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  1. I haven't seen the recent KHSAA programs, but they will be similar I imagine. It will include things like... 1.) Weight brackets with an image of the State Champ from the previous year along with State level accomplishments for the wrestlers in the current bracket. 2.) Pictures of last years teams/individuals who were championship teams in the School and Club Divisions, the Outstanding Wrestler, Sportsmanship Award winner, etc. 3) As much of the history of those categories as we can find. It will be something nice to have in hand and to keep for later reference.
  2. We are coming along on the design of our 2017 Middle School State Wrestling Championship programs, but still need to fill in some information if it is available. I have attached two documents to this thread with the missing information we need. It includes...1.) School Division State Championship Teams, 2.) Club Division State Championship Teams, 3.) State Dual Champions, 4.) Team Sportsmanship Winners, and 5.) Outstanding Wrestlers. Any help you can offer would be appreciated. Also, it would be very helpful if we could fill in some of the grade levels of the wrestlers in the rankings done by Chris Duke. We want to include the Names, Schools, and Grades for the wrestlers in the program brackets, but will have to leave it blank for those we do not have that information for. Thank you. KSWA Needed Information 1.pdf KSWA Needed Information 2.pdf
  3. As we continue researching for the KSWA program for next year's Middle School State Championships, we have run into some gaps in the history of the tournament. Any information you can offer would be appreciated. We are looking for the following... 1. Team champions and Runner-Ups for both School and Club divisions (...with scores and coaches names, if possible.) 2. Outstanding Wrestlers 3. Sportsmanship Award winners 4. Coaches of the Year Also, any pictures you would like to submit would be great. We have a good sampling, but can always use more. You can respond to this thread or email me at . Thank you for your help.
  4. Plans are already underway for the 2016-17 KSWA Middle School State Finals and we are working on a number of changes for the tournament next year. One of those changes includes the addition of a State Tournament Program that we will be making available at next year’s meet. We plan to have a program that includes brackets, pictures of the 2015-16 state champions, a history of the meet, action photos from the tournament, and more. I am posting because we would like to see who might have some images from the 2015-16 tournament that we can use in the program. We are also looking for head shots of each state champion. (We may need to contact those families directly if we are not able to get images through the forum.) We will have an official photographer at the meet next year, but we wanted to make the program available for the 2017 Championships as it would be a great source of information for the spectators. If you would like to submit photos, please send them to We appreciate your help.