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BorderWars Conner Cougar Open March 12 2011

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11/12(yr olds) 90 lbs 2 spots left (8 man bracket)

15-18 152lb is close to filling up

7/8 49lbs would like a few more have two groups coming in from Toledo Ohio and want to give them a full I need some 49lb 7 and 8 year olds.(Have 5 kids at that weight now)

Also the 130 bracket is low and would like to fill for the wrestlers driving 4 hours to come.

Youth numbers are awesome Middle School okay High School okay....keep them coming. BBB

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I have several youth weight classes full too many to mention. 11-12 and 13-14 four are full.

HS kids numbers coming in slower...which is surprising as last year I had 16 man brackets from some weight classes.(3 at 8 man now)

KY youth wrestlers/parents I have as many OHIO youth as Kentucky youth...

Note**HighSchool wrestlers several out of state boys and a few girls coming in...and I have had 5 different phone calls of wrestlers(Ohio) asking to be paired up with certain Ky wrestlers...just sayin'


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119 1 spot

125 1 spot

135 1 spot

140 full

145 full

152 full

160 2 spots

171 1 spot

189 2 spots

215 1 spot


No walk ups Preregister ONLY Email info

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