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    Let's see if I can get everyone back on track. I still have some things to updates from the summer, but there is enough to get some discussion going. 2012_2013 High School Rankings Aug 20.xlsx 2012_2013 High School Rankings Aug 20.pdf
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    Bellermine would be a great place to start, too bad UL doesnt have a program, The AD there had a son place in our state tournament and He himself had a good time going to our state tournament
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    I would like to see N. KY Univ add wrestling. I know it has been discussed before and theres always reasons they wont but ..... The school is going through a lot of changes in programs and people running things have changed too. I havent heard of any efforts lately is the timing any better for NKU? Would be great for a State school to be able to offer DII or DI program and kids a chance to stay in state and wrestle while going to college.