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  1. All girls camp at Alma College with former Highlands High women’s coach and current head coach at Alma College Katlyn Pizzo. This camp is a combination of wrestling and strength and conditioning. Details below Contact Coach Pizzo for any questions (248) 404-7352 or pizzokm@alma.edu
  2. wretsler15272

    Girls wrestling

    HUGE. Great for the growth of the sport
  3. wretsler15272

    Most Anticipated matches of SEMI STATE 2

    Pinkston vs Kubwimana in the Semi State 2 150 semis. The two seemingly most dominant kids in the bracket on the same side with a history of Kubwimana getting the best of Pinkston twice last year; the latter being a 2 point match with Kubwimana hanging in at the buzzer. Fireworks in the making! Others include: Trumble v Reeves Schweitzer v Barnes Lamer v Zinser
  4. Pinkston from Highlands no where to be found from 144-150? Didn’t he place 7th in a tough 144 last year? noticed him at 157. Disregard
  5. wretsler15272

    Dropping weight classes cause your scared!

    Sounds like your kid can’t beat the kids who’s cutting
  6. Highlands High School is looking for tournaments, boys and girls, for the month of November and December. Thanks