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    Thank you Sir, I appreciate that. Yeah, I'd love to start talking some wrestling. My problem is I know very little about other schools outside of Region 8, and I dont know a whole lot about that one. But I'd love to learn. I know Johnsin Central has an excellent program and I'm pretty sure Union is pretty damn good. I wish I'd started my boy wrestling when he was in diapers. One of the most unappreciated sports there is. People kept saying dont let him wrestle, it's boring. Well, it had the opposite effect on me. I love it! And when he went to state last year it was awesome seeing all that great competition.
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    Quite a few guys and girls picked up wins. Rider and Sanders weren't far from medals. Our only AA was Payne Carr in Greco. He lost to the eventual champ and ended up picking up 4th!
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    We had 39 wrestlers at our champ camp yesterday. Coach Papesh and Murton did an awesome job as clinicians. We had wrestlers from Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee at camp. Next camp August 24th!
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    Who's representing Team KY that will make the "Stud List"?
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    Champ Camp is coming again in August! This time we’re bringing Omi Acosta and Rob McCabe! Omi Acosta Head Coach at Life University Florida State Placer JUCO All-American JUCO National Champ NAIA National Champ Rob McCabe Head Coach At Kentucky Wesleyan College 2x Colorado State Champ 2x NCAA D2 All-American Finalist Let’s make this a great camp! Great opportunity to learn from two college coaches, and possibly get on their radar. Shoot me an email to register at dleavell053@gmail.com.
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    Those weights are from preseason rankings based on a weight class they made in February. I have no doubt he will fit in seamlessly and Union will have the best team we’ve seen in a VERY long time.
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    Man, I wish there was a wrestling thread that was as active as bluegrass rivals is for football. Ever since my son started wrestling for Belfry his freshman year it has been a sport I could talk about and watch everyday. Do any of you guys know if there is such a forum? I sure hope so. I'm on bluegrass rivals 9-10 times a day but it's about Belfry football stuff. I want to talk about wrestling. I know there's a thread on there for other sports but no one hardly ever talks about wrestling. I can't wait for wrestling to start back up to see if my son can make a run at being named All State, or possibly win a championship his senior year. He's ranked #10 in the 285lb preseason rankings. If he does, he'll be the first athlete ever at Belfry High School to be All State in football and wrestling. We've never had a champion. Anyway, good luck to all our young wrestlers this year and hope they all have a success, injury free season!
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    Trust me I know... I don’t have an issue finding or being aware of where it find information. The forums is where most people get their information or through the emails (which gets overlooked). I agree and understand that’s what fundraisers are for, but just throwing out reasons why teams will say they can’t make it. We will do our part to get our guys to state. Let’s be honest here... not every MS/Youth coach keeps their ears to what’s going on until about this time of the year. When it’s too late and now it just sounds like complaints after complaints. We’ve have to figure out a better way to get more coaches involved, information passed out to others better. I appreciate the board and what they do. Can only imagine the time and energy spent.
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    This forum isn’t the forum for most information, www.kentuckyusawrestling.com , is where anyone that’s involved with coaching/running any youth/middle school organization. And as far as travel expenses go, that’s what fundraisers are for. Any organization at this level has to have that in order to pretty much go to any event in this state that is worthwhile. Unfortunately you’re correct in this “basketball state”, wrestling is a bottom tier sport. I coached for five years at this level and had too raise money throughout the year to be able to go to tournaments throughout the year across the state. Yes we didn’t make it to all of them. But we planned/funded most of the money to go to the state tournament wherever it was held.
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    This place isn’t the best to share information especially during the summer. I don’t think it was made clear on this thread where to find the state tournament venue. It’s tough to find a venue... it’s tough to get people to meetings. It’s tough to make everyone happy. But what do you expect? Nobody to not say anything? I just hope this is a one year deal, and we can find a better location for years to come. Unfortunately due to travel expenses I foresee teams not attending. ESP at the youth level. I pray that it’s not the case, but just being realistic.
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    The funny part about all of this is that no matter where they have it, someone will complain, They (the board) who actually keep the middle school/ youth going in this state, searched for weeks for places that actually had a date open and a facility big enough to do the two day event . This is what they found. They post and gave ample time for teams/state to know. Do you know how hard it is too find a facility in this state during quote “basketball season” to give up a whole weekend for wrestling. One, I would be thankful they found a place to have the state tournament during wrestling season. Options in this state for arenas in February are really sparse. Do a search yourself and you’ll see
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    With all the changes, transfers, new lineups and coaching positions who’s looking like the Team To Beat this year!?
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    Christian is gonna be tough Union is always tough Walton Verona and Ryle in the mix and.... McCracken has no team that I know of. All but 3 wrestlers followed the coaches to Tilghman so essentially McCrackens last years state champ team will be Tilghmans team this year with the exception of the 3 which changes their whole dynamic. So so I definitely see a New State Champion Team this year!!!
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    One question. If they make the MS state duals finals, will they wrestle or or will they forfeit the final match and go home to be more prepared for an actual state title?
