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  1. eville dad

    New Wrestling programs in Kentucky

    Congrats to the schools and all the young Kentucky Wrestlers who will benefit from the opportunities these new programs will provide!
  2. eville dad

    Who all is going to Fargo?

    Congratulations, great accomplishment!
  3. eville dad

    Bellarmine Knights Wrestling

    Just announced Bellarmine to add DII wrestling in the fall 2016. Grea news for the state, losing St. Catherine's picking up Bellarmine!
  4. eville dad

    Watching State

    Lots of bad decisions being made about this tournament. Probably won't change until administration changes. Now is the best time to grow this sport and event. Exposure for the sport is booming due to the internet, streaming video, Flowrestling.
  5. eville dad

    Watching State

    Sad sad sad, if they can't generate revenue off advertising for this event they need to make some changes.
  6. eville dad

    Watching State

    I checked the Khsaa site and could not find it scheduled
  7. eville dad

    Mater Dei Holiday Classic

    I would like to see that match, the place had to quiet as church or crazy loud at that upset, congrats to the Ky Kids on a great showing, do you know if any of the championship matches are available on video to watch?
  8. eville dad

    KY Official Named USAW Woman of the Year

    Congrats, well deserved and overdue!
  9. eville dad

    Team KY at fargo

    Good luck!
  10. eville dad


  11. eville dad

    Battle of the Bridge!

    Posted on Indiana Forum by D Struck Indiana MVP as voted by Coaches: Tre Lynch - New Albany Kentucky MVP as voted by coaches: Tristan Saunders - Fairdale, KY (wrestlers had to be from Clark/Floyd Counties in IN, and Jefferson County (Louisville, KY) Indiana A42 vs. Kentucky A 30 106 – Gohl (NA, IN) win by fall :07 over Calloway (Central, KY) 113 – Franklin (New Washington , IN) win by FF 120 – Nicholas (FC, IN), lost by fall to Brown (Male, KY) 126 – Bradford (NA, IN) wins by pin over Kelly (Central, KY) 132 – Wise (NW, IN)lost 8-14 to Adams (Central, KY) 138 – Castleberry (NA, IN)wins by tech fall over Sanders (Fairdale, KY) 145 – Dowell (wins by fall over Martinez (Central, KY) 152 – Lynch (NA, IN) wins by fall- :52 over Chandler (Male, KY) 160 – D. Smith lost 7-9 to Johnson (Central, KY) 170 – Fredrick (NA, IN) lost to Barrett 5-8 (Southern, KY) 182 – Hauser (FC, IN) lost by fall 2:44 to Smith (Moore, KY) 195 – Thompson (Jeff, IN) pins in 1:38 to Moser (Male, KY) 220 – Newbolt (Jeff, IN) lost by fall 2:57 to Chandler (moore, KY) 285 – Hickerson (Jeff, IN) lost 7-5 to Bowman (Southern, KY) Indiana B 61vs. Kentucky B 6 106 - Beasley (Jeff, IN) lost 4-0 Dowers (Moore, KY) fall 1:20 113 – Gatton (Jeff, IN) lost by fall to Parker (Atherton, KY) 120 – Morrison (Jeff, IN) wins 14-11 over Milan (Louisville Central) 126 – Ferraro (Jeff, IN) tech fall over Grimm (Atheron, KY) 132 – Somerville (Jeff, IN) lost by tech fall to Ritchie (Atherton, KY) 138 – Crawl (FC, IN) win by FF over KY 145 – Cooper (Jeff, IN) win by ff over KY 152 – Simpson (Jeff, IN) wins by fall 1:37 over Hadley (Moore, KY) 160 – A. Smith(Jeff, IN) wins 18-13 over Blankenship (Male, KY) 170 – Jolley little (Jeff, IN) win by ff over KY 182 – Mosley (NA, IN) win by ff over KY 195 – Sonner (NA, IN) wins by fall over Russel (Central, KY) 220 – McClanahan (NA, IN) wins by fall over Robinson (Central, KY) Indiana A 65versus Kentucky B 12 106 – Gohl (NA, IN) wins by major decision 12-2 over Calloway (Central, KY) 113 – Franklin (NW, IN) wins by fall 2:59, over Parker (Atherton, KY) 120 – Nicholas (FC, IN) tech fall over Milan (Central, KY) 126 – Bradford (NA, IN) wins by fall in 1:58 over Grimm (Atherton, KY) 132 – Wise (NW, IN) lost by fall to Ritchie (Atherton, KY) 138 – Castleberry (NA, IN) wins by FF 145 – Dowell (NA, IN) lost by fall 4:38 to Fuller (Jeff, IN) (exhibition match) 152 – Lynch (NA, IN) wins by fall :32 over Hadley (Moore, KY) 160 – D. Smith (Jeff, IN) wins 4-3 over Blankenship (Male, KY) 170 – Frederick (NA, IN) wins by ff 182 – Hasuer (FC, IN) wins by ff 195 – Newbolt (Jeff, IN) wins by tech fall over Chandler (Male, KY) 220 – Thompson (Jeff, IN) wins by fall :47 over Russell (Male, KY) 285 – Hickerson (Jeff, IN) wins by fall Indiana B 32versus Kentucky A23 106 – Beasley (Jeff, IN) over Calloway (Central, KY) by fall 113 – Gatton (Jeff, IN) wins by FF 120 – Morrison (Jeff, IN) lost by fall Brown (Male, KY) 126 – Ferraro (Jeff, IN) wins 11-0 over Kelly (Central, KY) 132 – Somerville (Jeff, IN) lost 3-16 to Adams (Central, KY) 138 – Crowl (FC, IN) lost 6-11 to Sanders (Fairdale, KY) 145 – Cooper (Jeff, IN) wins by fall 2:56 over Martinez (Central, KY) 152 – Simpson (Jeff, IN) wins 11-7 over Chandler (Male, KY) 160 – A. Smith (Jeff, IN) lost 7-8 to Johnson (Central, KY) 170 – Jolley-Little (Jeff, IN) wins by fall in 3:18 over Barrett (Southern, KY) 182 – Mosely (NA, IN) lost by fall to Smith (Moore, KY) 195 – Sonner (NA, IN) wins by fall in :32 over Moser (Male, KY) 220 – McClanahan (NA, IN) lost by fall in 1:32 to Robertson (Central, KY) thank you Louisv Rosbottom and JD minch for reffing! \\\"If we do not take the time to show kids the right way, someone with more time will show them the wrong way.\\\"
  12. eville dad

    NCAA Finals on ESPN at 8:00 EST

    They have shown the entire tournament, Finals tonight!
  13. eville dad

    NCAA Finals on ESPN at 8:00 EST

    They have shown the entire tournament, Finals tonight!
  14. eville dad

    2015 State Tournament Review

    Great report!
  15. eville dad

    KHSAA TV Announcers Are A Joke

    I enjoyed it, how often do you get to hear someone of Coach Parks expertise talk so openly about the matches and the sport in general. I truly appreciate the KHSAA broadcasting the event. Great job by all!