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  1. Bulldoglife

    State finals location

    I cant belive how they run out of concessions evry year charge so much to park its ridiculous.
  2. Bulldoglife

    State finals location

    Broadbent is terrible just as dusty and dirty as The Horse Park and busses pay $25 to park everyone else is $10 everytime you enter not a daily rate its a per day.
  3. Good Afternoon Folks, We have finally gotten some dates nailed down, I am still reaching out to other wrestlers and coaches to attend so we have the most competitive team in the state to represent Ky in Danville, Illinois. Please come ready to Wrestle. All state qualifiers are encouraged to come out and challenge for positions on the team or just practice if you want. We will have some coaching from the staff and wrestlers at Lindsey Wilson. Lets show them that Ky can wrestle with the best of them. 03/09/19 compete in KWOA tournament 03/16/19 12:00 CST 1:00 PM est Lindsey Wilson College 03/30/19 12:00 CST 1:00 PM est Lindsey Wilson College KWOA Spring Classic (2019).docx
  4. Bulldoglife

    State finals location

    We are looking for something Central to the whole state Louisville seems the best fit, hoever other locations are being explored.
  5. Bulldoglife

    2020 MS State Tournament

    This has been a problem for years not show up to the meetings but complain if something gets voted on that they don't like. I was guilty of that for sometime then I started making meetings and got active with the overall workings. Now I am the secretary of KFWC and I emplore all teams to send a representative to the meetings to voice their opinion and vote. We also need to remember this is about the kids not the adults. We are KFWC which includes teams that are clubs and schools, there should not be a defining line between the two as either way they are full of KIDS that just want to wrestle.
  6. Bulldoglife

    State finals location

    The dates are locked in but can be discussed at the Board meeting in the spring, however there is a moratorium for at least a year. The date change was suggested at the 2017 fall meeting voted to be held over until our next meeting as required where it was approved by the majority of the coaches at the spring meeting last year. I have attached copies of the minutes from both meetings 2018_KFWC_Spring_Minutes.pdf KFWC_Fall_Minutes_2017.pdf
  7. Bulldoglife

    State finals location

    Youth will be moving as well. We are currently looking for a new venue.
  8. Bulldoglife

    State finals location

    yes by a month
  9. Bulldoglife

    State finals location

    Middle school is not at broadbent this year as our new tournament date is already booked.
  10. Bulldoglife

    Streaming finals

    We stream live on the MS level its simple. The KHSAA only needs to ask us we would be more than willing to assist with that. These kids deserve it.
  11. Bulldoglife

    Prediction Game

    220: Ervin 11 160: Brown 8 138: Insko 5 170: Ervin 7 152: Tkc 14 182: Duke 13 132: Adams 4 120: Horton 10 113:Pye 12 195: Deprest 9 126: Bacon 6 Hwt: Watkins 1 106: Moore 2 145: Rone 3 I have to Choose My Man D he is Due. Darkhorse: DaShaun Stevenson Holmes
  12. Bulldoglife

    Ky USA Wrestling Nationals Team

    I just got it
  13. Bulldoglife

    Ky USA Wrestling Nationals Team

    Coaches, wrestlers and parents Nationals are coming in April, I have attached a PDF with information about the team if interested please reach out to me so we can have the best team Ky has to offer. Kentucky Folkstyle Wrestling National team.pdf
  14. There a whole lot more than 3 that will surprise us next year.
  15. Bulldoglife


    President - Damien Leavell 19 votes Vice-President - Mike Sulfsted 21 votes Secretary - Jason Hale 24 votes Treasurer - Jim Matney 5 votes