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  1. GentleBeard

    Tornado Wrestling Tournaments

    Attached are updated flyers for tournaments hosted by Tornado Wrestling located in Paducah, KY. If you're interested, please contact Tornado Duals - 21.docx.pdf Tornado Invitational - 22.pdf 3 River Rumble - 2022[2645].pdf
  2. GentleBeard

    Tornado Duals

    Still looking for team for our tournaments on 1/23 (youth and middle school) as well as 2/20 (youth and middle school). If you're interested, please contact:
  3. GentleBeard

    Rules clarification???

    The top portion of that page is the same awards procedures as last year during COVID. With schools in session without mask mandates, this rule is stupid. Surely this was an oversight.
  4. GentleBeard

    NUWAY National State Based Team

    What ages/weights are you still needing?
  5. GentleBeard

    Tornado Duals

    Good catch. Thanks. Here is the flyer for our dual meet. Tornado Duals 2021 (1).pdf
  6. GentleBeard

    Semi state

    That would make sense....
  7. GentleBeard

    Semi state

    I’m sure they have an auxiliary gym (last year’s warm up area) they’ll roll some bleachers in. I’m curious during which class period they’ll start the state tournament. The possibilities are exciting.
  8. Let me see if I understand the context here…Ranger has been around the world this year, has no kids in high school wrestling, 2 college seasons to follow; not to mention being a committed husband and girl dad. He puts hours of unnecessary work to release rankings (which are really guesses at this point save for a few) based on the NEW weight classes while not having a kid competing in KHSAA. But, we are complaining about rankings….in October? We are a bored group lol
  9. GentleBeard

    Regions and States

    What date do you propose the middle school post season take place that would be accommodative to having enough officials? You mentioned that this current scenario was passed by “a small vested group of coaches”. That seems to be a problem if the universe of vested coaches is small. Bye weeks might actually allow you to retain kids if parents aren’t traveling and wrestlers aren’t making weight every weekend. Do your best in the current climate as you see fit for your program and let’s revisit the empirical data at the end of the season. I’m curious to see the results.
  10. GentleBeard

    Regions and States

    I’m not comparing the quality of sports. There’s no comparison in my bias. I’m comparing the length of seasons that seem to be a deterrent. It seems to me that if you don’t want a long season, you don’t have to schedule one. If you want to schedule tournaments every weekend from November - March then you can schedule that as well.
  11. GentleBeard

    Regions and States

    Football season essentially starts in July and ends in November. Basketball season starts the same week wrestling does (tomorrow) and lasts longer.
  12. GentleBeard

    Regions and States

    I get the feeling some assume mandatory practices MUST begin tomorrow and they MUST have tournaments every weekend from November 6th until March 5th/12th. If this is how you run your program, I’m certain there will be burnout. SOME kids might miss preseason for spring sports, but the likely trade off is that they’ll be in better shape than those participating in preseason for said sport. At the end of the day, no one has any empirical data to show what the participation numbers will be or what the retention rate will be. The challenge is to find a solution within this construct. Pessimism and defeatism can infect a culture/team. Let’s guard against that. Doesn’t basketball have more games and longer season than wrestling? I don’t know of anyone complaining about basketball players missing spring sports.
  13. GentleBeard

    Regions and States

    Are there any high school athletic associations that have sanctioned/sponsored FS/GR? I feel like Kentucky might be the first to do that, if it's even possible.
  14. GentleBeard

    Regions and States

    Instead of being a pessimistic state full of excuses, it would be nice to have more optimism and find solutions. So, given the situation we are in, and knowing no one can change it, what are you going to do? (Same question I asked myself last year during a pandemic)
  15. GentleBeard

    Regions and States

    Opinion noted. Try being an optimist. To answer your question: I think logistics was an important factor.