3 All-State Brothers

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On 4/8/2023 at 10:45 AM, grappler-of-old said:

The post originally started with 3 brothers. But I'm in for all. 

I originally was looking for Father/son combinations. They don't have to be placers just state qualifiers. 

I love this kind of stuff.  I'm trying to get Ky wrestling history together.  Most states have something, but we don't.  

I have full state brackets back to 1971 and partial brackets from 1964 to 1970, if you know anyone who may have some of these please let me know. 

I personally had the brackets back to 1982, Coach Sellers gave me back to 1971 and Jullian Tackett got me the partials from Coach Walls. Thanks coaches. 

Harrison County: 

Greg Ashbrook (father): 4th@132 1983, 2nd@ 138 1984. 

Josh Ashbrook (son): 8th @125-2005, 3rd@ 135-2006,  2nd@135-2007, 3rd@152-2008 

Alex Barnett (father): State qualifier at HWT 85,86

Brandon Barnett (son): 7th @ 171-2009, State champ @189lbs 2010, 2nd@189- 2011 

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The Ervins are the obvious wrestling family in the state.

Father/son(s)- Johnny Badida and his two sons Tristan and Clayton at Conner, with grandpaw Wayne as coach.

Brothers- Recently the Dukes at Ryle.

Elliston boys both qualified at Conner.

Grandstaff twins at Conner.

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