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  1. Wrstlrsdad

    South oldham dragon

    What a joke tournament. 10$ to get in. Some families had to pay 50$ to get in. Wow!!! Horrible seeding criteria. Than after being here for 11 hours decide they’re gonna do their senior night before they run the finals. Last year we’ll be here. Thank goodness.
  2. Wrstlrsdad


    Hey at least you got some competition . Our kids show up to GMVWA. Apparently 5 minutes late but the head table gave them their weigh in sheet but ref said weigh ins are closed. Sent home not allowed to wrestle. WOW!!!!
  3. Wrstlrsdad

    Takedowns For Tristan

  4. Wrstlrsdad

    Takedowns For Tristan

  5. Wrstlrsdad

    Mason Smith commits to wrestle for

    Congratulations Mason!!! That's awesome
  6. Wrstlrsdad


    a number of refs all season even at the state tournament rarely get into position to call a pin let alone see if a kid is choked out. not sure if its laziness, or health issues that they can't get into position?
  7. Wrstlrsdad

    Help Me Fix The State Finals

    Has anyone on this board of control ever wrestled?
  8. Wrstlrsdad

    Cool Wrestling Song

    walk- Pantera
  9. Wrstlrsdad


    this will probably secretly make some parents hope their kids don't make state. all about the almighty dollar, truly sad!!
  10. Wrstlrsdad

    Weight classification

    Absolutely! Bodenbender is a tough kid. Duke and him partners is only going to help both of em make noise at High School level.
  11. Wrstlrsdad

    Middle School State 2016 Potential Match Ups?

    thats what makes it State everyone brings the beast. good luck to everyone.
  12. Wrstlrsdad

    Middle School State 2016 Potential Match Ups?

    exactly Who? first you said it was Levid now you say its Jack Arend. So Apparently your just a kid on the forum. Now go do your homework!!!
  13. Wrstlrsdad

    Middle School State 2016 Potential Match Ups?

    Noah Duke, Daulton Mayer, and Brandon gibson will all be fun to watch. good luck to all.
  14. Wrstlrsdad

    Middle School Rankings 2015/16 - FEBRUARY 2

    Agree, Nice Job! Thanks for the time you put into it.
  15. Wrstlrsdad

    Middle School State 2016 Potential Match Ups?

    130 will be exciting as well.