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  1. bigedcoach


    How many state duals have been cancelled because of snow, it always seems to snow on this weekend
  2. bigedcoach

    Is Kentucky wrestling in trouble

    Kentucky has made huge strides in wrestling since at a low in 1991. Problem is the nature of the beast like swimming. There is no real casual fans support. To have a successful team you wrestler your matches in all day Saturday events that the casual fans doesn't attend. Plus you add to the fact that football season doesn't end for most teams until November doesn't help with the sharing of athletes. Wrestling is very much a inner fraternity that requires sacrifice that the average person doesn't want to pay. As for finding good coaches, its hard to tell a young 20 something year old that might had a significant other or trying to start a family that his social life and family life is now limited. ( I can't count how many times I missed important family and friends events because of coaching) Like participating, coaching is a huge sacrifice for the love of the sport. For what makes our sport great also weakens it.
  3. bigedcoach

    Great time of year to remember

    OK guys Ill take the rub, Like I say he left so no one would see him be unsportsmanlike. Sad that ref never officiated again after he realized he was wrong twice. Correct Goo I was the asst coach that found him in his boxers outside
  4. Fairdale 138 got shot, prayers for him
  5. bigedcoach

    Competitive opportunities/restrictions for teams awaiting STATE

    Limitations of seasons
  6. bigedcoach


    one thing I wonder and I'm sure he covered this base, How does the Head of education feel about a Tues/Weds tourney? I hate to see the boys in Frankfort weigh in.
  7. bigedcoach


    garbage cans flew after he got dqed Commissioner/ Asst Comm usually is in charge of more than one sport. Thats why they have advisory committees .
  8. bigedcoach

    Competitive opportunities/restrictions for teams awaiting STATE

    no, once regionals were started no more matches or scrimmages. Also going to a USA or AAU tournament during season is prohibited. Its in the state handbook
  9. bigedcoach


    GOO- a little side story that the people did not know about that, I found him outside stripped down to his boxers and he looked at me and said He just did want people see him get upset and do something unsportsmanlike like. Yeah it took away a second State Runner up trophy away after his team points were taken away. Not defending his actions but he was actually was sportsman like. All he really did was leave the gym so no one would see his temper and emotion. Never cursed, never got violent until he came back and found out he was DQed. The only thing he actually did wrong and the referee admitted that he made a mistake was the handshake and end of match procedure. He actually finished it by the rule book but the referee did realize the words of the rule accutualy 2 rules. Poor guy was a nice guy but never refereed again.
  10. bigedcoach


    oh dont get me started on that GOO. was a good hurdle though. punctuated a good weekend for Louis Stout.
  11. bigedcoach


    Coomes used to have a ton of records from Jefferson County until someone took the file cabinet
  12. bigedcoach

    Great time of year to remember

    With all the things going on with this years state tourney. People like me and GOO like to remember the fun parts of the state tournament. Personally as a guy who has wrestled, refereed, helped with behind the scenes and coached. Its been a fun 20+ years. Share some of your favorite non wrestling moments at the tournament. Also has anyone checked out that the KHSAA has posted tournament programs and brackets all the way back to 1965 And I always get the itch to coach again this time of year.
  13. bigedcoach


    depperschmit- watch the beginning of Ferris Bueller and pick up some pointers
  14. bigedcoach


    rjs - never been called a Nazi before but goofball and other colorful adjectives. Been cursed by Coach Krazegic, told to stay here while a Sheldon Clark fan goes gets his rifle. Canter/Paden accidentally threw/kicked a chair at me and a coach from Valley stood up in the middle of the bleachers in my own gym and preached to the crowd how we mathematically knew how we were going to win tournament and running the evil empire. So I just take things with a smile.
  15. bigedcoach


    GOO , who posted all the old brackets on the KHSAA web site.