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  1. bestmistake33

    Post State Thoughts

    With the pinned heel, If I remember correctly didn’t his assistant have to point it out to him? How can you be so far out of position to miss that call? 5 seconds difference could have been a huge difference.
  2. bestmistake33

    Not looking forward to state.

    Y’all are looking at this geographically wrong. It’s what best suits the KHSAA. See below: Football State Championship - Kroger Field (5 miles to KHSAA HQ) Baseball State Championship - Legends Field (4 miles to KHSAA HQ) Basketball State Championship - Rupp Arena (5 miles to KHSAA HQ) Cross Country State Championship - Bourbon County HS (18 miles to KHSAA HQ) Volleyball State Championship - George Rogers Clark (16 miles to KHSAA HQ) Previous wrestling venues: Frankfort Civic Center - 31 miles to KHSAA HQ Alltech Arena (Horsepark) - 13 miles to KHSAA HQ I think Corbin would be an awesome venue. It’s 84 miles from KHSAA HQ. NEVER GONNA HAPPEN Right wrong or indifferent it’s gotta be a venue within ~30 miles of KHSAA HQ to qualify.
  3. bestmistake33

    Not looking forward to state.

    Feels like you nailed it. They are focused on holding a "final" event and or state championship. What they are doing checks the box. While I don't think that overall revenue collected from the event is anywhere near Basketball or other sports, the margins on it have to be thru the roof. I imagine that they are paying GRCHS little to no money and raking in a lot. Vice Versa, I bet they are paying Rupp Arena a mint and actually pocketing very little. That's where wrestling and other sports help out!
  4. bestmistake33

    Khsaa is horrible

    If it was communicable then it’s not just costing this young man his chance at state. It could spread and impact many many others. When my son wrestled if something was of question it was usually looked at by multiple officials and then if necessary the on-site medical person.
  5. bestmistake33

    Khsaa is horrible

    Doesn’t post season usually have onsite medical professionals for final say?
  6. bestmistake33

    Middle school state > high school

    What is the rule for ages?
  7. bestmistake33

    Middle school state > high school

    This. If this venue was within 35 minutes of KHSAA HQ then it would be a done deal.
  8. Yall might have already seen this, but I just found this KY official named Alex Green that is going around and filming State Championship final review matches with the winners of the matches. This is really cool for my old a$$ to watch and see! He interviews the winner and then reviews the match (on video) with the winner. Great way to look back at KY wrestling history! See the link below or if the site doesn't like links, go to Youtube and search "Alex Green Wrestling". (4) Alex Green - YouTube
  9. bestmistake33

    State Tournament Hope

    If it’s not within 35 minutes of KHSAA HQ it ain’t happening. Frankfort civic center = 31 minutes KY Horse park = 13 minutes George Rogers Clark = 22 minutes
  10. bestmistake33

    Not good KHSAA

    Assuming that officials take a test yearly to verify they know the rules, do coaches take the same test for rules? How are post season officials selected in the current moment? If it’s the officials association, the coaches association should aim to them for an evaluation and selection process. If it’s the KHSAA then aim towards them. Ps - If it’s the KHSAA that assigns and selects then you mine as well save your breath!!!
  11. bestmistake33

    Not good KHSAA

    Everything about this is spot on. Some of the coaches out there are flat out abusive towards refs. I’m not just talking wrestling. The spectators aren’t much better. My son who did go to watch state told me that a woman from North Hardin’s group of spectators was screaming F bombs and wishing death on the official in the 157 match. What the world!? I don’t think there is a great answer for the ref situation. There are always going to be spectators and even coaches who don’t know the rules and are going to blow gaskets over officials. Maybe consistency is the best answer or hope we can get?
  12. bestmistake33

    All time Goats

    Anyone happen to have the video Of that match anywhere? Would love to watch
  13. bestmistake33

    Not good KHSAA

    Do you think the Trinity kid who has his ankle trapped for 8 seconds with 22 seconds to go would agree to settling in OT? I did fail to see the stalling warning before the point at the end. When was the warning? I like the rank refs idea a whole lot. I think Tennessee does that too.
  14. bestmistake33

    Not good KHSAA

    I wasn’t there and the stream and replay makes it hard to see the ankle trap. To play devils advocate here - are you saying that the ref should have ignored the rule book just to give a good show to the crowd? If I’m understanding Elite Training KY - he is saying that the only time in the book where stalling is automatic instead of subjective is the 5 second heel/foot pin up. Ignore the rule book for 10 seconds here but pay intricate attention the other 5:50? I’m not paying for a 2022 rule book but Nathan Boston seems like he has a good handle on rules. If it’s in the book As automatic call I don’t think there was a choice. That being said whoa boy OT would have been wild!!
  15. bestmistake33

    Not good KHSAA

    I think the stall out was an older guy. It was hard to see from the stream if the ankle was trapped up by North Hardin in the 157 match. If it was trapped for more than 5 seconds then that’s the right call according to how it’s normally been called. Tough call.