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  1. Eminent

    January 11th

    We will be there
  2. Eminent

    January 11th

    I’m waiting on a response from them.
  3. Eminent

    January 11th

    Bourbon County is looking for anything on January 11th. If anyone knows anything available it would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Eminent

    Currently Wrestling In College

    Bourbon County Sheridan Willoughby- Luther College, Iowa Alex Wright- Midway Will Baber- Midway (transferring in January)
  5. Eminent

    USA Nationals and UWW World Team Trials

    Incredible accomplishment
  6. Eminent

    Region 1 predictions?

    No disrespect but I do. LoL
  7. Eminent

    Small school state duals

    I don’t know about this seed meeting but seed criteria has meant nothing in most of the tournaments this year. Coaches bringing up middle school accolades to get their kid seeded higher and it worked.
  8. Eminent

    2018 All Star Classic + Gabe Dean Clinic

    If you need someone for 160lb class, Will Baber from Bourbon County is willing to wrestle
  9. Bourbon County is still in search of a head coach. If interested contact Wendy Mahanna at Wendy.mahanna@bourbon.kyschools.us. We currently have three ranked kids and a lot of potential but no coach. I don't know what will happen if nobody steps up. So if you are interested please apply.
  10. Eminent

    Nhsca nationals in Virginia Beach

    Add Wyatt Andreoni and Zane Brown to the round of 32
  11. Eminent

    Nhsca nationals in Virginia Beach

    Round of 32 that I know of Moore, Ervin, Johnson, Roth, Wallace, Smallwood, Smith
  12. Eminent

    Nhsca nationals in Virginia Beach

    Too many to mention. Moore, Roberts, Miller x2, Ervin, Johnson, Cornett, Roth, and many more