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  1. One stat that sticks out. This is the fist time since 1972 that Northern Kentucky has NOT had a state champion.
  2. grappler-of-old

    Team points.

    Looking at the new unsportman rule. (Celebrating) This year there were 18 calls of unsportmanlike conduct in the state tourney. Only 1 that I know of was something other than celebrating. Last year there were 3 tournaments to comprise the state tourney 2 semi-states and 1 final round. 0 calls for unsportmanlike conduct were called in the final round of wrestling. In the 2 semi-states there were a total of 9 calls for unsportmanlike. 1 biting and 1 coaches misconduct. My question is this. Is the non celebrating rule really needed?
  3. grappler-of-old

    State Team Finalists

    1. Woodford County 112 2. Union County 103 3. North Hardin 69 4. Trinity 67 5. Campbell County 65 6. Hopkinsville 57 7. Christian County 55 7. Fern Creek 55 7. Saint Xavier 55 10. Simon Kenton 51 11. Martin County 41 12. Conner 37 12. Ryle 37 14. Henry Clay 33 15. Eastern 31 16. Fort Campbell 29 17. Seneca 27 18. Boone County 25 18. Larue County 25 20. Scott 23 21. Newport Catholic 22 22. Danville 21 22. Oldham County 21 22. Waggeneer 21 25. Johnson Central 19 26. Caldwell County 18 26. Flaget 18* 26. Wayne County 18 29. Kentucky School of the Blind 17 29. South Oldham 17 31. Harrison County 15 32 Laffayette 14 32. Tates Creek 14 32. Walton Verona 14 35. Ahrens Trade 13* 36. Ballard 12 37. Jeffersontown 11 37. Saint Joseph 11* 39. Franklin County 9 39. John Hardin 9 39. Pleasure Ridge Park 9 39. Western 9 43. Doss 8 43. Fort Knox 8 45. Boyle 7 45. Dixie 7 45. Paducah Tilghman 7 45. Paul Dunbar 7 45. Millersburg Military Inst. 7* 45. Central Hardin 7 45. Moore 7 52. Frankfort 6 52. Madison Central 6 52. Male 6 52. Westport 6* 56. Ashland Paul Blazer 5 56. Fairdale 5 56. Lawrence Co. 5 56. McCreary Central 5 60. Central 4 60. North Oldham 4 60. Valley 4 63. Jessamine County 3* 63. Kentucky Country Day 3 63. DuPont Manual 3 63. Whitley County 3 63. Trigg County 3 68. Anderson County 2 68. Apollo 2 68. Calloway County 2 68. Cooper 2 68. Grant County 2 68. Henderson County 2 68. Holmes 2 68. Meade County 2 68. Newport 2 68. Ohio County 2 68. Prestonburg 2 68. Southern 2 68. West Hardin 2* 81. Belfry 1 81. Bryan Station 1 81. East Carter 1 81. Hancock 1 81. Iroquois 1 81. Lexington Country Day 1* 81. Nelson County 1 81. Owensboro 1 81. Stuart 1* 81. Taylor County 1 81. Davies County 1 * NO LONGER A TEAM
  4. grappler-of-old

    Bracket changes.

    138 Holmes is out Cooper is in.
  5. I too was against the 32 man bracket. KY had a 16 man bracket until 2002. The 32 man bracket has done wonders for KY wrestling. At that point there were about 80 schools that had wrestling (Maybe less). Since then we now have 133 schools with wrestling. We have traded off good wrestling throughout the state tournament for having more participants in the state. Kids who normally would not qualify for the state tournament now go and bring back that experience to their school. It helps keep kids out and getting more kids involved in wrestling. I was not a supporter of the 32 man tournament but the proof is in the pudding. From the 80's when I wrestled to the 2000 we only increased the number of teams by about 15. From 2000 to 2024 we have increased the number of teams by about 50. Lets look at the number of teams competing in the state tournaments. 1964 (1st year of the state tournament) 5 teams competed. 1974: 47 teams 1984 50 teams. 1994 48 teams. 2004 66 teams. 2014 88 Teams. 2024 109 Teams. Now I know these are just the teams who competed in the state tournament but it should correlate with the number of teams in the state.
  6. As have mentioned the before. Did you see how track seeded the tournament during COVID. NOT GOOD. How do you compare wrestlers, when many wrestle out of state, or a different wt. class etc ect. Going by last years results makes very little sense to me. Seeding the regional champs I can agree with. But will that really change much. Most of the problems happen with the 2nd and 3rd place finishers. Plus moving a kid up one spot or down one spot really doesn't matter much. (I was one of those who probably would have moved up one if on the other side back in the stone age). I also don't want to see regional teams wrestling in the championship bracket before the semi-finals. Which may happen if you seed everyone regardless the placement at region. On this one point KHSAA is NOT making a bad decision.
  7. grappler-of-old

    Regions By The Numbers

    I am a stat nerd so here are the numbers in each Region. Posted is the short version. I thought it interesting the number of teams who filled all 14 wt. classes. (33) The qualifier section is the number of teams who had state qualifiers (Top 4) Region stats short.xlsx
  8. grappler-of-old

    In the info for state.

