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  1. WristControl

    Dying to be Free

    This story of a former Lafayette wrestler who battled heroin addiction won a Pulitzer Prize yesterday. http://projects.huffingtonpost.com/dying-to-be-free-heroin-treatment
  2. WristControl

    Article on Derek Miller

    I hope the KY Colleges and Univ. are recruiting him hard.
  3. WristControl


    Moore is a stud and is adding to his accolades. Also a great example of sportsmanship and class.
  4. WristControl

    2016 State Tournament Ranger Report follow-up

    Rob knows who doesn't like him. He intentionally prods and harasses those who he thinks have slighted him in the past. That's why his mouth nearly got him in trouble at state tournament and it soon will if he keeps up his antics. I'm sure ETC is a great training facility. Never said otherwise. I'm referring to his nasty comments, sometimes racist and completely inappropriate ways he speaks to certain wrestlers (these are 16-17 yr old kids keep in mind) who he feels haven't given him enough credit or are challengers to some of his ETC kids. I don't care if everyone thinks I'm being petty or inappropriate in a public forum. I'm tired of it and I want others that only see him as an asset to KY wrestling to know who he really is. Ask some of the most respected, accomplished coaches in the state if they've had issues with him and you'll quickly hear stories that will make you sick.
  5. WristControl

    2016 State Tournament Ranger Report follow-up

    anyone who has talked to a Fern Creek wrestler in the last 2 years now knows exactly what they've been dealing with. Moore is a stud, no doubt by the time his career is finished his accolades will far outnumber those of mouthy kids who get team points deducted for dancing after winning a 2nd round match against some over-matched young kid. lol at Rob Boston taking credit for Dallas' huge performance at state. doesn't that guy have a coaching staff to harass or another asst coach job to lose in one month?
  6. yes nature boy doesn't know what he's talking about he's never been to the Civic Center and has no idea what the layout, the finals setup and the intensity of that arena was like. but that's not gonna stop him from telling everyone how wrong they are.
  7. yep this was similar to the finals in Frankfort. Not as many people but the lighting, mat placement and excitment was identical.
  8. WristControl


    roberts would beat nevells 10 out of 10 times. 8 of them majors. the wayne kid was over matched and tried to choke out Joey. It should've been a penalty point and possible DQ. none of it matters tho bc refs let them continue and nevells got worked like a team of mules for the next 5 mins by a guy who was out cold just a few minutes prior.
  9. WristControl

    State Prediction Game 2016

    78 points for me. Got 9 weight classes correct.
  10. WristControl

    State Prediction Game 2016

    Tucker Hurst and Saul Ervin with match of the tourney so far. Saul got escape with 30 seconds left to win 5-4. He may not have another match that close all weekend. But he's got another state finalist in the quarters with Wells. Seed the damn state tournament already.
  11. WristControl

    2016 Ranger Report

    "Maybe with the additional parking funds we could hire someone to seed the tournament." LOL
  12. WristControl

    State Prediction Game 2016

    I agree 138 is toughest weight. Doesn't guarantee the OW will be from that weight. SOOO many different scenarios can play out this weekend. I told someone this week I see 5 kids in that weight class that either have been or will be state champs: Ervin, Hurst, Moore, Wells, Storck. Maybe even Insko...he's still in middle school!
  13. WristControl

    State Prediction Game 2016

    Not sure. I think 138 will be Angel, Logan or AJ...all of them are well respected, multiple-time placers. What if some kid comes out of nowhere, not ranked in top 5 and upsets some studs to win at a different weight? Good shot at OW.
  14. WristControl

    State Prediction Game 2016

    106: Yost--5 113: Yenter--7 120: Saul--12 126: Sheffer--13 132: Keegan--6 138: Erdman--3 145: Oxford--4 152: Barton--11 160: Max Andreoni--1 170: Cornett--14 182: Emerson--10 195: Emir Bernabe--2 220: Reed--9 285: Young--8 Team: Union 182.5 Dark Horse--Odeh Eqal--Tates Creek ranked 15th
  15. lol this rant is probably my all time fav