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  1. westKYwrestling

    State Duals 2020

    I got Union. But I wouldn't count Paducah out. Should be a good one
  2. westKYwrestling

    State tournament location

    Thank you
  3. westKYwrestling

    State tournament location

    How does the location for the state tournament make any logical sense? What was wrong with the previous venue. Being from west kentucky I expect to travel but this year is absurd.
  4. westKYwrestling

    Rankings 11-12-17

    Lol kids who placed higher at last weekend's tournament, are ranked lower than kids who placed lower.
  5. westKYwrestling

    2018 youth state wrestling tournament

    I miss the face off before the finals. I really thought that was a cool experience for the kids.
  6. westKYwrestling

    1st Annual Blugrass Youth State Duals

    Isn't cam the 90 pounder from Tennessee?
  7. westKYwrestling

    Looking for tournament on January 9th

    Music city brawl. Franklin tn
  8. westKYwrestling

    youth state results

    enjoy that trophy y'all did a very good job. Also had a high percentage of placers. You earned that trophy.
  9. westKYwrestling

    youth state results

    Does anyone know if their was more kids this year at the tournament than last year?
  10. westKYwrestling

    youth state results

    Was their more or less kids at the tournament this year?
  11. westKYwrestling

    youth state results

    I don't know if we would have enough kids for every weight class. This is my sons 2nd year and he's never done a dual. I have a good idea what it is. But not 100% sure how it works
  12. westKYwrestling

    youth state results

    The points could be added up after the tournament is done. That way all kids have a chance to earn points for their team. Their would have to be a minimum for division 3. 1 kid could not be a team. And yes grant county did a great job and earned 1st place. Its just an idea for the smaller teams in each division to have a equal opportunity. Especially with the difference from smallest to largest team in each division
  13. westKYwrestling

    youth state results

    Just a thought. Say the smallest team in the division has 14 kids what if all the teams with more kids in that division only used the points scored by their highest 14 placers. With a minimum number of kids in the smallest division. When you have 2 teams in the same division with one having twice the chance to score isn't exactly fair. I don't know it's just a thought
  14. westKYwrestling

    youth state results

    Our coach goes out of his way to recruit kids. He goes to all the local schools passing out flyers. A first year wrestler(that didn't place) rode with his family to tournament.because his parents couldn't take him. The two wrestles in question placed at the state tournament last year. He was telling me the night before state that they would probably still place. Despite not doing any wrestling activity in 3 months. My son didn't place last year and he never hinted at him not needing to go. If it wasn't for him my son would not have the chance to wrestle. Yes he is competitive but not to the level of denying a child the experience of wrestling in state.
  15. westKYwrestling

    youth state results

    I'm not the coach. I love the sport.my son wrestles for them.I Never had the opportunity to wrestle in Kentucky when I was in school. So I'm no expert on how this all works. I know we brought every kid that wanted to wrestle. Which happen to be 14 we won 2nd and the team that won 1st had 28. That's twice the chances to score. Thats why I did the math. I probably should have chosen another way to word it. My bad. The 2 kids you said rarely come to practice. Was not apart of any practice or any team function for the last 3 months. I didn't know they still wanted to wrestle until last Friday. The team that won 1st did an amazing job also had a high % of placers. I'm really not trying to put any team down