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Cambellsville Camp

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Who went to the Campbellsville Camp? Was it a good camp? Where there any good head to head matchups? C'mon RTS18 tell us about it :D

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The Camp showed some good KEY matchups that the State wouldve loved to see,it was some good Fanatasy Matchups that people wouldve never thought they had seen again

Dale Stone from Conner wrestled this Good 275 from Indiana and won by 2 and Aaron Wise of Eastern lost to him by 1,these two will be great at 215,but even better at 275

Jacob Murton VS Ozzie Parker, was ok

Pat Banks VS Ben Rupp,Great explosive match

Ben Rupp the #1 160 right now wrestled this number one wrestler from Oak Park Missouri and lost but did great

Detrick Smith lost to Mark Jones by pin,both guys strong but out of shape

Robert Smith beats Ozzie Parker by MJ,10-0

The Campbell County 103 Priscilla was great,she showed some good heart and intensity putting guys on their backs

Jacob Hildreth did ok as well,he lost to Ben Rupp

Robert Smith VS Jacob Murton,a very Out of shape match,but it was just like the 1st two times they wrestled,but not like state

I also saw him wrestle with Jairus Murton in Takedown Series it was ok

Matt Eck doing great going into the All star finals against Wesley Kiper of ohio county losing by pin

TEAM Atlanta

TEAM Indiana

TEAM Tennessee

never saw it coming!!!!

Josh Lewis did pretty good for a 8th grader I cant wait to see him develop in High School

Ryan Ross(Harrison County) beats Ozzie Parker in Overtime

North Hardin Helped Kentucky look good

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Guest jp

Was Stacy Miller from Larue @ the camp :?:

What weight was Ozzie at :?:

It will be interesting to see who goes 125 and 130 for Larue (Ozzie & Miller):!:

Who is Josh Lewis :?: Do you mean Josh Johnson :!:

Glad to see Matt Eck focused on wreslting, Matt how much do you weigh now :?:

Mark Jones will be tough @171; but @ 189 he may struggle withh the size.

Sounds like Larue and North Hardin had a good showing :wink:

Way to go Region 2

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I guess thats a good way to look at it Region 2 and Region 5 where the only ones really down there doing great for Kentucky, and whatever region Harrison County,Lawerence County and the others are in.

Ozzie was maybe 140 or lower, when he wrestled Robert Smith and Jacob Murton who were both weighing in at 150 it seemed like he was having trouble with the weight

Stacy Miller wasnt there

Matt Eck had a challenege due to his experience he was put against 150's and etc..... He did good

Who's Josh Johnson??? Josh Lewis is Jordan Lewis's little brother who is only in 8th grade but bigger than jordan and doing good to be young.

Mark Jones was late and out of shape but he looked GREAT!!!!Him and Ben Rupp have a good chance at winning their weight classes

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Man, watch out for Harrison County this year....i've seen some great wrestlers from there recently, and new names keep popping up! They've been very active in the summer...hopefully their hard work pays off down state! Good job guys!

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