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  1. 119Rider

    Why isn't state going to be seeded?

    What GOO said. Until results are maintained fully, this is a mute point. Dodging already occurs by some schools and it ends up biting them in the arse later. Just wrestle and test yourself. College coaches aren't looking for perfect records. They are looking to see how many challenges you have overcome.
  2. I wouldn't call it a butt kicking, more of a lucky match. Caught you at right time for me. Wish we would have met at different times so we could of had a great match.
  3. I want to know why my son is not ranked since he does not wrestle or compete in your state? Please answer that Ranger! LOL, obviously this is a joke. Love the consistency Ranger. Keep putting in the work, most of us appreciate it more than you know.
  4. He didn't do it any favors. Haha, Coach Walls told me I would have had to pin him to get past Bruce winning it. He was going for his third and me winning was going to be difficult enough.
  5. If I had a good Chiropractor, I would have better alignment.
  6. 119Rider

    Not looking forward to state.

    Missouri has had a set date with the University forever. Even with Mizzou moving to the SEC they were able to work out a schedule that did not conflict with their college events. They simply schedule away events the week of the tourney. They have nothing in the Arena after tonight I believe. Set up starts tonight after the game and wrestling begins tomorrow and goes all the way to Feb. 25th. They run four classes of boys and 2 classes for ladies. If it is feasible for them to be able to do this, I would think a college in Kentucky could do the same with less sports than a major D1 school. To look at their schedule just go to mshsaa.org and go to wrestling. There has to be a better solution than a high school for Kentucky.
  7. 119Rider

    NFHS Wrestling Survey

    I'm all for making things more clear for kids, coaches, and officials. Bring high school and middle school closer to college rules. 4 pt near fall, out of bounds rules. Leave out the riding time. Makes things for everyone closer to the same.
  8. 119Rider

    Region 2 rankings by weight

    132 might be a better weight for his body. He is a tall, slender guy. Think he could grow into a tough middle weight guy in college. 141-149 with his frame.
  9. 119Rider

    State Duals

    Ohio has 600 high schools that field wrestling teams. Kentucky has 130ish. Big difference in numbers there.
  10. 119Rider

    Rankings mess up.

    I think she might be more Greco than Freestyle. She could potentially be given citizenship is she played her cards right.
  11. That's what I had said too. No worries, I was trying to save you some typing by answering.
  12. So did my answer get deleted? lol
  13. This is a choice for wrestlers and their families. If you are selected to go, then you go. If it does not fit into your personal schedule you pass so the next available person is able to attend. You are trying to make this more than what it is if you feel Union is being shunned. They choose not to participate, so if you are upset and want t ask questions. You should probably direct those toward Union coaches so they can answer you, but you will probably get the same response as Ranger does: No thanks. Pretty simple
  14. For those of you who are too young to have seen it live, here is the interview with Alex Green. He does a great job of getting these old guys some recognition in today's format. Take a look and enjoy.
  15. 119Rider

    Semi state seeding

    I wish the same thing Panthers. Sad thing is that I don't live in Kentucky anymore but still hate the way the wrestling community is treated by the state. They wanted to grow wrestling and did so with the 32 man bracket but seem to have just stopped there with that momentum. Putting together more efficient tourneys and the best representation of what wrestling truly is would have brought lots of money to the state. Once wrestling families are in and hooked, they probably spend more than any other family. Travel to tourneys, food, hours upon hours of dedication. If the state would have jumped on that then they could have been reaping the rewards now.