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  1. cmccoy

    KYWCA wrestler hall of fame

    Zane Brown - Male 5-time finalist. 3-time Champ
  2. cmccoy

    No podium or awards

    I knew the beatings were coming. It's all good. C. McCoy is out.
  3. cmccoy

    No podium or awards

    I'm just a has been that has disagreed with some of the desicions made in the past. But I also know that the powers that be do not always have the say. I'll give you an example, Dr. Polio made a recommendation for return to school and our school board almost shot it down. Same works for the KHSAA. Tackett and Barren can believe what they want but the BOC and KDE ultimately make the decision.
  4. cmccoy

    No podium or awards

    I won't argue about the start time. I do know the BOC contributes to that. But I will say, I have to watch what I say based on my district. It's not just that simple. Remember the biggest school district in the state voted to cancel athletics.
  5. cmccoy

    No podium or awards

    I have given this a lot of thought and I was told not to post anymore. After dying twice and fully recovering (which led to me stepping down as head coach) and now volunteering, I just want to put my opinion out there and spread some truth. Let the beating commence but I hope you listen to a little of what I have to say. Mike Barren truly does a passion to build wrestling. So does Julian Tackett as well. You have to remember that they answer to the BOC (Board of Control) and the Kentucky Department of Education. As someone who worked closely with the KHSAA, I understand your frustrations but there is more to it than many of you know or pretend to know. It's very easy to hide behind a keyboard and say what you want. Like they say, "What does not kill you makes you stronger." I can take the beating I am about to get. I just hope you will step back and realize it is not black and white. There are several gray areas....especially during a pandemic.
  6. cmccoy

    5 Star Classic Results?

    Attached 2019 Five Star Classic Brackets.pdf
  7. Due to health reasons, I have stepped down as the Head Coach at Louisville Male. My long-time assistant Sean Chandler will be taking over and will do a great job in continuing to build the program. He can be reached at:
  8. cmccoy


    Is it worth the cost?
  9. cmccoy

    Schools that should add programs

    I agree that we need to work to add programs but right now our focus needs to be on getting open coaching positions filled so we don't lose those programs. With a little over a month from starting we still have several schools with no coach including Doss, Hopkinsville, North Oldham, Thomas Nelson, and I am sure there are others.
  10. cmccoy

    Coaching Changes

    What coaching changes have occurred? What positions are filled and which positions are still open? I am hoping we can work together as a community to get these positions filled ASAP.
  11. cmccoy

    Open Coaching Postions

    Louisville Male has an assistant coach opening available. It is a paid position. If interested or for more info contact Chris McCoy. 502-930-3307.
  12. What schools have open coaches positions?
  13. I will be glad to explain why I am hosting a tournament the same weekend as the Dragon. Michael Herchenrader Jr. was the second person I met from Male when I started the program. He was our athletic directors right hand man and was well beloved by all of the student athletes, coaches, and staff at Male. He would do anything I asked of him and he was one of our biggest fans. As a WWE fan, he would always come in and ask when we could have a tables and chairs match with him. He was known around as Coach Mike. 5 years ago today, Coach Mike passed away unexpectedly at the age of 28. At our first dual after his passing, we left a coaches chair empty with a Male shirt draped over the chair to hold a spot for Coach Mike. Since than I have been planning this for him once I could get the gym. I saw it fitting to have the tournament on this date being his passing was January 17th. The tournament is not named the Male Invitational or the Bulldog. It is the Michael Herchenrader Jr. Memorial Tournament. I hope this clears the air on my intentions.
  14. cmccoy

    Derby city classic

    2017 Derby City Classic Brackets.pdf 2017 Derby City Classic Teams Scores.pdf
  15. cmccoy

    Program Health

    With Mike Clark leaving J-Town to go to Fairdale, it sounds like J-Town may get the ax as well. We have to work together to find coaches and ways to keep programs growing. We add one team but lose two in the process. I'm very concerned about wrestling in Jefferson County. We may lose two programs with rich tradition in J-Town and Eastern. And other high schools such as Ballard and Butler that do not have teams either. I think one issue is also the amount of paperwork required. A brand new head coach can easily want to give up with the paperwork involved and than trying to find time to actually coach.