Wrestling official Mark Shumate passes

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From all the coaches of the Kywca and myself, we are truly saddened by the passing of Mr. Mark Shumate. 

Mark was a long time wrestling official,  president of the officials association, khsaa rules interpreter,  and most importantly a friend to so many in the wrestling community.  

Personally I cant thank Mark enough for treating me so good as a coach coming up. He would listen, explain, and occasionally understand my side. He was a friend in wrestling and life, I enjoyed all the time I got to spend with him in those gyms over the years. 

Please have his family, friends,  and the wrestling community in your thoughts and prayers.  

Scotty Teater
Kywca President



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Mark was a great official, a great representative for wrestling and most importantly a downright great person.

He is what every official should strive for.  As mentioned by Scotty, he would take the time to listen and explain why he made his call, all without judging the coach or wrestler.  I would spend time after a match or tourney talking to Mark about rules, calls made or just wrestling itself.  He would always be willing to listen and explain or even learn some things himself to make himself a better representative for Ky wrestling. 

Mark will be missed greatly by all. 

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