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  1. BigCoach

    Class of 2012

    I have been around this group of seniors for a long time. I was blest to be a high school coach and then went down to the middle school level and coached there for years, and when my son went into high school, came back to the high school level. I know this group of seniors VERY WELL. I will say right off the bat, I am a bit prejudiced, but also as a coach in Kentucky for the past 16 years, I can't remember a group of seniors, from top to bottom, who are better. What a class of seniors! John Fahy, JJ Jude, Drew Newberry, Garth Yenter, Brent Hitchings, Nick Paden, Omar Jarvis, Bernard Ray, Shawn Hull, TJ Ruschell, Luke Troxell, Jake Maupin, Tyler Kaelin, Chase Boone, Corey McCall, Shane White, Chase Rusch, and the list goes on and on and on. Let's pay one last tribute to these guys. List the accomplishments of this group of men on here to just show how great of a combined career this group of men have had. I will start with my boys, then list your senior's career accomplishments (as many as you know of): Nick Paden - 201 wins, 19 losses. 80.5 pins. 978 team points. 5 time regional champ, State Finishes - 2nd, 3rd, 6th Drew Newberry - 160 wins, 10 losses. 100.5 pins. 876 team points. 3 time regional champ, State Finishes - 1st, 2nd Bernard Ray - 196 wins, 12 losses. 105.5 pins 1005 team points. 4 time regional champ, State Finishes - 1st 3rd 3rd 6th Shawn Hull - 156 wins, 24 losses. 81.5 pins. 816 team points. 3 time regional champ, State Finishes - 3rd, 4th, 7th If you don't know as much as I posted, that is alright, list what you do know. I have a strange feeling that this group of men have some pretty impressive numbers to show off!! For those who may not realize this, we award half a pin for a tech fall in LaRue County.
  2. BigCoach

    2012 Outstanding wrestler award region

    Region 2 was Nick Paden, LaRue County.
  3. BigCoach

    State Duals coming up

    You are correct RYP about Wayne. I didn't go that far back to see results. I think Campbell has one loss to Ryle earlier in the season. I would agree with you: LaRue #1, #2 Union, #3 Trinity and #4 Campbell. IF those are indeed the fop 4 seeds, then that would put St. X on Larue and Campbell's side of the bracket and Simon Kenton on Union and Trinity's side of the bracket. St. X and Simon Kenton are very good 2 seeds and dangerous as well in that they could easily upset a top four seed on any given day. Should be fun on Saturday!
  4. BigCoach

    Iowa v Okie State

    Yea, I know this is NOT the college forum, BUT, one of the greatest duals of all-time in college wrestling took place last night and wanted all to know you have the chance to Tivo it or tape it tomorrow night. Last night, #1 Iowa took on #2 Oklahoma State at Carver Hawkeye arena. It was sold out, 15,400 rabid fans watching the dual and the atmosphere was undescribable. It was not live anywhere last night, but Flowrestling was blogging it. Flowrestling has highlights of the dual as well and you can take in the atmosphere and what happened from the highlights. Iowa had a 84 match win streak, which tied OKlahoma State's record for college wrestling. Last night, in front of a packed house, the dual ended in a tie and came down to the third criteria for tie breakers and Okie State beat Iowa ending the streak. The hatred of these two teams and their fans is something you can't imagine unless you watch this dual. It is like Campbell County V Ryle; LaRue V Woodford (the old days); St. X V Trinity, all rolled up into one and then you have to add even more rivalry feelings to it to get anywhere close. They are reshowing the dual in its entirety tomorow night at 8:30 on the Big Ten network. Yea I know, I along with most of the rest of the country will be cheering Alabama on to victory (Roll Tide) but you can Tivo it or tape it or whatever and watch and enjoy. Trust me on this, this is one college dual you will WANT to WATCH!!
  5. Great Job Ranger and thanks for the hard work you put into this. I also do know of one coaching staff that uses your rankings and view them as invaluable come state duals time.
  6. BigCoach

    Smoky Mountain Duals

    This was just released by the good folks in Pigeon Forge (the host school) to the newspapers and teams concerning the Smokey Mountain Duals. This is indeed one TOUGH tournament! Good luck to ALL the Kentucky teams heading down to Pigeon Forge next week. We will need all the luck we can get!! The 10th Annual Smoky Mountain Duals will be held on December 22 and 23 in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. This years event will be, by far, the toughes SMD's we have ever hosted. Returning SMD Champions, Jefferson High School, GA, will be rerurning to once again defend their title! It will not be an easy task. Currently, out of the 25 teams entered, there are 7 ranked number 1 in their respected states; 5 ranked number 2 and overall, there are 17 teams that are currently ranked or were at the end of last season, in the top 8 of their respected states.
  7. BigCoach

