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  1. BeastMode23

    Youth State-issue

    My son got skin checked and nails checked. I thought everything was pretty good. And the Mats was the same as last year for the youth I don’t like it either some are bigger kids but it was like that last year at state. They do that to try and get more kids done on time. There is always more youth kids than middle school kids.
  2. BeastMode23

    MS State seeding.

    They must have changed them because when the brackets first came out then two was not on the same side of the bracket. Johns an Morris that is
  3. Because they have changed them a time or two since they first put them up. I think they was still getting the bugs worked out
  4. BeastMode23

    State Duals 2020

    Well JC took it making them a perfect season
  5. BeastMode23

    State Duals 2020

    Yeah no doubt some good kids will be there. And some good matches as well
  6. BeastMode23

    State Duals 2020

    How about East Oldham and Scott county will they be there. They have looked pretty solid
  7. BeastMode23

    State Duals 2020

    Johnson Central
  8. BeastMode23

    Ranking #3 12.15.19

    I’m sure now some of the rankings will change. It was a pretty exciting weekend
  9. BeastMode23


  10. BeastMode23


    Ok thanks for clearing that up
  11. BeastMode23


    Yes your right
  12. BeastMode23


    What I’m referring to is the ones that are wrestling middle school and if they don’t place then they can wrestle youth state do they get the 2 pound like they have had
  13. BeastMode23


  14. BeastMode23


    Thanks but how about middle school age group they have the 2 pounds now and if they don’t place in middle school state I’m sure they don’t think they can wrestle all day and drop the 2 pounds over night
  15. BeastMode23


    Does the youth wrestlers get the 2 pound allowance?