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  1. GentleBeard

    Iowa Offensive Line

    Pretty cool read...
  2. Taylor County girls only would be interested if there's still an opening.
  3. GentleBeard

    Surprises for next year

    Those weights are from preseason rankings based on a weight class they made in February. I have no doubt he will fit in seamlessly and Union will have the best team we’ve seen in a VERY long time.
  4. GentleBeard

    Closest Program to Bowling Green?

    Taylor County is about 1.5 hrs away from Bowling Green. We are in EST, so it depends on if you’re okay with the time change. We are the only county in the state with a youth, middle school, high school, and college programs for men and women. We have a lot to offer in terms of pathways in school as well. The wrestling team has only been around for 6 years, but has accumulated quite a few accolades in our short history - which has dramatically increased expectations on and off the mat. If you’re interested, we’d love to have you join our young, but seasoned team.
  5. GentleBeard

    Boyle Big Brother Dual Tourney - Dec 14th 2019

    Taylor County will be there with both as well.
  6. GentleBeard

    2020 State Date

    Wow. When is MS regionals?
  7. GentleBeard

    2020 State Date

    I believe Girl's State and MS state were scheduled for that day. I could be wrong though. It's like pulling teeth to get gyms scheduled in February due to basketball reigning supreme at most schools. I'm not surprised by this, though. Nobody wants to go back to the horse park, deal with allergies, and experience a lack of passion from the higher ups who make the decision for us, so it's no surprise they made the decisions they did. It's frustrating. Here's to hoping KHSAA can improve on the worst state tournament in history.
  8. GentleBeard

    Camp at Taylor County

    To pay via paypal
  9. GentleBeard

    Camp at Taylor County

    To pay via PayPal
  10. GentleBeard

    NHSCA nats- Va Beach

    April Fool’s?
  11. GentleBeard

    Camp at Taylor County

  12. GentleBeard

    Camp at Taylor County

  13. Perhaps we did have a different experience with probably different referees.
  14. If you’re interested in quality matches and not awards, then wrestle a gang of exhibition matches. That’s been our experience, anyway. We had one kid wrestle 10 matches in one day at an in state USA wrestling tournament. They don’t turn down matches like that. We even had a 182 pounder wrestle exhibitions all the way up to heavyweight. I think they don’t let kids bump around due to USA Wrestling rules and guidelines. That doesn’t have to determine whether or not you attend tournaments, though, if what you’re wanting are quality matches. If you can see what kids are entered and are wanting those matches, it’s still worth it to go.