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  1. 119Rider

    Regional rankings ?

    Missouri opened up Ladies Wrestling last year for an actual state tourney. Did a couple surveys the year before to find interest. Allowed the ladies to compete against the boys and on their own. They have now established over a hundred teams with ladies wrestling. Each year they wait until weight certification to group them as best they can. It has been a wonderful sight to see. They have flourished this year and things continue to look better. Missoouri holds one of the largest high school ladies tourneys in the country called the Wonder Woman in Columbia Missouri. If any ladies can get there next year it is a great opportunity.
  2. In Missouri, Trackwrestling is used as a seeding tool throughout the year. Coaches have to update results and weigh in sheets on a regular basis, if not then you are not allowed to print out the next weigh in sheet. Other surrounding states are pretty much the same so uploading tournament results really isn't too difficult. Forfeits are counted in win totals at end of year but the criteria is adjusted at districts for certain results. It has all the criteria built in by the state and even when I run our tourney here, I put in seeding criteria to be set by coaches prior to the tourney. This allows the computer to set my seeds as soon as I pull up the brackets. Granted, their is on occasion where there are no commons between 2 wrestlers with nice records but if your seeding criteria is set beforehand then coaches have a guideline to follow.
  3. In my tenure as a head coach, Track was used throughout the state early on and tournaments would use Track results for rankings during tournaments. SOme coaches would deliberately not put results in or push the button as GOO says, so their kid could get a higher seed. I know that's not the case here because Kentucky does not mandate Track results. Although wouldn't every one be the better for it. It makes seeding meetings go extremely fast because the computer does the calculating for you. This is an age of technology, might as well use it while we can.
  4. 119Rider

    Missouri Austin Myers

    I am hoping to get to a couple of MU duals this year. Hope to get to see Austin this year with the rest of the Tigers. From the schedule it looked like a lot of road duals this year, and lots of travelling for the team. Good luck to Austin!
  5. 119Rider

    Family dynasty

    Gary Ervin was first Ervin in 75. Father to Luke and Gabe. Tim Ervin was his younger brother.
  6. 119Rider

    Peoples real names

    Greg Woodring Union County kid, now living in Missouri.
  7. 119Rider

    State finals location

    Ranger, you shouldn't reveal your age like that. LOL, I loved Atherton. Everyone packed in like sardines and the excitement for our sport. The facility might not be what we want to be in, but nothing compares to the energy that was in that building those years.
  8. 119Rider


    Missouri has retired officials evaluate current officials. Regions are allowed to select officials from a possible candidate list. A "No" by any team automatically rules that official out for that region. They can be put on ballot for state. From quarters on there are 2 officials on the mat.
  9. 119Rider

    Random draw

    Until you start mandating coaches to update records on track or whatever data base they want to use, no point in seeding. Then you are just seeding on opinion once they figure out how to circumvent the seeding criteria. We all know coaches find ways around criteria to get kids seeded above others that are not necessarily better than that kid. Trackwrestling can be used to do all the things that KY Wrestling needs it to do if the state would just say, this is what we are doing and failure to do so will result in wrestlers not being able to participate. Missouri does it and coaches get their butts in gear and put info in.
  10. 119Rider

    State Updates

    Did Preece get upset in Regionals to set up that match for the first round?
  11. 119Rider

    Large School State Duals

    This is probably the most logical thought yet. I can understand both sides of this but as a former coach this statement rings true. I always sought after the competition that was the toughest and that I might see later in districts or state. I felt I could better prepare my kids if I saw a kid more than once a year. I don't fault what JC did because their coach has his teams best interest in mind. We don't know the team chemistry there but he does. Great job to both teams and look for a great state tourney from all teams.
  12. 119Rider

    Large School State Duals

    Looks like Madison Central is 2-2 thru 4 duals so far per Duke.
  13. 119Rider

    5 Match Rule

    There are options when using trackwrestling that help this very situation. Use brackets that are formatted different which allow kids to wrestle the max amount of matches without exceeding the 5 match rule.
  14. One is at 120 and the other is at 132.
  15. I think you should do your own rankings then. Pretty sure Ranger has stated numerous times that these are based off info he is receiving. If you feel like your child was shunned by Ranger then have them perform on the mat and send those results to Ranger for ranking purposes. These are a discussion point at this time as kids change throughout the year. We are 2 weeks into the season for goodness sake.