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  1. gh0pper


    I haven't been on here in a long while, from what I have read it's seems that a lot of you have such a dislike for his Dad that you actually revel over his son not wrestling. I'm just as guilty as the next guy. Several years ago I said some things on here that I'm not very proud of. I would like to apologize for those remarks because I used his family to get to him. No matter what he does hopefully the young man has gotten his education and is preparing for his vocation. Many of you don't like that he brags on his sons. I brag about my kids too so hopefully no one hopes that my children fail just to get back at me. I hope that all Kentucky wrestlers can do well in whatever they choose in life.
  2. gh0pper

    Tyler Frankrone

    That's great news. Keep us posted on how he does.
  3. gh0pper


    Good kids. Hope they have continued success.
  4. Nature Boy I'm going to miss you next year. You are a blast, don't ever change who you are for nobody. And Ranger, You'll be glad to know that Collin is healed and has signed to play football at Georgetown.Looking forward to that.
  5. gh0pper

    My son

    Thanks guys. I meant what I said about Nature Boy. It would be pretty boring without him.
  6. gh0pper

    My son

    This is a little note to tell my son how proud I am, not of his athletic accomplishments but of the man he has become. While he didn't win the championship he wanted he has touched others because of his big heart. When his younger brother came to live with us we weren't sure what we were going to do. Collin said, " he can have my room." And when I was talking of changing shifts Collin volunteered to help with his little brother who has special needs. I don't know too many teenagers who would get up an hour and a half earlier than they had to do this. He also gave a man his new shoes that he had just bought with his money he earns working part time when the family was burned out of their home. That paid off when the man donated 30 pizzas to our hospitality room for the Mustang Classic. My only regrets are not telling him this every day now that he is about to embark on his next journey into college. I don't have to sign my name for people who know him to realize who I'm talking about. He is a true champion at heart.
  7. gh0pper

    State Prediction Game 2016

    It would be boring as heck without Natureboy. I might kid him a little but I enjoy reading his stuff.
  8. gh0pper

    State Duals

    I wasn't the only one who interpreted what you said as being over the top a bit. So by bashing one team you felt that you showed that the other was better? I had stated that Union was the better team and proved it by winning. Did you have a dog in this fight or were you just taking out some frustration out on someone?
  9. gh0pper

    State Duals

    I'm sure that the person who wrote this is not from Union. I have a good idea who it is.
  10. gh0pper

    State Duals

    I don't know who this guy is who posted but i know he doesn't represent the people from Union. I talked to several parents and wrestlers before and after the match and all were super nice. This was my first time to attend the state duals and I had a really good time talking to a lot of the families from all the different teams. Hopefully I'll see a lot of them at state this year.
  11. gh0pper

    State Duals

    So what you're saying is that North Oldhams out of shape wrestlers were outmatched at every weight by Unions wrestlers and they were just lucky to get to share the mat with them that day.
  12. gh0pper

    State Duals

    Irish wrestler , I don't understand where your hostility is coming from but I didn't see where anyone was bashing Union. They had a very good team and won because of that. It is taking everything I have to be civil to you so I wouldn't push it.
  13. gh0pper

    State Duals

    It was an exciting matchup to watch. My son said that North had a good team but Union had a really good team. He was satisfied that they gave it their all but in the end the better team won.
  14. I was missing all this stuff this year.
  15. gh0pper

    State Duals

    What is a Horseman? I'm confused.