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    I grew up wrestling in PA and the biggest difference I see between KY and PA is numbers. More youth, more middle school, more high school. JV squads with real wrestle offs that pushed the starters to work harder. Individual tournaments that you could be proud of to come in 3rd place, and you definitely wouldn't place if you didn't put in the work. Also way less travel and more competitions because every school had a team. I believe if you increase the numbers, the competitive spirit will take care of the rest. Idk, I could be totally wrong. But that's my theory.
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    It's a big state, where would you like to have it? The geographical center of KY is Marion County, which is immediately adjacent to Taylor County, where it was hosted. The population center of KY is a bit further North, closer to where it was to be originally held. Unfortunately that fell through. Union Co and Paducah showed up with pretty big squads and they travelled as far as anyone in NKY I think.
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    Coaches & Wrestlers, Mark your calendars for May 17th, 6:00-7:30pm, and come get a workout in with Coach Shuck at Oldham County High School! All wrestlers are welcome. Must have a current USAW card. Thanks, Coach Riordan OldhamRTC.pdf
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    True, but where do the coaches come from? They come from our current wrestlers. The more you grow the numbers, the more possible future coaches you'll have. But the way we run our season with all day Saturday tournaments comprising most of the season, there's a huge obstacle to getting young guys who might have or will be having families into the coaching ranks.
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    Pennsylvania has triple the population of Kentucky, but that isn't a great excuse when Oklahoma(.5 million less) and Iowa(1.4 million less) have much greater success than we do. What it comes down to is a lack of coaches. Specifically, a lack of coaches who are committed beyond the season. No division one teams in the last 30 years/a low number of other college programs are a major contributor to this.
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    It's all about commitment, something this state is sorely lacking in. We weren't happy about the venue change but my son still made it down. He had prom and after prom last night. Still left at 6am this morning. Not to mention track senior night on Thursday. This tournament is a must if your kid wants to practice at an actual USA wrestling RTC. The rules have changed and are very strict for high school wrestlers practicing and being coached. Not that this is a big issue in ky since most kids won't take advantage of an opportunity even if is next door. End rant
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    There are a few programs that have 5 or 6 kids registered and props to them for trying to grow the sport in kentucky. Some teams have huge teams during the regular season, but aren't bringing a single kid this weekend.
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    Coach Germane Lindsey here just wanted guys to know about opportunities training with me. I do one on ones as please call if interested. 513 560-4064 Clinic this weekend 4-23-22 9:00am to 12 next clinic May 21st 9:00-12:00 3 Hours of wrestling different positions with live at the end. 25$ Intensity Camp - Getting guys ready for Disney Duals June 10th-12th Cost $125 per camper Times and Date: June 10th 6-8pm June 11th 9:00-11:00am 1:00-3:00pm 4:00-5:30pm June 12 9-11am 1-3pm
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    Also Girls: Kaylen Escaloni: Indiana Tech Natalie Britton: Indiana Tech
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    Bahahahahaha...this is sarcasm right?