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  1. Go to work and shove a couple fingers up someones ass. See what you get charged with.
  2. Hardrock MMA 29: 2 Year Anniversary Show Paroquet Springs Conference Center Shepherdsville, KY February 5th, 2011 http://www.hardrockfight.com for Tickets ONLY 8 VIP TABLES REMAINING!!!! Doors Open at 6:30pm PRE SHOW starts at 7:30pm(striking exibitions) Fights start at 8pm 1. Cody Harris(FITE)(0-0) vs Paul Jones(Georgetown MMA)(0-0) 155 2. Robert Nguyen(Performance Edge)(2-3) vs Montez Jordan(Nation of Violence)(1-2) 135 3. Phillip Runsvold(1-2) vs Bryce Petoskey(Louisville MMA)(2-0) 130 4. David Ward(Team Superior)(5-6) vs Brandon Cothern(Team Cothern)(6-2) 125 5. Genaro Santiago(Team Hansford)(0-0) vs Quinton Parks(Georgetown MMA)(2-1) 170 6. Tony Bryant(Team Animal)(0-0) vs Trent Thomas(Backwoods MMA)(2-5) 155 7. Bradley Day(Reaction MMA)(4-1) vs Drew Eggleton(Team Warhammer)(4-1) 185 8. Andy Burgess(Ultimate Martial Arts TN)(1-0) vs Jeremy Townsend(Georgetown MMA)(0-0) 185 5 MINUTE INTERMISSION 9. Cliff Hicks(Combat Incorporated MMA)(2-1) vs Charles Dove(Genocide MMA) 205 10. Dusty Stengel(Team Dusty)(0-0) vs Sawyer Rich(Swamp MMA/Ultimate Martial Arts TN)(2-1) 155 11. Nick Feeler(Team Stucky)(0-4) vs Chris Spicer(Louisville MMA)(1-1) 190 12. Eric Gifford(FITE)(2-1) vs Chris Hansford(Team Animal)(1-0) 155 13. Michael Ricketts(Nation of Violence)(2-0) vs Terry Coulter(Baddog MMA)(1-0) 155 14. Dudley Hall(Georgetown MMA)(1-1) vs Chris Minks(Gracie BJJ of KY)(3-3) 185 5 Minute Intermission 15. Michael Seals(4 Seasons)(2-0) vs Vic Simms(FITE)(4-1) for the vacant Hardrock MMA Welterweight Title 170 16. Dusty Gibbs(Scott Hope UMA)(5-2) vs Jon Voth(Reaction MMA)(3-1) for the vacant Hardrock MMA Bantamweight Title 135 17. Phil White(Louisville MMA)(7-1) vs Joe Maiani(FITE)(10-4)(champ) for the Hardrock MMA Featherweight Title 145 18. Richard Tunstill(Nation of Violence)(4-0) vs Chad Deener(Etown Beatdown)(6-1) for the vacant Hardrock MMA Light Heavyweight Title 205 PRO FIGHTS 19. Sha-la Edwards(0-3) vs Derek Sawyer(Louisville MMA)(0-5) 205 PRO 20. George Oiler(WV MMA/Team Jorge Gurgel)(2-4) vs Josh Blanchard(Baddog MMA)(1-0) 205 PRO 21. Ian Rammel(Elite Fight Team)(4-2) vs John Troyer(Louisville MMA)(9-6) 185 PRO
  3. Did nobody read the article? This wasn't taken out context or blown out of proportion. This kid did not do a "butt drag". A butt drag is a completely normal, non controversial anything. He was intentionally INSERTING his fingers DEEP into the ANUS of other wrestlers. That is not a butt drag. He was intentionally causing pain. Not that pain should be avoided in wrestling but not in this manner. At least lets hope that the only reason he did it. Because when the other wrestler has it done to him over and over in this manner, it's very possible that the wrestler under question has a lot more problems going on upstairs than this single act indicates. And I don't know about you guys but I would never bring this topic up to a non-wrestler and tell them "this is silly. It's just an accepted move'. Because it isn't and that would give this sport an even worse image in the eyes of people who are not involved in wrestling and set us back even further. This kid went way too far and should be, in some way, disciplined. Plain and simple. He could at least have bought the other kid dinner first or something.
  4. Danger

    toughest weight class

    I'll make an appearance on here just for the sake of saying that I miss the "infamous" ones. Like Duncan and Liebrum. lol. Those were some good times.
  5. Danger

    Rashaun Graham

    Very sad to hear this. He was a very smart, hard working, dedicated person.
  6. Danger

    Billy Cahill

    His mom called me yesterday and told me the news. He was one of the best friends I ever had. There aren't alot of people like Billy.
  7. Danger

    Bullitt Central High school needs nw head coach

    They need to get Baby D back
  8. Some kid in the background calls him "Kyle Tittie" at 31 seconds. lol
  9. Danger


    What exactly happened in the Lampe match?
  10. Danger

    Region 3 Regional Predictions

    It's hard to sit out, even if you're injured, your senior year. No matter how bad it is, you don't wanna be the one to decide your wrestling is over. I hope he doesn't get to hurt if he comes back. But my hat is off to him from atleast trying to return if he does. Good luck.
  11. Easier said than done. Have you seen him? Whew. Muy caliente.
  12. You already know what i'm gonna say. John Woo. Head and shoulders above the rest. Not including college careers. In high school, he was the man. Plain and simple.
  13. Yeah. Lampe is a real wrestler. True dedication and skill. I hope to see his hand get raised under the lights this year.