    What is this for it says 3/24/23 for the info entry?
  9. grappler-of-old

    Why isn't state going to be seeded?

    Arguably the most important sport to KHSAA does not seed. (Basketball)
  10. grappler-of-old

    Why isn't state going to be seeded?

    What is wrong with having a few exciting matches in the semi's and quarters. Keeps the whole tournament exciting. Having an athlete move up or down one spot in placement ultimately is not a big deal.
  11. grappler-of-old

    Why isn't state going to be seeded?

    If this was true then how was it that all wrestlers from a certain team only had about 5 matches when they went to the state tournament during COVID? What is the consequences? Look at track now do all teams have their events updated? How do you seed when teams spend most of their season out of state like many of the Nky teams do? Mostly because they don't want to travel 2 hours every weekend to wrestle in Lou and Lex. I know my parents and wrestlers love when we are in Ohio because they can sleep an extra hour and their family can make the short trip across the river. Not to mention the school enjoys the lower travel cost. There are several reason I don't like the idea of seeding, most of which have already been mentioned.
  12. grappler-of-old

    Why isn't state going to be seeded?

    If top three are from same region then the champion would get the 1st seed then the other 2 would automatically be on the other side of the bracket and meet in the semi finals. All four qualifiers from a region are in separate quarter brackets.
  13. grappler-of-old

    Why isn't state going to be seeded?

    Wrestling a true second will do 2 things. Require wrestling after the finals and take away from the excitement of the state finals. Plus how fair is it for a kid who just lost a state final to wrestle again to get 2nd. I am not a fan of true second.
  14. Jason

    Just to set things in perspective. 

    You know I don't do this very often.  Our 150 Chris Wickey lost to Brady Peterson from Floyd Central.  It was a straight up loss. However Chris was winning 15-2 with 1 minute remaining in the match, threw legs in and Floyd reached back and got a defensive pin on Chris.  Chris was more upset about almost loosing the dual because of it. more than the individual loss. (BTW we won the dual on criteria "i")

    Like I said it was a straight up loss, no complaints.  And this stuff does not really matter to me but this kid has some special circumstances and I kind of want him to receive the accolades he earns.  


  15. grappler-of-old

    Why isn't state going to be seeded?

    1. First thing that has to happen is that all results must be put in, and be put in relatively quickly along with updating the records portion of track. 2. KHSAA must require this, and have consequences for not doing so like in other sports. 3. A criteria must be set up that rewards who you wrestled and defeated. 4. This is my opinion. But only the regional champions need to be seeded. Even if the top 2 are from the same region they are on opposite ends of the bracket and reduces skewed results. Then 1 vs 4 and 2 Vs 3 from other regions.
  16. grappler-of-old

    1/14/24 Girls Rankings

    Why would the seed draw affect the rankings? The rankings are determined by results. Truthfully the rankings will sort themselves out in the next few weeks by the outcome of the state tournament. Rankings are not used for seeding, and as far as I know they are not seeding the state tournament. Unless someone knows something I don't. (Which is very likely) As my wife tells me ignorance is bliss and I am very blissful.
  17. grappler-of-old

    1/20- anyone still wrestling ?

    Looks like middle school regional at Mason Co. is still on. Our school will not allow us to attend.
  18. grappler-of-old

    Girl weight certification date

    Has anyone gotten information of seeding, weigh in, start time for Girls region 3 at Bryan Station?
  19. grappler-of-old

    1/14/24 Girls Rankings

    Hopefully next year there will be more in track. Many school (like ourselves) were not sure if we would even have a girls team and did not get a decent schedule set up. 3 coaches for 4 teams is difficult (MIddle, HIgh, JV, Girls)
  20. grappler-of-old

    Girl weight certification date

    Dang I must have missed it. Is the tourney a 1 or 2 day tourney. Do we have any info on it yet (Flyer)?
  21. You mean Jo Jo didn't help that back out in high school? (I still say you should have been the MVW)
  22. grappler-of-old

    Girl weight certification date

    Any word on what the regions are and where they are being held?
  23. grappler-of-old

    Girls Wrestling

    Not anymore.
  24. grappler-of-old

    Girl weight certification date

    Here is my question. If I have a dual with another team should I use both tracks to weigh in? It seems kind of silly for teams to use both boys and girls track when maybe there is one girls match at the dual.
  25. grappler-of-old

    Girl weight certification date

    I assume that this certification must be under the girls Track? If they are only under the Boys track will that qualify them?