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  1. Bulldoglife

    Brandon Reed, CHAMP

    Seriously can this never let people compliment these young wrestlers without having a snide comment or putting them down? Seriously DUDE WTH get a life.Let these kids have there moment your moment never happened.
  2. Bulldoglife

    Sean Fausz

    Just wow. He starts crap when people compliment his kid, he starts crap if people say anything critical about his kid. Now he is starting to down grade someone elses kid because they were congratulated for doing well at the NCAA tournament. Everyone is entitled to their opinion about who was or is the best. For crying out loud there are people who still think the Bengals are the best. Get over yourself let the kids accomplishments spweak for themselves and let everyone have their own opinion whether you agree with them or not. In closing i seriously feel sorry for your son having to live with the likes of you i can already see you screming because he only won by 5 in the 3rd rather than a pin in the 1st.
  3. Bulldoglife

    Sean Fausz

    1st round win 8-2 over (19) Alex Mackall, ISU, 25-11
  4. Bulldoglife

    Middle School Nationals 04/05 - 04/07

    2019 Ky National Duals Team has been set All together we have the team consists of: 10 finalist 5 more placers and 2 non placers 75lb Sebastian Vega - Ryle 80lb TJ Sulfsted - Woodland 86lb TJ Meyer - Walton Verona 90lb Tanner Spalding - Walton Verona 95lb Maxx Speaker - River City 102lb Hunter Isaacs - Walton Verona 110lb Jude Powell - River City 117lb Trevor Villiums - Fern Creek 125lb Jacob Fulkerson - Central Hardin 132lb Glenn Mayes - Union County 140lb Christian Tacogue - Christian County 150lb Freddy Scoarborough - East Oldham 160lb JT Adams - Christian County 175lb Mckay Payton - Central Hardin 195lb Thomas Long - Holmes HWT K'Shaun Brown - Union County HWT Jaden Kinman - Holmes
  5. Bulldoglife

    Middle School Nationals 04/05 - 04/07

    Holloway Health and Wellness Center 399 Williams St Columbia, KY 42728 Once inside you will look for "the vault" along the back wall. That is our wrestling room
  6. Bulldoglife

    Middle School Nationals 04/05 - 04/07

    Right, Thats why I rented a caddy this year.
  7. Bulldoglife

    Middle School Nationals 04/05 - 04/07

    Looking Decent, not great yet but I have big shoes to fill.Wrestle offs are saturday and so far I have 6 comiited from Region 5
  8. Bulldoglife

    Middle School Nationals 04/05 - 04/07

    Good Evening Coaches, Saturday 03/16/19 1;00 p.m. eastern 12:00 central, we are having practice and wreslte offs for Team Ky. Lindsey College Wrestling team is kind enough to host us for this event. They will have coaches and some wrestles there to help with tips during practice. If you have any of you wrestles especially State placers that are interested in wrestling off for a position please feel free to email ,e directly at jhale345@gmail.com so I can get a head count.
  9. Bulldoglife

    2020 MS State Tournament

    There areschool duals in border states that do not require usa cards. Some areas where we have clubs with no school affiliation there is no school that offers MS wrestling. Several of our Clubs up here in NKY have school names but are not subsidised by the schools.I
  10. Bulldoglife

    2020 MS State Tournament

    Here is the problem with that scenario. You split School and Club teams apart you have Neutered our sport state wide. The best of of our kids are in both club and school teams. In order to wrestle a Club tornament the scholl would have to still have the USA cards. This means the scholl teams get less mat time especially the schools locked in central who are not on a border that can travel over state lines.If we want our sport to grow we need to stop the infighting about club VS. team and work with what we have. We will not grow if we stay stagnate, we have some of the best raw talent in the country yet a lot goes under developed for just these types of reasons. JUST MY OPINION.
  11. Bulldoglife

    2020 MS State Tournament

  12. Bulldoglife

    2020 MS State Tournament

    2018 KFWC Minutes Spring.docx Everything is here in the Minutes Panther.
  13. Bulldoglife

    State finals location

    I cant belive how they run out of concessions evry year charge so much to park its ridiculous.
  14. Bulldoglife

    State finals location

    Broadbent is terrible just as dusty and dirty as The Horse Park and busses pay $25 to park everyone else is $10 everytime you enter not a daily rate its a per day.
  15. Good Afternoon Folks, We have finally gotten some dates nailed down, I am still reaching out to other wrestlers and coaches to attend so we have the most competitive team in the state to represent Ky in Danville, Illinois. Please come ready to Wrestle. All state qualifiers are encouraged to come out and challenge for positions on the team or just practice if you want. We will have some coaching from the staff and wrestlers at Lindsey Wilson. Lets show them that Ky can wrestle with the best of them. 03/09/19 compete in KWOA tournament 03/16/19 12:00 CST 1:00 PM est Lindsey Wilson College 03/30/19 12:00 CST 1:00 PM est Lindsey Wilson College KWOA Spring Classic (2019).docx