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  1. DBW

    Oldham Co Super Duals-12/7/13

    South Oldham?
  2. DBW

    Region alignment

    I've been away for a while and didn't know Franklin and Woodford had been moved out of the 7th. Any reason or was there just too many in the area?
  3. DBW

    How many wrestlers will we lose?

    I heard they won when Kevin VanDam and Roland Martin relocated during the season.
  4. DBW

    State Team Scores

    Since you brought this up, what exactly was the "non sports related" reason?
  5. DBW

    Updates from Day 1

    Some great pictures on ihigh.com. From the pictures, it doesn't look like a very big crowd. Anybody there have a clearer perspective?
  6. I know of at least one high school that does not have a middle school team feeding it. So middle school kids that want to wrestle work out with the high school. If they are good enough, or if a weight class is open, they get some varsity experience. If this school did not allow middle schoolers to wrestle, the team would dry up pretty quick. If allowing young guys in the room and on the mats keeps wrestling in a school, I am all for it.
  7. DBW

    Question about Alltech Arena

    From all of us in Frankfort.....enjoy the tournament!
  8. DBW

    113 Bracket

    Shirky and Boone in the second round? Way to early for those two to meet.
  9. DBW

    Match ups in region 6

    Narcissistic personalities never see their own fault in anything. I'm sure he will tell everyone that all the "haters" an Kentucky caused this.
  10. DBW

    Region 7 Duals

    Hope to see a Franklin-Woodford rematch at State Duals with Josh Lopez back.
  11. DBW

    Region 7 Duals Finals

    Came down to the last match in the final between Woodford and Franklin.
  12. DBW

    Region 7 Rankings 1-04-12

    D.W. - I stand corrected. I knew Tevon lost at WCI, but didn't realize it was to White.
  13. DBW

    Region 7 Rankings 1-04-12

    Good job on the rankings. I haven't seen as much wrestling this year as in the past, but I think I would put Clay ahead of White at 138. Should make for a great regional final either way. I haven't seen Maxted this season (saw some spring workouts), but I think he could go better than 5th.