Region 1

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Union will dominate. Christian, Henderson, and Ft Campbell should be a tight race.

As far as individuals that will surprise people. Kyra from Apollo will probably make it to state. I could see any kid from 145 surprising the region. That was probably the weakest weight class last year.

215 will be interesting with the return of Cody Johnson from Henderson.

125 will be a really tough weight class. 119 was definately the toughest last year.

Scotty Hogan, if he gets in a good weight class could surprise some people. Good work ethic.

Austin Conner is a sleeper from UHA that could step up this year.

Let the games begin

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Any 1 can b a sleeper because for instance say in weight class 103 elam loses in the finals to merriweather (which i dont think it will happen) but there is a chance 4 any 1 to b a sleeper

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