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  1. Bulldoglife

    Spring Meeting Minutes Clarification

    GOO you have a point however as a non profit organization we must abided by certain laws as to how we operate.
  2. Bulldoglife

    2020 state tournament location

    We do. it will be announced to the coaches before anyone else. The dat is the 1st saturday and Sunday in February.
  3. Bulldoglife

    Spring Meeting Minutes Clarification

    GOO What you say makes sense however we are a bodyof coaches, 1 person or even the board does not make the rules. They are adapted and adopted by the body thats what sets us apart from the other wrestling organization that shall not be named. We as the board do have some power to override if it is necessary however that should only be the case.
  4. Bulldoglife

    Spring Meeting Minutes Clarification

    Those meetings are the same every year and posted in the By laws which every coach was rrequire to sign an acknowledgement form that they read them. The only thing that changes is the Venue for the meetings. The spring meeting was posted in the coaches forum and sent out via list serv to all MS and Youth coaches well in advance of the meeting with the venue and time. Bylaw 3. Meetings The KFWC will hold two statewide meetings annually. The meetings shall be held on the 3 rd Sunday in April & the 3rd Sunday in September each year. Meeting site shall be located centrally within the state of Kentucky at a public location adequate in size. The time and specific location of meetings shall be announced on KFWC website (http://www.kentuckyusawrestling.org/page/show/1031369-middle-school-elementary) at a minimum of 30 days in advance. The KFWC president shall send out email notification to all member teams 1 month in advance, provided a valid email address is on file with the KFWC.
  5. Bulldoglife

    Peoples real names

    I pretty sure everyone one know me. Jason Hale Holmes Middle.
  6. Bulldoglife

    Spring Meeting Minutes Clarification

    I understand that however this was proposed and will be voted on by the coaches. As of now its not a set thing. again the point of this to to try and eliminated as many byes as possible at the state tournamment. I a parent or wrestler has any issues with something they read in the minutes, I would highly suggest they urge their caoches to attend the Spring and Fall meetings and make their voices heard.
  7. Bulldoglife

    Spring Meeting Minutes Clarification

    YES Goo plus 2 regions will quailfy a 7th, This was held over to vote at the Fall meeting.
  8. Bulldoglife

    Middle School Tournament Dates 2019-2020

    Coaches, I would seriously Caution setting any tournaments for this date as it is our fall back for OUR State Tournament. We were informed at the spring meeting by the outgoing board they had not secured a new location for State Tournament and the the new board and the Coaches present at the Spring meeting voted to find a new venue with March as Primary date but February as secondary date. The board is currently in negotiations for a couple venues, details are being worked out.
  9. Bulldoglife

    Middle School Tournament Dates 2019-2020

    needs to make this public or a PDF
  10. Bulldoglife

    Spring Meeting Minutes Clarification

    we are now running a 32 man bracket with 32 wrestlers. Your coach can explain the process. If you need a better explanation.
  11. Bulldoglife

    Brandon Reed, CHAMP

    Seriously can this never let people compliment these young wrestlers without having a snide comment or putting them down? Seriously DUDE WTH get a life.Let these kids have there moment your moment never happened.
  12. Bulldoglife

    Sean Fausz

    1st round win 8-2 over (19) Alex Mackall, ISU, 25-11
  13. Bulldoglife

    Middle School Nationals 04/05 - 04/07

    2019 Ky National Duals Team has been set All together we have the team consists of: 10 finalist 5 more placers and 2 non placers 75lb Sebastian Vega - Ryle 80lb TJ Sulfsted - Woodland 86lb TJ Meyer - Walton Verona 90lb Tanner Spalding - Walton Verona 95lb Maxx Speaker - River City 102lb Hunter Isaacs - Walton Verona 110lb Jude Powell - River City 117lb Trevor Villiums - Fern Creek 125lb Jacob Fulkerson - Central Hardin 132lb Glenn Mayes - Union County 140lb Christian Tacogue - Christian County 150lb Freddy Scoarborough - East Oldham 160lb JT Adams - Christian County 175lb Mckay Payton - Central Hardin 195lb Thomas Long - Holmes HWT K'Shaun Brown - Union County HWT Jaden Kinman - Holmes
  14. Bulldoglife

    Middle School Nationals 04/05 - 04/07

    Holloway Health and Wellness Center 399 Williams St Columbia, KY 42728 Once inside you will look for "the vault" along the back wall. That is our wrestling room
  15. Bulldoglife

    Middle School Nationals 04/05 - 04/07

    Right, Thats why I rented a caddy this year.