    Who are some of KY's Best Coaches

    First bigedcoach, I like the username! I also like the post about the LaRue boys. Not sure I remember the chair incident, but that makes us sound like some WWF tag team duo! Too cool and thanks! While I don't remember the chair incident, I do remember Gary after one particular final's match throwing his jacket and then kicking it across the floor of the Civic Center. The result was he had to sit out the first dual of the next year and I got my first and only win as a head coach. So my winning percentage as a head coach is much better than his and I remind him of that often. You put together a good list (other than me being on there). And I will also give some cudos to coach Coomes. A true gentleman of the sport and a great coach.
  8. BigCoach


    Confirmed, LaRue will be at Ryle this year. Good tournament, KOB, loved it last year, but this year we are trying something different.
  9. BigCoach

    Oldham County Super Duals

    LaRue 44 Simon Kenton 18 160 - Hull (LC) win by pin over Clark (SK) 170 - Canter (LC) decision (4-2) over Chamblee (SK) 182 - Ray (LC) win by tech (19-4) over Hicks (SK) 195 - Carman (LC) major decision (13-3) over Bergman (SK) 220 - Newberry (LC) win by pin over Mueller (SK) 285 - Patrick (SK) decision (12-5) over Meredith (LC) 106 - Edlin (LC) win by decision (8-3) over Owens (SK) 113 - Sheldon (LC) win by pin over Kloentrup (SK) 120 - Parrot (SK) win by decision (6-4) over Mouser (LC) 126 - Paden (LC) win by pin over Lutes (SK) 132 - Harris (SK) win over OT (10-8) over Perez (LC) 138 - Alberts (LC) win by pin over Roberts (SK) 145 - Cooper (SK) pin by pin over Brown (LC) 152 - Stevens (SK) win by decision (3-1) over Whitlock (LC)
  10. BigCoach

    Best match ever?

    2003 140 State Finals between Scott Cooper (LARU) and Luke Metzger (HENC) I had this posted on our website (LaRue Co) a few years ago. I have it downloaded somewhere and if I can find it will repost it and then post a link to it on here. It was an incredible match and from the perspective of a LaRue coach, there was nothing controversial about the final call!
  11. BigCoach


    LaRue County does and has for years. We have a stereo in our wrestling room and the wrestlers will either put together a CD or put music on an Ipod and bring the music to the room and play it on the stereo. Canter has a remote control for the stereo and will either turn off the music or turn it down when he instructs or talks to the team. We like the music loud and fasted paced. The only rule Canter has is no cussing allowed in the songs. That one rule seems to limit certain types/genres of music. In all honesty, we have found that fasted paced music adds quite a bit to a practice. At least for our wrestlers.
  12. BigCoach

    Smoky Mountain Duals

    Glad we got some good KY schools in attendance to this thing. Here is a short list of top teams/schools attending: Gilmer, GA #1 3A Jefferson, GA #1 2A Chapin, SC #1 3A Somerset Academy, FL #2 1A Father Ryan, TN Top 3 in 1A (Private Schools in TN) Pigeon Forge, TN #4 TN 2A (Public Schools in TN) Holy Innocents, GA #4 1A Carrollton, GA #4 3A Then some team from PA, Northwest Regional is how they are listed, can't find them anywhere in the rankings in PA, so not sure who they are, but if they are from PA, they are pretty good I am sure. Glad to have you guys going ubtappin! I think you guys will have fun at this thing and see some awesome competition. This is a tough dual's tournament!
  13. BigCoach

    Where do you practice ?

    LaRue County has their own room. It is attached to our indoor practice facility for baseball/softball. Size is 80 X 40 (two and half mats). Showers, two locker rooms and a wrestling coaches office. Our locker rooms, showers and coaches office are solely for wrestling. We practice normally for two hours or so after school each day. Our district has taken pretty good care of us. The only thing we don't have that we would like to have is wifi but we are working on that for the upcoming season.
  14. BigCoach

    Smoky Mountain Duals

    LaRue County has attended this tournament four of the last five years or something like that. We didn't attend last year but are going back this year. The highest we have ever finished is 4th at this dual's tournament. It is without a doubt, the hardest tournament we attend each year including our state duals. I think it was two or three years back that we lost two duals and only won like no more than 2 or 3 indivual matches in each dual. We got hammered! I would highly recommend this tournament to anyone who has a team they think can win state duals. Most other states, duals is the state championship defining tournament, not their state tournament. Most teams that come, from South Carlonia, Georgia, Florida, etc. come to prepare them for a run at their state title. The Jefferson, GA and Gilmer, GA are normally crazy good and loaded. Two years ago when we wrestled Gilmer in the gold pool, I think only Nick and Drew won their individual matches. Bernard might have, but I don't think so. Yea, they were tough. We are hoping to finish higher than fourth this year. All of our guys are hoping we can break top 3 this year. If we do, it will be a major accomplishment!
  15. BigCoach


    Oops, then reverse that, Union would be the one and Trinity the 4 seed.