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  1. Keepyourheadup

    Biggest Upsets State 1st Round

    Beane was hurt before that match. If he was healthy that wrestler doesn’t beat Beane
  2. Keepyourheadup

    All time Goats

    Spencer Moore starting in D-1 when he should just be a senior in high school! Dave Barnes had a very dominant senior year then 3 time all American at D-1. Cole Thomas will possibly be a 4X state champion. To many others to name.
  3. Keepyourheadup

    Semi state seeding

    I know they don’t but that would be the simplest thing for HS to do. It just amazes me the khsaa won’t listen. This has been a thing that has been complained about for ever. They do that rating thing for football. That’s just like seeding
  4. Keepyourheadup

    Semi state seeding

    Why don’t they just do what MS does?? Seed the champs from the region and let the other placers fall in
  5. Keepyourheadup

    Dropping weight classes cause your scared!

    That is why they do the fat test at the beginning of the year to tell kids how much they are aloud to lose
  6. Keepyourheadup

    MOW ?

    You are completely right!!! We all have our own opinions. It went to a great wrestler!!!! Can’t wait till next year!
  7. Keepyourheadup

    MOW ?

    That is awesome but it’s MOW for this tournament not past tournaments combined. Spencer Moore and Daulton Mayer both dominated their weight classes I don’t think any of their matches made it out of the first period. Lehman had the best tournament considering upsets. What Deck was awesome coming in after being hurt!! It was an great tournament a lot of deserving young men
  8. Keepyourheadup

    Takeaways from state

    Would be nice to have some small monitors set up around the top for fans. Us old people can’t see the matches on the other side of the arena
  9. Keepyourheadup

    Biggest Upset at State

    Gibson being up by 12 with 55 seconds left and getting caught and pinned was pretty surprising. He met the kid again in conso semis and teched him by middle of 2nd
  10. Keepyourheadup

    MOW ?

    Lehman should of won it in my opinion but I don’t know much. Deck was deserving though.
  11. Keepyourheadup

    State will be on Trackwrestling!!!!

    What is the promo code
  12. Keepyourheadup

    Was State Seeded this year?

    Should be seeded like Middle School is at the least. Seed each regional champ. It would be simple and easy but the KHSAA won’t take an hour to do it or let the coaches do it
  13. Keepyourheadup

    Prediction Game

    182 you might want to redo Ervin and Duke are on the same side of the bracket
  14. Keepyourheadup

    Prediction Game

    Austin Grant Hall seems like he has been around forever. That’s a good dark horse
  15. Keepyourheadup

    Prediction Game

    Does dark horse have to be one of my 14