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  1. GentleBeard

    2024 Tornado Duals

    Hello, Tornado Wrestling Club in Paducah is looking to host a competitive dual meet on 12/14/24, 12/21/24 or 12/28/24. We are also considering adjusting weight classes (adding lower weights) to accommodate youth wrestlers as well. I know it's early, but I'm just reaching out to gauge interest and to see what dates would be most convenient for you. We have a new 30,000sq ft indoor facility that we are excited to utilize that can fit up to 8 mats if necessary. If you're interested, please email me at or text 405-990-7463 and let me know what team you're with. Thanks, Ben Ellard
  2. GentleBeard

    Freestyle/Greco Match Day

  3. GentleBeard

    off-season tournament schedule

  4. GentleBeard

    Freestyle/Greco Match Day

    Attached is the flyer for our Freestyle/Greco Match Day on 3/23/24. We hope to see you there!!! If you have any questions, please contact Ben Ellard at 405-990-7463 or email at FREESTYLE_GRECO CLINIC AND MATCH DAY 3-23-24.docx
  5. GentleBeard

    Freestyle/Greco Match Day

    Attached is the flyer for our Freestyle/Greco Match Day on 3/23/24. We hope to see you there!!! If you have any questions, please contact Ben Ellard at 405-990-7463 or email at FREESTYLE_GRECO CLINIC AND MATCH DAY 3-23-24.docx
  6. Didn’t expect to see these returning champs battle it out in the blood round, though. From state champ to not placing is tough.
  7. To mitigate the issue, we could go back to semi state, remove the fluff, and have a 16 man bracket. When I wrestled in a different state, only 8 made the state bracket and placed top 4. I was surprised when I moved out here and found out Kentucky PLACES top 8. 16 man brackets can have competitive matches throughout. I’m not sure KHSAA seeds any sport, but it would definitely be beneficial in our sport. I’m not convinced anything will change, but the fixes/adjustments are not rocket science. This discussion suggests to me that we (people involved/familiar with the sport) can hash out ideas to create a better product for everyone.
  8. i understand the subjectivity of rankings, but to say there's not a gap between a top 5 kid and a #25 kid is misleading (not ascribing that to your statement). However, what's not subjective is a defending champ vs a runner up meeting in the quarters. It never fails, there are always going to be upsets at the state tournament, and I get that. I also happen to believe the system is broken and requires a fix that is fairly simple. We can either bring back semi-state or use track to seed the tournament like we do with most every other tournament throughout the year. Middle school seeds all the region champs with coaches input along with using track criteria. At minimum, this is a straightforward process that can be done in 1.5 hours. I'm just offering a solution to the wind at this point, I know haha
  9. @ 126, #6 vs #7 in the first round to likely wrestle #10 2nd round, to then wrestle either #25 or #28 (most likely) in the quarters. One would think that there's a better way to seed this thing. Hate to see top 8 wrestlers get knocked out due to draws that require them wrestling each other and #20 (by example) get on the podium by not wrestling anyone inside the top 10. It's a lot easier to say "let them settle it on the mat" when it is somewhat seeded than when you have random draws like we do. #1 vs #3 at 120 in the quarters and #1 vs #2 at 175 in the semis is another head scratcher. KHSAA out here teaching "life isn't fair" lessons to everyone haha
  10. I mean, it's not like you have a wife, kids, family, job or anything else that requires your attention. You need to prioritize making a list of kids with numbers next to their names in order to appease critical parents/coaches.
  11. GentleBeard

    Why isn't state going to be seeded?

    If you want people to update results in track, then use track as criteria as a way to seed it. If coaches don’t put in their results, seeding criteria, or records, then it falls on them not the “system”. I grew up in a state that wrestles for true 2nd. Those matches are always tough, but my perspective may be a minority. It’s the closest thing to a true double elimination bracket that we could have. I like it. We will never have such a thing in Kentucky, though. At the end of the day, “seeding” is really all about bracket placement. No better way to get separated from who you want to wrestle later in the tournament than by wrestling head to head prior to the tournament.
  12. GentleBeard

    Why isn't state going to be seeded?

    I'm a techno-idiot, but I have to believe that if people use track, then the criteria is already stored in the system. Can't they use that stored criteria to seed everyone? Upsets will happen and maybe there are some imperfections, but it would be a travesty to see another Trent Johnson vs Bryce Sheffer kind of match in the quarters.
  13. GentleBeard

    2A state duals

    I wouldn't throw shade at Harrison County or consider it a "reward" to wrestle them. When it comes to duals, they show up and fight (Boyle County as well). I appreciate their approach. Neither PT, BC, HC, and JC are "cake walks". Maybe the favored teams won, but not without some dogfights.
  14. GentleBeard

    Most anticipated matchups at state.

    I expect nothing less from someone from "Ervinland, KY" haha
  15. GentleBeard

    Tornado Duals

    We still have a few more spots for the Tornado Duals on 12/20/23. Attached is the flyer. Let me know if you're interested. Tornado Duals 2023 (1).pdf