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Wrestling Tournaments at North Davidson for 2008-09

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Hello, my name is Danny Crotts and I'm the head wrestling coach at North Davidson Senior High in Lexington, North Carolina.  I hope that your wrestling season was a successful one.  I am writing to you today to let you know about the tournaments we will be hosting at North Davidson Senior High for the 2008-09 season.  We host two tournaments, one dual tournament and one individual tournament.  Here is a little information about each tournament:

Black Knight Duals - Saturday December 6, 2008.  16 Teams, Guarantee 5 Dual Matches.  We will use two gyms for this tournament and have 4 mats running at one time.  We will split teams up into 4 pools based on the following seeding criteria.  You may score 1 wrestler per weight class.  State Placers (1st -6th Place) score 6 points.  State Qualifiers (States that place 7th and 8th will be recognized as Qualifiers and not Placers) score 4 points and returning Varsity starters (but not a State Place/Qualifier) score 2 points.  You can only score one of those three ways.  So if you were a returning Varsity starter and you placed 2nd at States, you would only score 6 points, not 8.  Seeds for each pool are as follows:  Pool A (1,8,9,16), Pool B (2,7,10,15), Pool C (3,6,11,14) and Pool D (4,5,12,13).  We will cross pool after pool play has completed for placement matches.  All teams that are 3-0 will wrestle for places 1-4, all teams that are 2-1 will wrestle for places 5-8, all teams that are 1-2 will wrestle for places 9-12 and all teams that are 0-3 will wrestle for places 13-16.  In the cross pool, Pool A will wrestle Pool D and Pool B will wrestle Pool C and then winners against winners and losers against losers.

Teams that attended last season: Parkland, Davie County, Green Hope, Morehead, Lake Norman, Knightdale, East Davidson, Olympic, Fayetteville 71st, Carson, West Charlotte and North Davidson from North Carolina and from Virginia we had Kellam, Magna Vista and Centreville.  Kellam brought a "B" team down as well for the tournament.  The top 4 teams were Parkland, Kellam "A", Green Hope and Davie County.

King of the Mat - Monday December 22 and Tuesday December 23, 2008.  32 Teams (May be more but want to have 32 man brackets for each weight class).  We use 2 gyms and 8 mats for the duration of the tournament.  We will do the Finals on one mat in the main gym when all the other place matches have been wrestled.

This is not the usual Double elimination tournament.  What we did last year was that we tried to place all the way back for each place that we had in a weight class.  This way, kids will not just go 0-1 or 0-2 and be done for two days; they continued to get some mat experience.  We will do a double elimination from the top 8 placers and then a single elimination (until the top 8 has been established for 9-16th place matches then double like a standard tournament) and place the top 16 for the whole tournament.  You will have to lose three times to be eliminated from the tournament (after the 2nd loss, you no longer score team points it is just matches for you).  I can guarantee each of your wrestlers 3 matches at the minimum for the tournament.

We will seed as follows:

1)      State placers (during ANY season, with most recent having preference)

2)      State qualifiers (during ANY season, with most recent having preference)

3)      The 2008-2009 record based on at least 10 matches

We had 27 teams last year, and on Day One, we were all gone by 4:30 PM and some kids had already wrestled their five match limit.  For Day Two, the Finals concluded before 8 PM.  We run a pretty good/quick tournament!

Committed Teams:

North Carolina: Parkland - 2006/07 & 2007/08 AAA State Dual and Individual Champions - Defending King of the Mat Champions, West Davidson - 2007/08 A/AA 10th Place State Individual Tournament, Central Davidson - 2007/08 A/AA 12th Place State Individual Tournament, Mt. Tabor - 2007/08 AAAA 12th Place State Individual Tournament, JM Robinson

Florida:  Jupiter High School

Hotel Accommodations - Please contact Shavon McLean, or at 336-831-1795.  Shavon works at The Hampton Inn and she can set up any accommodations you may need for either tournament at the Hampton Inn or Sleep Inn.

Entry Fee:

Black Knight Duals

a. $115.00 if payment is received before November 26, 2008

b. $135.00 if payment is made after November 26, 2008 or on December 6, 2008

c. $185.00 if paid after the tournament has concluded($50.00 LATE PAYMENT FEE)

King of the Mat

a. $135.00 if payment is received before December 12, 2008

b. $155.00 if payment is received after December 12, 2008 or on December 22 or 23, 2008

c. $205.00 if paid after the tournament has concluded (After 12-23-08) ($50.00 LATE PAYMENT FEE)


a. $250.00 if payment is received before November 26, 2008

b. $270.00 if payment is received on December 6, 2008

c. $320.00 if payment is received after December 6, 2008 and on/before December 12, 2008

d. $340.00 if after December 12, 2008 or on December 22 or 23, 2008

e. $390.00 if payment is made after King of the Mat!

Make Checks payable to NDHS Wrestling and when sending entry fees to the school, please put on the envelope, ATTN: COACH CROTTS so that I may mark your team off for having paid already.  After we get confirmations, I will send reminder emails out letting everyone know who I have received checks from and who I haven't to help everyone know what is going on.  The contract for each tournament will also go to you after confirmation.

Hospitality Room:


Contact Information:

Danny Crotts

336-225-0788 - Cell Phone

336-731-8431 - School Main Line - I am Extension 8522

336-731-2642 (Fax)

North Davidson Senior High

7227 Old US Highway 52

Lexington, NC 27295

I hope to hear from you soon and that your team will be in attendance at these events at North Davidson for the 2008-09 wrestling season.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration!


Danny Crotts

Business Teacher

Head Wrestling & Track Coach

North Davidson Senior High

7227 Old US Highway 52

Lexington, NC 27295

(336)731-8431 (Phone) ext. 8522

(336)731-2642 (Fax)

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Black Knight Duals Teams

North Carolina:

Davie County - 2007/08 4A State Dual Runner-ups, 2007/08 3rd Place State Individual Tournament - 4th Place BK Duals 2007/08

North Davidson

East Davidson

Fay. 71st



King of the Mat Confirmed Teams

1. Parkland

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