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  1. Tigerstyle

    Contracts for Duals/Tournaments

    I agree Haystack, 2 year contracts would help a lot. I'm tired of teams backing out last second. You don't have to prepay, just be sure to bring your payment with you. In the event of inclement weather obviously you wouldn't pay.
  2. Tigerstyle

    Girls Wrestling

    What kind of numbers are we working with for girls thus far? Anyone have a team by team count? Is there anyway to filter guys/girls to see how many have been added to rosters? Coaches any tips on what you are doing recruiting wise? Any new ideas on how to promote the growth of ladies wrestling? I heard we had 46 ladies at the Queen of the Bluegrass.
  3. Tigerstyle

    Brock Ervin

    He had another knee surgery from what I heard. Meniscus I believe.
  4. Tigerstyle

    State Duals ?

    Small school sectionals have all been completed except for Section 5 correct? Sectional 1: Union/Calloway? Sectional 2: Walton Verona/Harrison County Sectional 3: Sheldon Clark/Boyd county (Belfry backed out) 3 rolls up Sectional 4: Wayne/Boyle Sectional 5: I'm guessing Franklin/Desales Sectional 6: Larue/John Hardin Projected seeds: 1. Union 2. Larue 3. Wayne 4. Walton 5. Sheldon Clark 6. Franklin Looks like a Union/Walton/Sheldon clark/John Hardin in the top side, and Larue/Wayne/Franklin in the bottom side. Union/Walton or John Hardin semi-final match up Larue/Wayne semi-final match up: Dark horse-Harrison County in the bottom side 5-8: Calloway, Harrison, John Hardin/WV (all depends on where JH is drawn in either the 1 pool or 4/5 pool), ????
  5. Tigerstyle

    State Duals

    Pre seeds should be announced today to the coaches of each team.
  6. Tigerstyle

    State Duals

    Small school: Union Harrison County Walton Verona North Oldham Larue County Wayne County Big School: Woodford Trinity Oldham Fern Creek Johnson Central Meade County Big school is hard to determine, here is my rough estimate. I would love to know how the seeds will turn out. Small school will be competitive, not much separates North Oldham, Harrison, and Walton Verona so 2nd-4th could be anybody's. Can any one of these team upend Union County?
  7. Tigerstyle

    2014-2015 State Duals

    I look for the small school state duals to be lead by Union County, Moore, and it looks like Harrison County could sneak up into the top three this year. Large school state duals will be very interesting to see. Your best bet hotel wise is to stay in Henderson which is about 20 miles away or Evansville right across the river.
  8. Tigerstyle

    Region 8 Title

    What team will take home the Region 8 title this year?