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  1. Dawgs_Coach

    Virgina Beach Duals

    Kentucky white was the only team in the winners bracket after day one. Tough pool on day 2 for that team.
  2. https://www.derbycitylegends.com/registration link for tickets
  3. Dawgs_Coach

    Prayers for Coach Matney

    Prayers and well wishes for Coach Matney and his family.
  4. Dawgs_Coach

    Willie Burton

    Former Fairdale wrestler with cerebral palsy Willie Burton has published his autobiography called heart of a lion. Available on Amazon. Please help support a former wrestler
  5. Coach Sullivan and Coach Jarvis will be at Fairdale High School from 12-2 taking registration.
  6. Dawgs_Coach

    Tristan Sanders

    Tristan has had one of his tube from his chest removed today. He said it has helped him breathe a little easier. He is off the ventilator. He rested most of the night last night. His lung was repaired without any major damage. Thank you all for all your prayers. He is a strong young man and is fighting hard to recover fast. Thank you all for your prayers. Coach Jarvis.
  7. Dawgs_Coach

    Tristan Sanders

    Tristan was in the house at the time and not in the streets .
  8. Dawgs_Coach

    Tristan Sanders

    Last night at around 2 am, Tristan Sanders received a gun shot wound to the chest. The bullet had went through another kids leg and into his chest. The bullet missed his heart by millimeters but did go through his lung 3 times. He is out of surgery and stable but on a ventilator. He lost about 40 % of his blood. He had just come off a great weekend at Regionals and was priming to make a state title run at 138. He is at University Hospital in Louisville for anyone who wishes to send a card.
  9. Trey Norton is at 152. He only has 3 losses. One to Agnew 8-6 in which he controlled the match, Ian kahl 13-10 and Justin Lampe in a tech fall. He should definitely be higher then what he is