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    Indiana Hoosier Preseason Open USAW Preseason Nationals Michigan Grappler Fall Classic Super 32 Those are the big ones off the top of my head
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    There is a social studies position open at Christian County High School (Hopkinsville, KY). If interested click the link below to apply. For more information shoot me a private message. https://www.applitrack.com/christian/onlineapp/_application.aspx?posJobCodes=1487&posFirstChoice=High School Teaching&posSpecialty=HIGH SCHOOL CLASSROOM INSTR
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    A couple of us from Oldham County have volunteered to compile the rankings, we will need information on upper weight above 105. Please send me any insight into the weights. Please email privately, at mbrown8378@gmail.com. thanks
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    I just want to say Thanks to the wrestling community!... I was very surprised at how many teams in Kentucky, this off season. Would open up their gym to us! The off season is where you get better. I have learned that Kentucky looks out for their wrestlers!!!!! Just a BIG shout out to all the teams and clubs that worked hard all summer and helped make kids better.. Good stuff! Its not over.. Gotta little time left.. Take advantage of this time! #Kentucky #Wrestling #300!
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    I have it set so that anyone with the link should be able to view. See if this link works: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1S0Tw40xtuL4Pr4ZDXLl2tipOlp9mZE-wguRDjonVB4M/edit?usp=sharing
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    I laugh at you quite a bit goo as a matter of fact i laugh at a lot of stuff I see on this forum ,and yes I do know. Bulldog is a loser at least compared to anyone I raised or trained ...of course that makes well. .. everyone on this forum a loser lol hahahah hows that for laughs..as I said facts ...you know the things no one likes to use on this forum..not sure why I bother I rarely look in anymore as it's always some a$$clown trying to knock someone because they outdid them or their favorite wannabee by mile after mile ...I'm good with it ,always have been I mean I have sons with 6 undefeated seasons in High school wrestling and more state and national titles and accomplishments than anyone in our state or general area from first grade on ...and I'm not just some underachieving dad who pushed his kids because I couldnt get anything done in life ..like most ...and yes I'm a better trainer and despite all the hate a much better coach than most ...again facts do not lie ..I see a lot of coaches who's kids never had anywhere near the success rate of my own and well ...i dont see any 50 yr old coaches out there who walk the walk as I do ...like I said loser . I mean seriously I'm 50 yrs old and waste my time arguing with a bunch of out of shape internet wannabes, of course I laugh at stuff.
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    Same old song and dance every time some peon starts crap and I hit them up with wins and losses records and facts ...they either disappear or start talking different trash lol.College is a hard road one of my sons injured his knee his fresh yr in HS and tore his acl 3 more xs,but made nat his fr yr naia,another who is barely 5 10 was an NCAA D1 freshman heavyweight of the yr ,One is a coach at one of the best schools in Ohio and the other still wrestling. For a D1 powerhouse team,...before that period no one from ky wants to even try to compare with the exception of Joe Carr and his success was in one style at Fargo outside of ky,I like the smack talk it gives me opportunity to relive just how good my kids were and are ,its a shame my youngest plays basketball but in a state full of so many haters and shittalking know nothing's who only had it out for his brothers from day 1 and even people from cc pointing fingers at them even though they put rings on so many hands who could blame him ,His brothers were born in cc his brothers won ky state youth titles when they lived in ky and just because they dominated in a state no ky wrestler ever had they had it out for them lol coaches were afraid to coach them and push them and of course point fingers at dad hahah biggest joke of all a dad raises and trains two kids no one in a state has or can beat ..the only way to stop them is keep them out of a room till state and keep dad away hahahahah of course you better look at those 2012 khsaa results and wonder who else could have done what either of them did when khsaa rules barred them from their own room untill the week of regionals ,4 pins and a tech fastest pin most pins in least time and a fr 220 champ beating a returning sr state champ 4 to zip .....and of course a 4th ranked Campbell County ...gets a state title ,while Stephen Myers ..the most talented wrestler to ever step foot in Campbell Co gets the blame for a state loss the next yr when his coach waited till regionals to bump him up shame shame ...all good a few weeks later he gives CC its first ever Sr AA at his previous weight...With no other make believe sr greats from ky even attempting it ...but wait they didnt know or were to poor ..hahah yeah all those poor private school kids ????theres a reason none of them attempted it that yr or previously .You have Stephen being an AA at either Fargo or NHSCAs every yr in HS and Austin well a two x freetyle aa a double central reg ow a Greco and double AA a 2x NHSCA ow winner a 3 x NHSCA nat champ a flo champ An Nhsca wrestler of the year making finals every yr and avenging his only loss ..Mizzou border war winner a Dapper dan,and a top 25 recruit ...Now who's the best athletes period. To ever come out of CC The only one to ever win the regions all around athlete of the year all sports ATM .I actually disrespect their accomplishments even arguing with these trolls it's just the ky in me .
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    Do you want to know who the best wrestler in CC is it's not hard to find out the best and the best lb for lb live in the same house ha,did any of you notice the upper weight state champ from wv a couple yrs back ???not a top 8 guy in the beginning of the yr but ends up a state champ ??? Where did that come from lmao ...and I know you dumb @$$÷$ think lb for lb favors light guys but I'm talking real lb for lb the guy who can wrestle successfully over numerous weight classes .Its a shame there are women on my street that know more about wrestling and training than 99 percent of anyone on this forum .Fact