see Trinity running with the Big Dogs again.
  10. tiltfor3

    HBD Tristan! - Tomorrow Night in LaGrange, KY

  11. tiltfor3

    St. Catherine College Closing

    Word is that there's another University in Louisville getting a team. No. Not a club team either.
  12. tiltfor3

    St. Catharine College closing in July

    Good Knight. Word is that another University in Louisville is getting a team.
  13. tiltfor3

    Team Kentucky

    Team Kentucky is in very good hands.
  14. Did they not wrestle at the Mater Dei Holiday Classic? I think Keegan Duncan lost to Red in the finals.