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  1. bamom

    Open mat index

    Is Trinity holding open mats? What about Fern Creek? Do any of the Oldhams run open mats I never hear anything about them during off season.
  2. bamom

    2013 Derby City Classic Results

    I have to agree. The Central wrestlers have always been so involved, supportive and good sportmen. It really impressed me when we were there for a dual and the boys all stand and cheer on their teammates win or loose. And they stand when the wrestler comes out to wrestle. I wish we could see more of this in wrestling.
  3. bamom

    Middle School State Information?

    Thats great news I guess we were given the wrong info.
  4. I know its in Mt Sterling and its 2 days but do we know anything more than that? Like where in Mt Sterling? Start times? Any Details?
  5. bamom

    Middle schoolers wrestling up

    Anyone interested should read the thread under high school wrestling called middle schoolers kicked out of hs sports
  6. bamom

    Middle schoolers wrestling up

    Its new this year in Jefferson Co Public Schools
  7. Now that middle school wrestlers can't compete at the high school level does anyone know if they are still able to train, practice, condition, attend open mats, and camps with high schoolers?
  8. Now that middle schoolers can't compete at the high school level does anyone know if this this means they can not practice, train, attend camps, and open mats with high school wrestlers?
  9. bamom

    IU camp @ Trinity June 3-5

    Good to know! Is there still room and does that make it $40 a day?
  10. bamom

    IU camp @ Trinity June 3-5

    I guess there is no discount if you can't be there on the 3rd? Jefferson co schools last day is 6/3
  11. bamom

    Pride Wrestling Club- Louisville KY

    Forgive me...when is the dead period? If we already have a USA card do we just show up or still need to register online?
  12. Does anyone know where I can find the flyer for the Region 2 Elem Regionasl at St X? I know I've seen it but can not find it now :?
  13. bamom

    Region 2 tournament

    Does anyone know the status of the boy that was injured and taken out by ambulance at Region 2 at Oldham Middle? :?